Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Is the Next Presidential Election Nothing More Than a Fixed Political Horse Race?

by Al Benson Jr.

Just read an article on today telling about how a Zogby Poll shows that the voters think Donald Trump would do a better job as president than would Hillary Clinton, otherwise referred to as "Hillary the un-indicted." Lots of polls have shown Trump in the lead as of late and I have to admit that he is saying lots of things many of us agree with, not all, but many.  He is an excellent barometer to reflect how much of the American public has come to feel, accurately so, that the Ruling Elite is stiffing us today. And the Ruling Elite--the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group realize how dissatisfied  the public has become with what passes for real government in our day.

Only problem is, "those people" have spent lots of money and literally generations of time diligently getting us into the sorry shape we are now in and they are not about to let someone like Trump, if he really is a lone wolf, win an election that will set their timetable back.  Ron Paul would have sought to do that back in 2012 and they made sure that didn't happen. If Trump is really on the level they will do the same thing on this go-round. They can't afford to let him get in there and gum up the agenda they and their fathers and grandfathers have worked so diligently to put in place.

Back on April 14, 2015 I did an article on my other blog spot  which I entitled Has the Next President Already Been Chosen--and is the election just going through the motions?  I noted in that article that radio talk show host Michael Savage had stated that: "The Bilderbergs met in Davos,  and the decision was made that Hillary Clinton will be the next president.  Romney was doing too well in the polls, so they threw him out. They want to make sure that another Bush--or an incompetent moron like Rubio--will be chosen to lead the Republicans, to ensure that Hillary becomes president." My April 14, 2015 article must have struck a responsive chord somewhere, because a year and eight months after I wrote it, it is still getting a bunch of views every week, many more than some of the other articles that have come and gone since then.

What brought all this to mind again was an article I just read on  on January 26th for this year. The headline for this one was: Insider: It Doesn't Matter About Trump, 'Hillary Will Win.'
The article began with this: "Highly influential CEO Martin Sorrell suggests that the outcome of the 2016 presidential election has already been decided, remarking, 'It doesn't matter who the Republicans put up..Hillary will win'." Infowars noted that: "Sorrell's comments are in line with similar sentiments expressed by globalists at the recent Davos confab...According to a Reuters report, financial elitists are 'alarmed' at the prospect of Trump being the Republican nominee, although they still expect his campaign to falter. Harvard University's Niall Ferguson told Reuters that Trump's chances 'could be over before Super Tuesday'." Now how would he know something like that? Some little bird been chirping in his ear?

Author and columnist Ann Coulter, in a column on January 20th wrote that: "We never had total war against a candidate like we're seeing with Donald Trump. All the elements of national media are uniting to stop him. Look for a fake Trump scandal  to break--probably from a conservative news outlet--right before the Iowa caucus."

As a candidate, I hadn't thought all that much about Trump one way or the other. I had figured he was just part of the Establishment's stable of candidates like all the rest. Maybe inserted in there to give the primaries a little pzazz, to possibly enthrall a voting public that's getting a little tired of all this and that is finally beginning to realize that, no matter who wins, they lose! However, he has stuck in there longer than I thought he would, and the fact that everybody, both socialists (Democrats) and conservatives seem to hate his guts, including the "news" media, both socialist and conservative, does make one wonder. If he's really genuine (I love his stands on illegal aliens and Middle-Eastern terrorists and the Second Amendment) what does that say about the moral bankruptcy  of what we mistakenly refer to as the "conservative" movement in this country? What it says is that, in reality the same people control the "conservatives" that control the socialists--the CFR, the Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers. No matter what party label they wear they all work for the same bosses!

The main point to this is that, in my opinion, many of our elections are a sham, a game played to fool the public so they will not realize that the Ruling Elite in Washington, New York and London is screwing them and that the elitist One World Government agenda will go forward no matter who gets into the White House. The presidential elections are a farce anymore and the people taking part in these "debates" ought to get Oscars--oh, sorry, I forget, the Oscars are too "white" anymore. Maybe we should start handing out "Barack Obama Diversity Awards" instead. That might appease the perpetually offended--for awhile.

I would encourage people to start doing a bit of homework on some of these candidates. You can find enough on the Internet if you "hunt and peck" around a little to make you shudder at where they are really coming from. You might just find enough to cause you to question if a vote for president  is really even worth the effort.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hey Bernie--Don't Apologize For Me!

by Al Benson Jr.

Just read an interesting article earlier this week on  that mentioned how that lovable old socialist Bernie Sanders wants all of us white folks to apologize for slavery in America. You have to wonder if he's looking to steal black votes from Hillary or exactly what his game is.

Seems like the blame whitey for everything game hasn't been doing real well lately so maybe he feels as though he has to help it along. Some white folks are beginning to get a little ticked off at seeing the flags and symbols of their culture and heritage being constantly attacked and smeared and they are responding with Confederate flags on their flag poles and on the backs of their trucks and with rallies where everyone carries a Confederate flag of some kind.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the vast majority of the politicians in both parties hate our guts but they can't come right out and say it. How it must agitate them to have to bite their tongues when they are forced to give speeches or attend town meetings where they actually have to talk to us rubes in flyover country because, even with some of the "creative voting" we now have they still need our votes to get back in so they can continue to feed at the trough that we pay to keep full for them.

So when they can't tell us what they really think, the only thing left for them to do is to get back at us by trying to lay a guilt trip on us. We haven't been "compassionate" enough to minorities or we haven't grovelled sufficiently at the foot of the gods of political correctness (cultural Marxists) and we haven't gladly volunteered to pay unending "reparations" for slavery, and on and on, the socialists and Marxists continue the litany of our shortcomings! It all gets a little tedious after awhile.

Now Bernie wants all of us white Americans to apologize for slavery (again). Bernie, if you'll humbly pardon my saying it, you are, as the British say "right 'round the bend." My ancestors came here, most of them, from North England and Scotland, in the 1880s so we never owned slaves during the War of Northern Aggression--not that it would have made any difference anyway. So, Bernie, you'll have to pardon me if I don't feel real guilty about the slavery issue.  As long as you are spreading the guilt around, what about those black African chiefs that sold their own people to slave traders? Or what about free blacks in this country that owned slaves? Any guilt for them? I didn't think so, just for us white folks, right?

So now you want us to feel guilty because  some black folks don't have as much as we do right? Tell you something, Bernie, my wife and I drive around in a 17 year old car because that's all we can afford. Most of the blacks I know here in North Louisiana have got much newer and better cars than the one we have. And the few that I run into that try to talk to me about "white privilege"  are a little put off when I tell them how old our car is compared to what they are driving. At that point they don't have much more to say. They work at changing the subject, which, somehow, doesn't solve the problem.

So let's look briefly at some of these downtrodden black folks. What about Oprah? She's got to be one of the wealthiest people in the world. If we are going to abide by your old socialist credo about redistribution of the wealth then maybe she should give some of us poor white folks some of what she's got. We don't always have all we could use and she's got more than she needs by a long shot--so what about a little redistribution of the wealth there? Oh, I see, it doesn't work that way does it?

When you and your socialist and Marxist friends finish with your anti-white diatribes we are all contritely supposed to line up with silver in our palms right?  Well, Bernie, you're white, at least from the photos I have seen you look white, and you've got more than most of us have got. So if we are going to play the "redistribution of the wealth" game it seems to me that you should get at the head of the line because you've got much more wealth to be redistributed than most of us have.

In fact, as a good socialist, you should be out there thinking about where you can give most of yours away, because if you want equal income redistribution for us, then you, as a good socialist, should lead by example shouldn't you? You and Hillary and most of the people in this current regime are all socialists and/or Marxists of one stripe or another and yet it seems to me that you all have lots more money than us poor folks. So why aren't you all spreading your wealth around to help the poor and needy--and I don't mean by passing another welfare bill in Congress that we, not you, will be paying for, I mean by reaching down into your own pockets and really digging deep to enable the poor and downtrodden to lift themselves up by your bootstraps. Isn't that what good socialists do?

You could start off by giving up those fat congressional pay raises that are always voted for at 1 a.m. in the morning, by voice votes, so that we don't know how many of you have "appropriated" money from us to keep your standard of living way, way above ours. How about passing up those big congressional vacations that we the people end up paying for? How about doing away with all those congressional perks that we pay for? If I didn't know better it would seem to me that your socialist "redistribution of the wealth" program is a one-way street. We pay and you "redistribute" to your friends and business colleagues.

Bernie, I don't know how to break it to you any gentler than this--I am not about to feel guilty over slavery I had nothing to do with. I am not about to be ashamed of the culture and heritage of the part of the country I live in.  I won't play that game--and neither should anyone else. However, if you want to play it, let me ask you a question. Since you are from New England, and just about all the ships that carried slaves to this country originated in New England, do you feel guilty enough to be willing to take your fat bankroll out of your pocket and hand it to the race-baiters so you can assuage your personal guilt for the slave trade?  I didn't think so!

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Our Would-be Dictator Wants to Confiscate Your Guns ASAP

by Al Benson Jr.

Toward the end of last year our Marxist-in-Chief warned us that he was coming after the guns in 2016. For once he didn't obfuscate or prevaricate. He told us the truth. Such a novelty! Oh, he didn't couch it in quite those terms but the meaning was clear. He's talking now about how to prevent more "gun violence" when there are already laws on the books covering all the situations he is supposedly concerned about. He gave a news conference today (1/5/16) where he shed alligator tears for the camera about all those poor kids killed by guns. Apparently, though, he has no tears for all those unborn kids killed by abortion. After all, that's not on the leftist agenda. His performance was so convincing he even fooled Donald Trump, who said he thought Obama was sincere with his tears. Maybe Mr. Trump doesn't fully understand the Marxist mindset.

Supposedly all Obama wants to do is implement background checks so your guns will now have to be registered with the feds, no matter how, when, or where you got them. Folks, lets quit trying to kid everybody and cut to the chase! He wants to confiscate the guns, ALL the guns. In essence he wants to nullify the Second Amendment. Something else the "news" media hasn't seen fit to inform you of showed up on an article, also on January 5th is the real possibility that, according to Obama's new executive orders on guns "Americans critical of government can lose gun rights due to executive order." The Infowars article noted that: "Americans critical of government could have their Second Amendment rights restricted if psychologists diagnose them with 'Oppositional Defiant Disorder' or a similar diagnosis as a result of Obama's new gun control executive action." Not only is he working at gutting the Second Amendment but he is also working at gutting the First Amendment.

House Speaker Paul Ryan sounded oh so good when he said that Obama was again exceeding his authority. He said: "While we don't yet know the details of the plan, the president is at minimum subverting the legislative branch, and potentially overturning its will." I just wonder, Mr. Ryan, if all this ever gets to some kind of vote in the House, will you end up caving in like you did on the last funding bill, you remember, where the Republicans promised to defund Planned Parenthood and then gave Obama the money for it anyway? If that's your idea of opposition I can hardly wait to see what you will do with an Obama gun control/confiscation bill.

After watching the political scene for over 40 years now I have figured out that there are really no accidents in politics and  very few coincidences. The "coincidence" of Obama's new gun control/confiscation initiative  coming right on the heels of this militia takeover of government property out in Oregon really makes me wonder if that situation, regardless of the sincerity of most of the militia folks, hasn't been, somehow, false-flagged to give the president some added ammunition for his latest confiscation effort.  After all, the killings in all those gun-free zones didn't seem to be doing it. So how about something like this Oregon situation where you get to promote gun control, take a healthy slash at both the First and Second Amendments, and knock the militia folks down a peg or two. This has to be a situation that would make any Marxist would-be dictator absolutely salivate!

The Gun Owners of America will probably take this to court. I wish them well. I know with them that you will at least get a decent effort to preserve Second Amendment rights. Some other groups I am not quite so sure of. I got a petition online from some Republican committee wanting me to sign a petition telling Obama we disapprove of what he's doing here. There's your "loyal opposition" for you. Do those people actually think a petition will make any difference to Obama? Well, not really, but getting people to do that siphons off lots of potential resistance that might be more effectively used in some other area.

We need to inundate our Congressmen with calls and letters and emails letting them know how really ticked off we are at this power grab and do the same with letters to the editors of your local papers. They'll never print them all but they will be aware that there is a groundswell of opposition  out there and they need to be reminded that the American people are still somewhat awake and haven't all bought the BF (bovine fertilizer) that Washington and many of our state capitals keep trying to throw in our faces. As for the folks with guns, I'm not going to tell them what to do--they should already know. The Governor of Texas has already told Obama what to do. Let's hope the rest of the States, at least in the South and West, will do the same.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Deleting History Is Now More Important Than Making It

by Al Benson Jr.

Just this evening I saw a sign from someone's Facebook page that read: "Deleting history is now more important than making it." In the context of today's politically correct (cultural Marxist) climate I could not do other than to agree with that sentiment. It so completely fits the attempted ethnic cleaning campaign now being perpetrated in this country, most particularly in the South.

Many of those who were responsible for making history in the South have been denounced by the cultural Marxists (who ARE Marxists) and their disciples are busily engaged in deleting any memory of them, their culture, their symbols and seeking to replace these with creatures of their own leftist trinity--liberals, socialists, and communists. I've heard talk, don't how accurate it is, that they now want to take Andrew Jackson off the twenty dollar bill and one possible replacement for him that has been suggested is Rosa Parks. Before the women of America cheer about that I would suggest they do  a little homework as to the background of Rose Parks. You can find info about her on the Internet. It hasn't all been removed yet and thrown down the memory hole. To say that Ms. Parks is a creature of the left is putting it mildly.

I just read an article in Chronicles magazine for June, 2015 written by Corresponding editor Wayne Allensworth which dealt with some of our recent past. Toward the end of the article Mr. Allensworth made a couple of  penetrating comments about the past (which in many instances really isn't the past).

In referring to the magazine he is writing for he says: "But Chronicles is not about simple nostalgia, for a remembered past is the only basis any of us can have for thinking about the future...The past, or the best of it, is our guide, for it is the only guide we can have, and informed by that past, we stand at least a chance of hanging on to some things of great value that should be kept and remembered, cultivated, and used again as the ongoing disaster in progress plays out."

Think about it this way--if the cultural Marxists manage, here in the South, to take away your real past and substitute for it some Marxist appendage you would never recognize, how will that affect your children and grandchildren when what they need to know about their past is no longer available? You see there is a generational aspect to all this ethnic cleansing that most folks, even Christians, have not been trained or taught to think about. If the past is part of your guide to the future and you have no real past except what has been foisted upon you by the leftist culture-benders, where do you or your children go from there?

This question is applicable in the theological realm also (since all things are theological). How long will it be before the cultural Marxists get around to preaching that, since the Bible has a past they can't agree with, that it needs to be "reinterpreted?" Those commandments about no stealing and not coveting what belongs to your neighbor are really outdated in this new modern society where "redistribution of the wealth" has become the new "commandment." Actually the cultural and theological Marxists have already been at work in the Church inserting the premises of the left into current evangelical thinking and labeling it "compassionate Christianity." They can get by with this because most Christians have so little real grasp of history that they don't know the difference. And if the Marxist dresses up his agenda with biblical terminology then they never catch on. Will they end up "reinterpreting" Jesus as some sort of leftist revolutionary who came to take from the rich and give to the poor, rather than how He is Scripturally defined in John 14:6? If you've heard some of the sermons I have over the years you will be forced to conclude that they have been working on this project, slowly and quietly, for decades. Does that fact begin to give you any indication as to why the Church is often in the chaotic confusion that parts of it displays today?

When your view of the past is faulty then you have no guide by which to get the future right. They can change your history, your theology, all of it, and you won't know the difference!

Christians today need to stand up, start doing the homework, and learn to resist and expose this. Christians in the South need to do the same in regard to the flags and symbols that are both part of their faith and culture, because if you let them change your history, what do you pass on to your descendants? You may think I'm off the wall, but you had better start thinking and praying about this because it's happening right now, and how will you account to the Lord for having done nothing?

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Cultural Theft and Ethnic Cleansing are Both cultural Marxism--and the beat goes on in New Orleans

by Al Benson Jr.

By now anyone that reads anything but the comic strip in the "newspaper" (often more truth there than anywhere else) has read about the Cultural Theft now being attempted in New Orleans. It is part of the anti-Confederate psy ops campaign that started last June. The Cultural Theft/Ethnic Cleansing/cultural Marxist cadre had  been somewhat quiet for awhile  and many of us figured that we were in the midst of that quiet period between their initial assault and the time when they had hoped we'd go back to sleep so they could clobber us with their second offensive. It seems that the second offensive has now arrived, at least in New Orleans ( a "Christmas" gift for the unwary). Either that or the mayor there is off schedule.

I received some interesting commentary from a man in Alabama yesterday that so well fits this situation. He wrote: "When ISIS finds a historical monument or statue that does not fit their narrative they destroy it. Congratulations New Orleans, you fit in well with ISIS in this category." Problem is, he's right on the money! When the culture thieves and ethnic cleansers (who are all cultural Marxists) find something that does not fit into their wished-for agenda then it is slated for destruction. It must be so otherwise their agenda could not go forward and America could not continue to be "fundamentally transformed."

A recent column on  by Jeff Adelson noted: "Mayor Mitch Landrieu on Thursday (12/17) signed into law a measure allowing for the removal of four monuments to Confederate leaders and a Reconstruction-era white uprising, and he suggested that other controversial memorials in the city may be rethought as well. Having called in June for the monuments to come down in the wake of a shooting that left nine people dead in a South Carolina church at the hands of a white supremacist, Landrieu spent all summer and fall largely on the sidelines, at least publicly, of a growing controversy over the proposal." I guess that was the cooling off period to get everybody to go back to sleep.

Some might be tempted to ask what the shooting of folks in South Carolina had to do with Confederate statues  in Louisiana, but they'd probably be shouted down in today's politically charged climate. You aren't supposed to ask that question. What you are supposed to do is to respond to the emotional hot button concept that anything Confederate is automatically evil and learn to do the goose-step so you can march in a scripted "spontaneous" demonstration somewhere to demand the removal of anything and everything Confederate from anyplace and everyplace.

The New Orleans City Council voted to cave in to cultural Marxism on this issue by a 6-1 margin and the mayor can't wait to get the wrecking crews out to get the monuments down and out of public sight--after all they have been the cause of so much misery for so many generations that people walking by them automatically come down with a case of the blind staggers or whatever. It sounds suspiciously like the old "I'm offended" game carried to a whole new level. And remember, this mayor is related to Mary (I'm for Obamacare) Landrieu who recently lost her seat in the US Senate, mostly because of Obamacare and her ultra-liberal position on just about everything.

When the lady on the city council who voted against this dared to disagree with the mayor (something that can be dangerous, politically and otherwise, in many cities) he responded to her with a politically correct retort of the kind that is supposed to silence the opposition once and for all. He said: "I didn't create this diversion, nor did I create the tension. You may be knowledgeable of the fact that actually slavery did." Ahhh, there's the statement you are not supposed to be able to argue against--it's the fault of slavery, and therefore, it's the white man's fault,so just shut up and sit down. Suffice it to say that slavery did not create this tension--cultural Marxists created this present tension for the purpose of furthering their agenda of Cultural Theft against the South--and they have fomented and nurtured this presumed tension for generations now until some situation could be brought forth to bring it to fruition. This clown in South Carolina, supposedly with the Confederate flag in his hand, seems to be that situation.

And the mayor has issued the not-so-subtle warning that he might not be finished yet. Street names could be changed--naturally to be named after "civil rights" leaders.  If that round of ethnic cleansing manages to go forward then we may have another round where they start naming things after outright socialists or Marxists. That might take a little while, so stay tuned.

I know I sound like a broken record on this issue, but until folks start, in sufficient numbers, to stand up and protest all this, it will continue and the culture, history, faith and heritage they steal from you will also be stolen from your children and grandchildren. Think about that.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Shootings Will Continue Until Public's Attitude on Gun Control/Confiscation Changes

by Al Benson Jr.

Another shooting, this time in California, and according to the World Net Daily article I read there are 14 dead and another 14 wounded. Our Marxist president has, naturally called for more gun control and says such shootings are not normal. He's right there. They are not normal--but they will continue until the American public appears to see things his way and caves in to more, and eventually complete gun control/confiscation because that's what it's all about.

The minute Congress is willing to give the president the prerogative to dismantle the Second Amendment the shootings will cease, the media will never mention them again and, supposedly, we will have happiness and "peace" in Amerika--Marxist peace" which is really nothing more than the absence of resistant to the president and his Marxist policies.

This is what it's really all about, folks--the old "pressure from above and pressure from below" game that the Marxists have been playing on us for years and they keep on doing it successfully because we never seem to get it. Maybe we'll get it once the guns are confiscated (because that's what it's really all about) and no one can defend themselves from a tyrannical government.

The president has fairly howled in recent weeks about how gun control is going to be one of his main priorities next year and you better believe  him because he means it. In this instance he is telling us the truth--if he can find some way to accomplish it he will disarm the public before he leaves office. We had all better stay on our congress critter's cases in this coming year because the president (and his handlers) will pressure them to enact some kind of gun control/confiscation measure before he leaves office and what he starts in this area then Hillary or whoever the Establishment puts into the White (Red) House will finish.

I would recommend that folks get in touch with the Gun Owners of America, the one no compromise anti-gun control group out there, and find ways to support their efforts, whether through joining up or contributing or both. Don't be naive enough to think "it can't happen here." It's happening! The question is--what are we willing to do to combat it?

Update: Guess what, now we find out that two of the shooters, (naturally both dead) were what has been termed "radicalized Muslims." That being the case I seriously doubt that they would have obeyed all those new gun restrictions that Obama wants to impose on honest citizens.It also shows that his misplaced gun control efforts are nothing but a sham to enable him to disarm the American public. Well, many of us knew that from the beginning, and so did he despite all his platitudes about not being after our guns. That's exactly what he was and is after so let's don't be gulled by his bovine fertilizer.

Next Update:  The gun grabbers have wasted no time. Already today there was a move in the Senate to try to expand background checks on those buying guns at gun shows and through intrastate internet transactions. Senate Democrats (socialists) tried to push this but there was enough Republican opposition for the present to stall any action, but I don't doubt there are lots of Republicans that would dearly love to push it along with their Democratic brethren, because, at heart, they really believe in what Obama stands for and his agenda no matter how much they deny it.

The news release I read said "The FBI is trying to determine whether a couple suspected of the shootings at a workplace in Southern California on Wednesday had links to Islamic militant groups." How much do you want to bet this will turn out to be yet another hackneyed cases of "workplace" violence? That way the media can take the heat off whatever Islamic terrorists might be involved and just try to get Congress to go along with more gun control/confiscation, because that's what this is really all about.

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal said: "Congress is complicit in these mass murders when it fails to act. That has to be the biggest pile of fertilizer since the Oklahoma City bombings back in the 90s. Some Islamic terrorists kill a batch of people and it's the Congress' fault because they failed to enact gun confiscation measures! Give me a break! However, with recent shootings in Paris, Colorado and now in California the socialists in Congress are fervently praying (to whatever god they believe in) that the public will suddenly repent of its support for the Second Amendment and turn to the instant panacea of fedeal gun control/confiscation. A recent poll also noted that 63% of those polled believed that gun violence can often be blamed on mental health problems while only 23% felt that it was due to inadequate gun control.

With those kinds of statistics it looks as if the shootings will continue...

Monday, November 23, 2015

Ahh, Those Refugees--Just let them all in, right? Wrong!

by Al Benson Jr.
Supposedly, the Syrian "refugee crisis" has gotten to the point where hundreds of thousands of refugees are now fleeing the country (you wonder if there;s anyone left there) and those that can't find a comfortable home in Europe must all be admitted to the US in the name of love and humanity.  The current regime in Sodom on the Potomac says so and so the beneficent (to Muslims) dictator in the White House wants to start moving as many of them as possible into our various states. A couple state governors welcome this. Several do not. When several state governors have complained about this the "president" has blithely informed them that he can basically put aliens and foreigners where he wants them and the state governors don't have diddly to say about it. I tell you, folks, that's real "democracy" in action, and I'm not kidding. That's how democracy works--it always ends up in dictatorship of some form.

But not to worry--the officials in Sodom, er, sorry, I meant Washington, have informed us that all refugees will be thoroughly vetted and so we will only get the cream of the crop--no terrorists in this bunch--just the best shots!  You will have to pardon me if I think that all this federal assurance is BF (bovine fertilizer). This regime has lied to us so often about so much why should we believe anything they tell us. All I can say is that their "transparency" is slipping just a bit like their halos.

I recently read an article by Shawn Meyer, a small-town pastor in the Midwest. He had some comments worth considering, especially for Christians who are tempted to buy just anything the government tells them because, after all "your government wouldn't lie to you." Pastor Meyer noted that: "For most of our history, Christianity was embraced by men and women who applied wisdom to love.  They were realists who understood the world in which they lived and naturally processed events  in light of the ideologies that drove them. Christianity wasn't a philosophical refuge to spiritual utopians...'Turning the other cheek, doing unto others, and loving your enemies'  represented general principles for personal relationships. Applying a hermeneutic of common sense and with Jesus' intentions in mind, these principles were understood to have little or nothing to do with foreign policy or national security." Such understanding seems almost totally lacking today in many instances, especially in the Church.

Pastor Meyer noted that Christians want to help those who are truly in need and that we should have a place in our hearts for refugees, especially for the women and children and he stated that the question isn't  whether we should help but how.  And he asked, as he should, "How do we distinguish between real refugees and ISIS operatives posing as refugees? How do we help some without jeopardizing others? I submit the administration's current policy is highly dubious and, while apparently loving toward those claiming to be refugees, will, WILL result in the deaths of innocent American men, women, and children. A staff person for my Senator assured me this week 'the Senator supports measures to vet all refugees prior to accepting them'." Most Christians in our lack-of-discernment day would buy that and not even think to go any further. Pastor Meyer, wisely, didn't buy it.  He said: "I couldn't hide my contempt for such naivet'e. Assad isn't giving us their background files. There are millions of Mohammedans in Syria. All mention of vetting is pure stupidity. We are talking about the same people who renewed the visas  of the 9/11 hijackers months after the attacks. There is no way to vet these people." Interestingly, in a moment of candor, the person Pastor Meyer talked to on the phone, admitted that. But the regime will go through the motions anyway because that will fool and bemuse most of the public--Christians who should know better included.

Pastor Meyer made several other cogent comments but I can't cover them all here. And to conclude his comments he said: "To acquiesce to Islam and welcome their Trojan horses into our streets is not only the opposite of wisdom, it is truly the opposite of love. It is to increase their confidence in a damning theology. It is to harden them in their ways. If we set aside sentimentalism and apply wisdom to love, we can help those in genuine need while protecting our children and our homeland.  Pastor Meyer's commentary appeared on 

I have no doubt that the current regime doesn't want the public to consider any of this--just open the flood gates and let the refugees (and the terrorists) come streaming in, and if there ends up being so many of them that our culture becomes more Muslim than Christian, well, ain't that a pity?  But, then, isn't that the real name of the game?

In the Old Testament, Israel was enjoined to welcome foreigners and not to oppress them.In return those foreigners were to do something that is a dirty word today--ASSIMILATE!  They were to live, as long as they were in Israel, by Israel's laws (no Sharia law in Israel) and they were not to bring in and set up their pagan temples. If they were uncomfortable with Israel's law system they needed to move on.  Coming into someone else's country and expecting them to embrace your culture, and getting :offended" if they won't was, and is, an act of supreme ingratitude and quite frankly, in this country today, we should refuse to put up with it. I realize that the unwritten law in this country today is "everyone gets a free pass except white Christians"  and some of us white Christians are getting just a might fed up with it. Helping those truly in need is one thing. Surrendering your faith and culture so the terrorists won't be "offended" isn't part of the game.