Wednesday, November 23, 2016

So Who Is Advising Trump To Soften Up?

by Al Benson Jr.

I have to admit, that unless Mr. Trump changes the direction he is starting to go in it is going to look to a lot of his supporters as if he is in the process of selling out to the Ruling Establishment he told us all he despised. I have to wonder who is working to move him in this direction. I also have to wonder who is giving him the advice he seems to be taking, whereby he is being "nice" to those that tried to stab him in the back and, in the process, forgetting his pledge to "drain the swamp." It seems he is hanging around with a whole bunch of the folks that filled up the swamp to begin with and his association with them will be a major preventative factor in the swamp being drained. I'd hate to think that all that talk was just talk. I thought better of him than that.

He is touting Mitt Romney, one of the instigators of the "Never Trump" movement for his Secretary of State. If ever anyone had "One World Government" credentials it is Mitt Romney. The only other hanger on in the Trump camp that could outdo Romney there is Newt Gingrich and now I am beginning to what what political plus Mr. Gingrich is waiting to be awarded. Pastor Chuck Baldwin recently stated in an article on  that Newt Gingrich " the quintessential insider, globalist,  and establishment hack."

Mr. Trump just nominated Nikki Haley, the South Carolina turncoat governor as his UN ambassador. That move ain't going over real well in the deep South where Ms. Haley was responsible for starting last year's cultural genocide campaign against all things Confederate. I wouldn't appoint this lady as dog catcher. I'm afraid she's try to "Yankeeize" my dog.

Trump made a good appointment with Jess Sessions and I have no problem with Stephen Bannon. His former association with Breitbart would indicate that he has knowledge of the world situation. I don't know enough about this lady he just tapped for the Education Department except that she is supposed to be in favor of charter schools and education vouchers to let parents send their kids to whatever schools they want, religious or otherwise. But I do question that if Christian parents go that route, how long will it be before the feds start telling them what they can teach their kids because, after all, the feds are helping to fund their education? Better if Christian parents would just reject the vouchers.

When we home schooled our kids it was a sacrifice and we were always short of money and we did get scholarship help on several occasions, but never from the feds! The idea of taking federal money did not occur to us at any point. Having seen what the feds did, indirectly, to textbook protesters in West Virginia, the thought of tainted, controlling federal bucks to help educate our kids was anathema to us.

And as long as I am analyzing what Mr. Trump is doing, I might as well put my two cents in regarding his new position on the Clintons. He told us in one of the presidential debates that if he were president Hillary would be in jail. So what happened to change his mind? Now he's telling us that he doesn't want to hurt the Clintons because "they are good people." He's got to be kidding, right? The Clintons would cut his throat for a quarter any day of the week and hand him the change and if he lives in the real world he has to know that. So what's all this "they are good people" stuff? He's starting to sound like a politician--God forbid!

The people that voted for Trump voted for him because they were sick and tired of the corruption and the public getting shafted by the Establishment and Trump sounded like that's what he was all about. What happens if the public finds out they've been shafted yet again?

It's beginning to sound like if Mr. Trump is going to "drain the swamp" he will probably end up doing it a thimble-full at a time--the same principle as someone dumping a cupful of water in the Gulf of Mexico to raise the water level.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin has urged Trump supporters that they cannot go to sleep, that they need to hold his feet to the fire on those promises he made. If his candidacy awakened the electorate, they need to stay awake and alert and watch what he does just like they would watch what any other candidate did. Pastor Baldwin said: "I tell you, again: this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the course of a nation. Frankly, if this opportunity is squandered, there likely will not be another one in most of our lifetimes." This is sound advice and we better heed it because the lives and culture we help to preserve will be our grandchildren's.  

Update! According to a World News Daily article I just read it seems that the Republican Establishment has conned Mr. Trump into taking the position that climate change may now be a "man-made" issue, therefore their agenda and that of the other socialists on this issue will be preserved in a Trump administration. Bit by bit we see Mr. Trump backing off the issues he campaigned on and going the route the Establishment wants him to. SOMEONE HAS GOTTEN TO HIM  and is in the process of neutralizing what he claimed he wanted to do.


Jod Nevills said...

You're not really surprised, are you Al? Until we can get a Southern Nationalist elected the Cultural Marxists will keep moving forward.

Al Benson Jr. said...

No, Joe, I guess I'm not really surprised. I just thought they'd wait a little longer than they did. And the cultural Marxists do fight with one another. If Hitlery's crew could find a way they'd still steal the election off of him.