Monday, March 09, 2015

So Where Is Their First Loyalty?

By Al Benson Jr.

Recently there was a mild flap over the fact that Netanyahu spoke before Congress and some even made the absurd remark that some Congressmen “clapped slower than others” during his speech, the implication being that those who “clapped slower” were not firm enough in their support for Israel.

Someone made that statement about Rand Paul and he was quoted on  as saying: “You have these gossipy websites who really demean themselves by putting stuff like that out. I gave the prime minister 50 standing ovations, I co-sponsored bringing him here…we have gossipy websites looking at, you know, the metric of how fast you clap…”

It would appear, then, that Rand Paul has not chosen to take the non-interventionist position that his father took in regard to foreign entanglements. He supports Israel, but then so do just about all the Republican contenders for president in 2016. This includes Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker,  and Rick Perry. It would appear that one of the main signs of their political orthodoxy is their support for Israel.  My question is, should this be the criteria that Americans use to select (as if they had any real say in the matter) a presidential candidate?  In fact, Lindsey Graham even threatened to deny US funding to the United Nations if they try to take over the peace negotiations with Iran in regard to Iran’s getting nuclear weapons. Now I have no problem whatever with denying funds to the United Nations.  This country should have done that decades ago, but we have still continued to fund the lion’s share of this Marxist monstrosity. Should we defund the UN only because it has problems with Israel? The right solution for the wrong reason.

The comments of our Founding Fathers in regard to foreign entanglements should have been more than enough to lead us to keep our long noses out of the Middle East, but other interests have prevailed and so we end up being in an area we shouldn’t be in. The idea seems to be, for some folks, that you support Israel—no matter what—and regardless of what they say, I do not feel you can make a case from the Bible that we should support the secular nation of Israel unconditionally. I realize that comment will gain howls of dismay from some who read this, but I think Galatians 3:29 really explains what Genesis 12:3 is all about.

This is a complicated question with a lot of nuances, not the least of which is the ethnic ancestry of many of those today who embrace the religion of Judaism. Subtle hint: Many of them are not originally descended from the 12 tribes of Israel. Years ago I read a book called Conquest Through Immigration—How Zionism Turned Palestine Into a Jewish State.  Another interesting book I read is Heirs of the Pharisees by Jakob J. Petuchowski, and he noted, on page 60 what I thought was an interesting quote. It said: “’Who can express the mighty acts of the Lord,’ thus sang the Psalmist of old, ‘or make all His praise to be heard?’ (Psalm 106:2). But a modern Zionist Hanukah song proclaims: ‘Who can express the mighty acts of Israel?’ And it goes on to relate that ‘in those days, at this time, the Maccabee  was the savior and redeemer. But in our days, the whole people of Israel will unite and arise to redeem itself.” Sounds to me rather like the modern state of Israel has no redeemer because they will take care of their own redemption and they don’t need any help to do it and they surely don’t need Jesus Christ to do it. These kinds of attitudes are one reason that I, as a Christian, cannot support the modern secular state of Israel.

Having said that, such does not mean that I support Obama’s friends, the Muslim extremists, either. The Muslim religion, political movement, or whatever you want to call it, has a bloody record in the Middle East and their record of conquest gives the lie to their statements about being a “religion of peace.”

 But modern Judaism does not recognize Jesus Christ as Savior any more than does Islam, so for presidential candidates to run  around shouting about their support for Israel as a mark of their political orthodoxy bothers me. That should not be what they are bragging about, yet it is. I wonder if any of them could tell us how much foreign aid we have given to Israel since 1948.

Folks, go back and read your New Testaments. Where did Jesus’ main opposition come from? It was from the religious leaders of Israel, the Pharisees and Sadducees. Where did Paul’s opposition come from in the Book of Acts? The Jewish religious leaders. If this bothers some, I’m sorry, but it’s history and history isn’t always what we’d like it to be.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Charleston Voice: A Lone Wolf President & His Executive Orders

Charleston Voice: A Lone Wolf President & His Executive Orders: Can the president rewrite federal laws? Can he alter their meaning? Can he change their effect? These are legitimate questions in an era ...

The president will do all this and more because the supposed "conservative" Republican-controlled Congress will go right along with what he wants to do, proving that both political parties are nothing more than two wings on the same socialist bird. The Republicans want the same things that the Democrats do--a socialist, One World government and by them working together they will make sure we get that.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Dumbing Them Down For the New World Order

by Al Benson Jr.

Today I watched a You Tube video where a young lady interviewed several college students about basic history questions that most of us knew the answers to when we were in the fifth grade--and most of these college students didn't have a clue, not the remotest clue as to the correct answers. And these were kids that were studying business administration and other like subjects. They weren't just there for the ride, or to find a husband or wife. They were going into professional careers when they got out of school (if there are any professions left when our current regime gets through).

The first question the interviewer asked was "Who won the Civil War?" Would you believe nine out of ten of them got that wrong. One young lady and one young black man both said "the South." One other one said "America." The rest just had no answer whatever. Not a clue! One young lady said "the North." So out of about ten students, one got it right.

Another question she asked was when the American Revolution ended. One kid questioningly  said "1977?" But she wasn't sure. Another one said "1644." Again, for the rest, not the remotest clue.

She then asked them who was the current vice-president of the United States. One out of the bunch answered "Joe Biden" but the rest were totally dumbfounded. This is the generation that is supposed to have voted overwhelmingly for Obama in the last election. Now I will admit that Joe Biden, outside of sticking his foot in his mouth, is not the most charismatic vice-president this country has ever had, but at least the kids ought to know his name--shouldn't they?

If this is what you get from college kids it does make you wonder what their history teachers were doing during  their high school years. I guess lots of history teachers were taking their paychecks under false pretenses. But, then, understanding the history of the public school system, that should be no surprise. Now I don't doubt that there are probably history teachers in public schools that do try to teach history, I've known a couple. But then you have to ask what the public school history teachers are being taught. Obviously none of the kids in these interviews ever had any dedicated history teachers for a history class.

One interesting point, though, toward the end of the interview the young lady conducting it asked them several questions about the current pop culture, like who was Brad Pitts current wife--and they all, without exception, knew the answer to that one.

Folks, this is the next generation that will be called on the run the country, or rather they will be called on to vote for the One World Government crowd that will run the country--and they will do that, because they don't know upside down from inside out. You can't tell me these kids are that dumb accidentally. There has to be design to their ignorance.

Unless we can, somehow, raise up enough Christian and home schooled kids to begin to counter this planned ignorance then we face, at least for the foreseeable future, a pretty bleak outlook. All the more reason for concerned parents to seriously start looking at options other than public schools for educating their kids. Parents, especially Christian parents, really need to start checking out these other options--and they are out there if you are willing to take the time and trouble to check them out.