Sunday, November 06, 2016

Comey Puppet Continues To Howl "Not Guilty, Not Guilty, Not Guilty!

by Al Benson Jr.

Last week we heard that there was a significant revolution brewing in the FBI over Director James Comey's "get out of jail free" card that he delivered to Hillary Clinton back in July. We were told that Comey reopened the investigation regarding Hillary's emails on October 28th because of that revolution, which, we were told, was going to cost him a lot of good men if he didn't do something to reverse his July charade.

So he reopened the "investigation" due to 650,000 email found on a computer belonging to Anthony Weiner and Huma Abiden, who just happens to be Hillary Clinton's closest advisor. There were all manner of rumors flying around about there being indictments of both Abiden and Hillary forthcoming.. It sounded good, until you started reading some of the articles and then most of it sounded almost like wishful thinking. I told someone a long time ago that I would believe she was indicted when I saw a copy of the indictment. I haven't seen one yet. Now it looks like I may never get to see it.

On the afternoon of November 6th, two days before the election, someone in the Shadow Government once again pulled puppet James Comey's strings so that he could walk out on the national stage and inform us that his bureau's study of these 650,000 new emails had produced nothing to make Clinton appear anymore guilty than he had found back in July. A new "get out of jail free" card had been issued to Hillary.

Did I really expect the Justice Department under the grand tutelage of Loretta Lynch to actually indict Hillary? Not hardly. The corruption in this administration is so deep-rooted that nothing less than Divine intervention will ever get rid of it. Our Republican-controlled Congress is about as useless as an icebox to an Eskimo--and some of them are part of the corruption also.

I found it interesting that the FBI was able to investigate 650,000 emails  in only eight days and discover that Hillary was as  pure as the driven snow. They must have worked 36 hours a day to do it. The overtime expenses for the Bureau must have been stupendous!  An article on  noted  that "FBI chief James Comey told leaders in Congress hours earlier that a review of 650,000 emails discovered on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner had reinforced his July 5 decision to let her off the hook."

So I have to conclude that Mr. Comey was a lot more afraid of whoever told him to reinforce his July 5th decision about Hillary's innocence than he was of losing a whole batch of dedicated agents who knew what he did on July 5th smelled like a rat. To put it bluntly, someone in our Shadow Government scared the hell out of him. It may have been that he felt it was a lot safer to do what he did than to end up as a suicide in a back alley after having shot himself in the back of the head as we have been told several others that were part of this administration  had done. Interesting that there was a whole bunch of them that all shot themselves in the back of the head. Guess that must be the suicide method of choice this year.

So now we will proceed into the last day before the election and the managed media will dutifully inform us that the FBI found Hillary totally innocent of all things and therefore she is an acceptable candidate to run the country. Nothing will be said about her open borders policy and her desire to do away with our national sovereignty--and actually, there are really the policies of our Shadow Government--the One World Government people that she carries water for. Her planned destruction of the Second Amendment is also part of this agenda. After all, the American public can't fight back if they don't have firearms, can they?

So we will see if our prostitute press can con enough useful idiots into voting for Hillary on Tuesday, and if they can't the Democratic Establishment probably has a list of deceased people that can be counted on to vote early and often. It's not that I suspect those people of being dishonest, mind you, but I do suspect them of being totally and utterly corrupt--cultural Marxists, for whom the end always justifies the means, no matter how foul the means might be. 


Insectman said...

Great article. "prostitute press" is a good term.

Al Benson Jr. said...

The "prostitute press" is not an original term with me, but it is so very apt at describing the media today that I cannot resist using it.