Friday, November 24, 2017

"Journalists" Here and Abroad, Yesterday and Today

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Thoughts about journalists in our day tend to be somewhat tainted and jaded--and for that you have to blame the journalists themselves. Let's face it, bastions of truth and accuracy the journalists have not been. I, with others, have labeled them as "the prostitute press" and in the main, I don't think that's  too far off.

In my library I have some books for enjoyable reading. One of those is one called The Red Fox, written by Anthony Hyde. It's fiction, but in it Mr. Hyde makes several observations that are worth some reflection. For instance, on page 53, one of the characters in the story asks the question "Who rules the rulers?" That's something many of us have asked for a long time, and in some instances where we could, tried to answer it. It's a question worth considering, although most people won't.

On page 233 he discusses Soviet "journalists" and seeks to compare them to western journalists to point out the differences. I don't doubt, when he got this book published (1985) he thought it was an honest question. Today I'm not so sure. The Red Fox is an excellent story and it does hold your interest. You can tell that Mr. Hyde did a lot of research to come up with all the detail in the book. I have heard that this is the way he usually writes, though I have not ever been able to come up with any of his other books, and I have looked. To me that means that people hang onto them like I do and they seldom make their way into used book stores. This is the mark of an entertaining and engaging writer. I've read my copy of The Red Fox fully half a dozen times over the years.

Having said that, I'm not sure Mr. Hyde recognized how similar Soviet and American "journalists" really are. In the Soviet Union the "journalists" were expected to hew the Party line, and if they didn't, in short order, they were no longer journalists. Sad to say it has not been much different here. Many of the journalists or reporters I have run across in this country do exactly the same thing. I did an article before the last election about how the media was nothing more than Hillary's water carrier. And everything I have seen since the last election has only reinforced that view, except they don't only carry water for Hillary, they also carry it for what we call "The Deep State" or the Establishment, or whatever you want to call those that really "rule the rulers."

The idea that the "news media" exists to give the public the unbiased, objective truth about what really goes on has long since gone by the boards. It disappeared with the Tooth Fairy and the Man in the Moon, at least for most normal people. Nowadays the media gives us what "those who rule the rulers" think is pertinent for their well-being, not ours. True, there are exceptions. The alternative media, The Drudge Report, InfoWars, LewRockwell, World Net Daily and a handful of others out there are able to give concerned people enough truth that they are beginning to have some idea of what really goes down. That hasn't always been the case. If you want real news, these are the sources you have to turn to turn to because what we refer to as the "Main Stream Media" has dissolved into nothing more than "fake news" and pure  propaganda--Soviet style! If you follow only them you will have a completely skewed view of world events, and particularly what goes on in the White House during the Trump administration. The regular media gets it wrong so much of the time that you have to realize they are doing it on purpose. Were it only accidental, they would err on the side of accuracy now and again, but this never happens.

Sadly, this is not an especially new development. It has gone on for many years, though sometimes a little less spectacularly than at present. Back before the War of Northern Aggression the "journalists" in the North were making such an icon out of John Brown, the abolitionist/terrorist, that he was literally being compared to Jesus Christ and the gallows he hung on was being compared to Jesus' cross. Talk about an exercise in blasphemy!  This, and the propaganda being dished out by writers of the ilk of Harriet Beecher Stowe, helped to fuel the fires of war in the late 1850s and painted the entire South with a wholly unrealistic brush.

So let us not kid ourselves--"journalists" in America, at least in the last 150 years,  have not stood for "truth, justice, and the American way." They have stood for pushing the agenda, whatever it may have been at the time, of those that "rule the rulers" and the real truth be hanged!

If you want to find out who "rules the rulers" than I suggest you do a little homework. (About 7% of those that read this will follow through). Get on the internet and check out the Council on  Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, Skull and Bones, and while you are at it check out the Clinton Foundation. If you are willing to do at least this much then you will come away with a whole different concept of who really runs things in this country and the world. And then you can ask the other question one of Mr. Hyde's characters in his book puts forth; "What the hell will they do to us next?"

Monday, October 02, 2017

A "Civil War" To Commemorate 100 Years Of Communism?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

October of 2017 is now upon us, with a rather fiery beginning in Las Vegas, Nevada, which we will comment on below. This is a very special time for Communists around the world. It is the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution. It is often referred to as Red October. This was the Bolshevik Revolution led by Lenin. Wikipedia says it was "...instrumental in the large Russian Revolution of 1917. It took place with an armed insurrection in Petrograd on the 25th of October (7 November, New Style)  1917." I don't want to go into the whole bloody scenario except to note that the Communists have always been very "date conscious" when it came to big anniversaries such as this. If you all remember, we were treated to the first official celebration of Earth Day on the 100th anniversary of Lenin's birth. This was hardly a coincidence!

So what will we have for the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution? Las Vegas just may be a sneak preview.

How about Antifa giving us a "civil war" in the United States?

If you follow some of this stuff like I do, you have been getting all manner of reports about the Las Vegas shooting this morning. The shooter(s) opened fire on concert goers at a Country Music concert--folks who are probably pretty much traditional Americans, and therefore, automatically enemies to Antifa and the Communists both.

It was originally reported by the mainstream media that the shooter had committed suicide. I've seen other reports that say an FBI rescue team killed him after he opened fire on them. I have also seen sketchy reports of a possible second shooter. I'd be willing to bet that if there was one that will be the last you hear about him. There was one fairly good article on  ISIS has also claimed responsibility for the shooting and it has also been claimed that the shooter "converted to Islam several months ago" and therefore, was "a soldier of the Islamic State." We will just have to keep our eye on this and be discerning enough to separate the wheat from the chaff, because with the mainstream media out there, you are guaranteed to get lots and lots of chaff--along with the calls for more gun control.

Doug Hagmann put out some commentary about a possible civil war in his Northeast Intelligence Network on August 31, 2017. He mentioned his first contact with a DHS "whistleblower"  on May 25th, 2012. It was documented on his site and others as well, including the Canada Free Press. Mr. Hagmann said: "On that occasion, this source stated that 'DHS is actively preparing for massive social unrest inside the United States. He then corrected himself, stating that a civil war is the more appropriate term. Certain elements of the government are not only expecting and preparing for it, they are actually facilitating it. That was several months before the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, the man of questionable origins, dubious bona fides and an inherent, visceral hatred for everything that made America a once-great nation.Obama had to win re-election to complete his task of destroying our Representative Republic.  He was handily re-elected without much viable opposition, giving him additional time to complete his duties as the front man for his Globalist puppet masters." Do you begin to see now why they could not afford to let Ron Paul win in 2012? He noted that "plans, tactics and timetables change, but the objectives of the Globalists don't."

What threw the Globalist plot out of whack in 2016 was the election of Donald Trump. Hillary was supposed to win--and complete what Obama had started--the proverbial stake through the heart--which means that even the One World Government crowd isn't always able to get it right and so they have to go back and retrench. They have done that with their ongoing attacks on Trump.

But there is a lesson there for us--the Globalists are not God--although they would like to be. Ultimately God calls the shots, not them. That's not to say they will quit in their quest for god-hood. If plan A doesn't work out they just move on to plan B.

Mr. Hagmann has observed: "Obama's 'fundamental transformation' although momentarily interrupted by the victory of Donald Trump,  will be facilitated by an armed resistance aided by holdovers inside government loyal to Obama, Clinton and the Globalist cause." Do you begin to see now why Obama had to come back and live in Washington, two miles from the White House, after his lengthy "vacation?" The Obama holdovers in government plan on hanging around as long as possible and it is beginning to look more and more like Jeff Sessions has no intention or plans for getting rid of them? I wonder why? I won't venture an opinion here, but I've got one.

So, a couple more questions: Will Antifa begin a "civil war" in this country, possibly sometime in October, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution? Have they already begun it in Las Vegas? Why would they do this? How about as a "response" to some kind of false flag attack, supposedly committed by "right-wing groups?" This could well be the rationale they present to the world, as they reach for "victim status" to justify what they are going to do.

This is nothing more than the next installment of the same old "pressure from above and pressure from below" scam that has been used on us so often in the past. Doug Hagmann has thought some of this might start around the middle of October, but in light of Las Vegas you have to wonder if Antifa and the Communists were just too impatient to wait that long. Keep your eyes open--and your powder dry. You are going to see lots more of Red October!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Real Life Slavery Today Not Nearly As Important As Taking Down Confederate Monuments

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Many of us have observed, with growing indignation, as the seemingly insane (but actually well-planned and coordinated) campaign to tear down Confederate monuments here in the South proceeds. In fact, it is proceeding so smoothly that you have to recognize none of this is "spontaneous" and it is working like a well-oiled machine--paid for by whose money? Anyone need three guesses? Didn't think so. This has now expanded to where the Hard Left wants to remove all manner of monuments to people, either because they were slave owners or because they were white, or because they treated  "indigenous" peoples badly, or for whatever cockamamie reason they can come up with. I wonder, through this planned insanity, how many statues of Ulysses S. Grant will come down, or maybe there's a monument somewhere to some black person that was a slave owner, and there were blacks that were slave owners you know.

These Hard-core Leftists profess a growing concern for a slavery that ended in this country 150 years ago.  And they want to display their growing concern over this slavery that ended a century and a half ago here by trashing our society, our history, and our culture. Actually what they are really doing is using this now extinct slavery issue as an excuse to practice their favorite form of cultural genocide against white Southerners, because the managed "news" media has let it be known that it's open season on white Southern folks, and you can do whatever you want to them and get by with it. Do this stuff to anyone else and you might wind up with jail time for a "hate" crime, but, hey, these are only white crackers, so you can do what you want to them--and then, if they fight back to defend themselves, they are committing a hate crime.

Those that know me know that I do more than a bit of scrounging around on the internet in search of historical material that the Establishment would just as soon not see spread too far and wide. They feel the less known the better--nothing to see here folks, just move along--while we enact our plans to cut your cultural throats!

Just a few days ago I found an interesting article from the LA Times, by a Robyn Dixon, originally printed back in October of 2013. The title of her article was Slavery Still Haunts Africa, where millions remain captive."  I'm surprised this got printed. Dixon noted that "African countries dominate a new global index on slavery, with 38 of the 50 nations where the scourge is at its worst found on the continent.  The Global Slavery Index, released Thursday, estimated that nearly 30 million people remain enslaved globally, millions of whom are in Africa. Mauritania has the poorest record, with some 150,000 in a population of 3.8 million held captive...Other African countries with particularly high prevalence of slavery are located in West Africa: Benin, Ivory Coast, Gambia and Senegal."

Dixon noted the several different categories that constitute some form of slavery, all the way from debt bondage to forced labor, to the sale or exploitation of children for "profit, sex, or the thrill of domination." An anti-slavery organization called the Walk Free Foundation provided some of this information. Dixon noted that "In Mauritania, as many as 20% of the population is enslaved...Slavery in Mauritania goes back generations and is deeply entrenched..." even though the country has banned it. Obviously there was lots more to Dixon's article, but you get the idea.

So my question is: if the Leftist crowd in this country is so very concerned about the slavery issue, why don't some of their groups get together and see what they can do to alleviate the current situation in Africa, where slavery is a real-life, everyday situation even today? Seems to me that if they were truly concerned they would act to deal with something still going on today and do what they could to alleviate the slavery situation that exists in their own lifetime. Surely they could find some way to help out couldn't they???

Well, if they bothered to check it out they probably could, but you see, the truth is, that in spite of all their pious rhetoric, the Leftists don't really give a tinker's damn about slavery in the world today. That issue is not part of their agenda. Trashing Southern culture and moaning about a slavery in this country that has been non-existent for the last 150 years, and which they can do nothing about, is their real agenda. 

How can I state this nicely?  These Leftist types are not even hypocrites--they are out and out frauds! Cultural Marxist frauds!  They are as phony as the Obama three dollar bill! And anyone that listens to them and is foolish enough to take them seriously is, at best, a "useful idiot" for the Marxists and for those that finance their cultural Marxism.  These "useful idiots" need to wake up and smell the coffee. But then, if they did that, they wouldn't be "useful idiots" anymore, would they?

And--If you have not read in your "history" books about the Marxists and socialists who fought on the side of the Union during the War for Southern Independence you can get some basic information about them that Establishment "historians" would rather that you did not have.

There is a new CD available called Lincoln's Marxists, a 37 minute lecture by Al Benson Jr. that tells you about these Marxists and socialists and their objectives for our country, and why they supported Lincoln and the Northern cause.

If you would like more information about this please contact Al Benson Jr. at   If you would like to purchase this CD, the cost is $8.00, which includes the cost of shipping. Please send your check or money order to: 
Lincoln CD c/o The Copperhead Chronicle   P O Box 55   Sterlington, Louisiana 71280

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Are You Ready For Civil War? The Hard Left Is

by Al Benson Jr.

It seems that no matter what the average American wants,  the hard Left is preparing for civil disruption and civil war. Sound far out to you? It really isn't. Just take a quick look back at Charlottesville and Ferguson. There were sneak previews of what is to come on a bigger scale.

The hard Left is funded by Obama's Organizing for Action group and by some Soros-funded NGO groups, and they are preparing for civil war. They are being trained by professional agitators on how to confront Trump supporters,  how to confront conservative Christians, how to confront political conservatives and the police. One question we need to start asking ourselves is--who is in back of the screen funding all these groups that are planning to fund the revolution?

Some of these groups are Antifa, Black lives Matter, Obama's OFA group, and something new called the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement. What an appropriate name for this new group. The 19th century abolitionists would be proud!

According to "An armed Antifa group is fundraising to support the building of a new cell in Philadelphia. And the alt-left media is helping by publishing its press release calling for 'abolitionism and revolutionary anarchism' to 'decisively eradicate the abhorrence of 21st century slavery." The group considers our current prison system as 21st century slavery. And who knows where those funds came from--to create an "underground railroad" to enable people to  "escape the state." And their rationale is  interesting. They feel that "the Civil War was never resolved and the system of slavery transitioned into the prison industrial complex."

Some of these groups are going back and studying the tactics used by their spiritual predecessors, the Leftist radicals of the 1960s and 70s--classic guerilla military tactics. Leftist groups all the way from black activist groups to transgender groups are involved according to a report by political analyst Doug Hagmann, who authors the The Hagmann Report. He says some of these groups have been infiltrated and this is how he has been made aware of this.

This is a highly organized operation--it is not your typical Leftist "peacenicks" with Molotov cocktails and "peace" signs. These groups are building a coalition to take down Trump, and in the process, take down the Republic and replace it with--guess what? You get three guesses and the first two don't count! Subtle they aren't. They plan to kill those who will not agree to agree with them.

They are busy compiling a list of city and town mayors, city government people, etc. that agree with their agenda around the country. There are Leftist professionals who are teaching them how to use weapons against us, using Saul Alinksy's tactics among other things.

Suffice it to say, and by now some of you have already figured this out, this is a Deep State operation at the highest levels. It is the standard "pressure from above and pressure from below" operation that I have written about in the past, and, as typical cultural Marxists, they plan to fully implement all those things they vehemently claim to be against. Do I advocate that people be afraid of this? NO! I do advocate that people be aware, though. Learn that everyone that comes to you in sheep's clothing ain't a sheep and you need to be able to tell the sheep from the wolves--and learn to expose the wolves for what they are.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Here Are The Facts

by Sammy Schwartz

DO NOT clump me with those stupid, offensive idiots who did NOT have the slightest CLUE what they were supposed to protest (either for or against) when they chose to venture to the town of Charlottesville, Virginia.

NOW, let us "Set the record STRAIGHT." And this is for ALL media and commentators, as well as Senators, Representatives, Governors, Mayor, etc., etc., etc.

1. It has to do with our Southern Cultural Heritage... 
   a) not the issue of slavery,
   b) not white vs. black Americans
   c) not the Confederate Flag, which
     1. displays the St. Andrews Cross
     2. has the sacred meaning that a man, many years ago was crucified sideways
         by his own choice,
    d) is an issue of "tearing down" our heritage (statutes, NOT statues). The statues of
        NOT of people who hated;  they were those who knew The Truth of the reason for the War.
        It was NOT about keeping slaves in bondage;  it was trying to keep what land they rightfully owned.
        (Remember, the South was invaded).
     e) Many blacks (knowing the real reason for the War) also, smartly fought for the South.

2. The UN-civil War was what "the Yankees"--promoters of "Federal Supremacy" fought for, and
     it was here that the 1860s Media turned their attention. The War was truly about "money" the love of
     which is the root of all evil. The South had become more wealthy than the North could tolerate, even
     with the excessive tariffs, so they used any excuse to MAKE war. Actually, the NORTH was the
     aggressor, regardless  of what "The Media of 1860" said.

3. THEY LIED! Back then, there was NO alternative media, no live "talk radio." (To verify what I have           been telling you) please read Lincoln's Marxists by Al Benson Jr. and Donnie Kennedy.

4. Heritage and culture are concerns noted in the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. The Manifesto           lists and recommends how to destroy any country they are mentally attacking. And, there are those in       our own midst who intend to destroy what our founding fathers: George Washington and Thomas                 Jefferson, along with many other patriots who wrote and endorsed our Great Constitution gave us.

5. Now, Saul Alinsky (Marxist and destroyer of freedom) has  disciples who are trying to undermine that       great document  (Constitution) by staging all kinds of protests, often funding both sides of the issue.           Specifically, they are intending to DESTROY our culture, with the SOLE intention: to undermine our           wonderful heritage, and, in effect, Our Constitution.

6. For your information, both sides in the Charlottesville protest were funded by George Soros money,             delivered by Robert Creamer, who is the husband of Leftist Congresswoman Jan Schaowsky.

7. These people are the REAL HATERS, and there is a clear and deliberate intent on their part to destroy       our culture and our form of government--and our form of government IS a Republic, as stated in the             Pledge of Allegiance. And we true Patriots want a "nation under God--with liberty and justice for all.

8. The Liberals (and the Marxists) redundancy here, sorry, are against us on every issue.  And they can't       handle what Trump stands for and stands up for: GOOD PEOPLE!

Friday, August 04, 2017

A Bottle of Gasoline!

A Bottle of Gasoline!
(with a "wick")

Guess What?

Democrats are SERVING Trump a "Meuller-Toff-Cocktail."

You mean you don't believe it! ? ! ? !  Well, it fits the Russian collusion FACTor.  Or, is it more of a F_ _ _ -Him?

With all of the Russian "Cow Dung" being throw around in the SWAMP, what else could you "fairly" call it?

Believe me, folks, the number of individuals having met their demise via trails traced back to the Clinton "cartel" machine, do you have any reason to think "The Donald" isn't intended for the same route?

…seems clear to me! 

With all the "crap" that the Clintons have done "to destroy" civility, and THEY (i.e. their vile democratic machine) have indicted our duly-elected and legitimate U.S. President.  And, undoubtedly, The Republican Party, as a whole, is "a party to" the whole issue, allowing it to go on, as far as it has, already.

Where are the opponents of this charade?  Sitting on their hands? Or, are they just as much in collusion, in the SWAMP?

It seems the latter is a fact - purposely ignored by the whole damn bunch of "sit-on-their-hands, weak-kneed" and "ball-less bastards"…just like the former president.

NO MORE EXCUSESALL Republicans are allowing this "un-called-for" & REAL Collusion to take place!!

Sammy Schwartz, esq.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Republican Liars No Different Than Democrat Liars

by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

An article by Michael Snyder on for July 13, 2017 pretty much summed up where many so-called "conservative" Republicans are really coming from--and it's the same slimy Swamp that most Democrats slither out of. Some of these Swamp denizens are so low they could "crawl under a snake's belly with a top hat on."

Years ago (and I have quoted this numerous times) George Wallace said, regarding the two major political parties, "Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee--there's not a dime's worth of difference between the two."  Lots of folks have problems with Wallace, but he was right on the money more often than not. Many in both political parties are little more than paid political prostitutes in the employ of the Deep State that is seeking to destroy whatever Donald Trump accomplishes that will help real Americans. Trump wants "America first."  These people, in both parties, want "America last" because they don't give a tinker's damn about ordinary Americans. All we are there for is to pay their fat salaries as they continue to run for office, election after election after election--doing nothing for us and everything for their corporate fascist fat cat buddies, many of who are really on the Left, not the Right.

A prime example of this is the current "Obamacare repeal" effort supposedly going on now in Congress. For years the Republicans (Republic-rats) dutifully informed us that if we'd just give them the White House and Congress, why they'd repeal Obamacare so fast it would make your head spin! Guess what" They lied! Is anyone really surprised? I'm not. I figured that is exactly what we would get from the Deep State RINOs. When Trump took the White House their bluff was called and they've been waffling ever since--trying to find some way, any way, to keep Obamacare without appearing to do so.  

So now we have a new "bill" in the Senate that doesn't really repeal Obamacare--it just sort of "fine tunes" it so the same people that have been getting bailed out with Obamacare can continue to get bailed out while the Republican Liar's Club in Congress blithely informs us they have made major changes for our benefit. Folks, it's all nothing more than Bovine Fertilizer.

The socialists in the Republican Party (and never forget that Lincoln was a Republican) love Obamacare, and don't think for a minute they don't, no matter what they tell you. They really want to keep and embrace it in some form and, if anything, make it even more burdensome than it already is--because that benefits their friends in the insurance industry. That's what all this smoke and mirrors is really all about.

Mr. Snyder, in his article,  made this statement: "The bill being pushed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wouldn't actually fix much of anything, and it certainly cannot be called a 'repeal' of Obamacare. I have said this before and I will say it again. The Republicans got a bill to repeal Obamacare through the Congress and on to Barack Obama's desk in early 2016. Obama vetoed that bill, but now the Republicans should take that exact same bill and get it to Donald Trump's desk...So why won't the Republicans do it? Instead they are trying to 'fix' Obamacare, and that's about as futile as trying to 'fix' a steaming pile of garbage." The Republicans won't dare do what Mr. Snyder has suggested because they really don't want to repeal Obamacare!

This all shows you one thing. The Republican Establishment loves Obamacare just like the Democrat Establishment (is there really any difference?) and they really want to keep it and, if anything, find more efficient ways to promote its socialism. Maybe if they poke around long enough they can come up with something that Comrade Obama and his Regime missed and find a way to add that in. In the end what these political stooges (and that's all they really are) want is a single payer system where the federal government controls the whole enchilada from start to finish and decides who gets what--death panels and all! And if you think they are doing all this for your benefit, disabuse yourselves of that naive notion once and for all. You are the last one they care about. You are the sheep to be shorn and that's all you are to these parasites in the two-party duopoly.

There is a handful of senators, Rand Paul and some others, who are decidedly not in favor of this scam. Whether their influence will be enough to sink this albatross I don't know. I don't know about the rest of you all, but I am well past the point of being fed up with lying politicians.  And unless more people start paying attention to what these liars are doing to us, they will end up sacrificing us all, and our children,  bloodlessly--or otherwise, to the false gods of their New World Order. It's long past time to call them to account and time to start exposing what they are doing to shaft all of us and our families.