Friday, November 30, 2018

U N Open Borders Agenda--1984 Is Here!

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

For weeks now many have been watching these so-called "caravans" working their way up to our Southern border from Central America, across Mexico, and now many of them are at our Southern border, holding up a handful of children in front of them while they throw rocks and other things at our Border Patrol people. Let's be honest here. These people are not oppressed aliens looking for a better life--They are an invasion force. They forced their way into Mexico and they plan on forcing their way into the United States. They are part of the United Nations scheme to inundate us with third world immigrants and water down our cultural distinctives until we are nothing more than a bigger edition of a third world country.

It's all part of the United Nations "Open Borders" agenda and they are doing the same thing in Europe as well.

There is a very informative article on  which explains all this, but it is 12 pages long and I cannot reproduce it all here. All I can do is give some of the high spots and hope people will be concerned enough  to check it out on their own. If you are not willing to do a little something then you might not like the version of 1984 we end up with. The article was written by Baxter Dmitry on November 19th.

The article states, in part: "A new UN agreement, which almost all member states plan to sign in December, propagates the radical idea that borders must be opened and a 'new world' created, where mass migration--for any reason-is something that must be promoted, enabled and enshrined as a 'human right.' The agreement also directs national governments to defund and suppress all forms of counter-expression to mass migration within their countries. Critics who oppose open borders should undergo 'sensitization training' according to the text of the agreement. Free speech will die." That's the idea! No free speech allowed so that no one can criticize the United Nations agenda.

Naturally enough, none of the countries that are on board with this UN scheme have bothered to check in to see what their citizens think about all this. Why should they bother? The citizens are only sheep to be shorn by the Grand UN Deity so why should they be consulted about anything? The countries that are signing onto this Orwellian nightmare are doing it without any public debate because they realize that public debate and any sort of public forum will seriously jeopardize this scheme.

The technical name for this monstrosity is the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. Doesn't that sound cozy? This is not about refugees running from persecution, religious or political. It is all about the radical Leftist idea that migration, for whatever reason, needs to be promoted and protected. After all, says the UN, migration is an enshrined "right."  And you should be able to migrate wherever you want, whenever you want, and no country should have the right or ability to refuse you and millions of your brethren entrance. You should be able to go where you want when you want, as many of you as want and to be able to adulterate any culture you disagree with and the people of that culture should not be able to prevent your efforts at cultural genocide. Thus saith the mighty UN.

So far, most member countries are expected to sign up for this, with, so far, the exception of the United States, Australia, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland. Seems like some of the former Iron Curtain countries have more common sense than some of the so-called Western European countries.

Anyway, this is the One World game that is currently under way and I have no doubt whatever that all this foolishness with these "caravans" may be an integral part of it. Our leadership, from Trump on down needs to realize that we don't want any part of this internationalist insanity. The idea the John Birch Society had years ago about getting the US out of the UN is looking better with each passing week.

There is a bill in the House now, HR 193 to get the US out of the UN. Why not contact your congress critters and tell them to support this bill and they need to do it now because once the demoncrats take over the House in January it will get buried forever.

Update: This morning 12/1/18 on the Zero Hedge website there was an article noting that, in Europe "criticism of migration" is set to become a criminal offense.

The article noted: "Europeans concerned about borders, language and culture may soon find themselves in the hot seat after Dutch politician  and European Parliament member Marcel de Graaff issued a dire warning over the 'definition of hate speech' which will criminalize speech opposing mass migration, as was first reported by Joe Schaeffer of LibertyNation.

So there you have it, folks, to be critical of any mass migration, if you live in Europe may soon be characterized as "hate speech." We can only wonder how long it will be before some "useful idiot" Congress critter in this country will introduce a similar bill in Congress, especially with the Demoncrats having "influenced" the House in the recent elections. Keep your eyes peeled because you have not seen the last of this.

Monday, November 12, 2018

If You Think Problems With Government Schools Are New You Better Think Again

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Many seem to think that problems with the content of what passes for education in public schools is, somehow, a recent development, maybe a problem for the last twenty years or so, but certainly no longer. If you are one of those folks you need to rethink your position and gain a little perspective in this area. Public schools have been a major problem for longer than any of you have been alive. That statement may shock some, but the evidence is out there if you are willing to pursue it.

I have been collecting info about what goes on in public schools for close to five decades now. What has gone on in public schools for the past 50 years is, believe it or not, not the real problem--but it is a very dramatic symptom of the real problem. The real problem goes all the way back to the early 1800s. More on that in the future as the Lord allows.

For this article I want to deal with some of the symptoms so you can begin to see what the real problem (anti-Christian "education") produces, and how it works itself out through the symptoms.

I have an article in my files from the Providence (Sunday) Journal from Providence, Rhode Island for Sunday, 3/19/72, the headline for which is: Cranston's Controversial 'Prostitute Case'. It was written by a M. William Salganik. I know nothing about him.

Mr. Salganik wrote, in part, "The uproar in Cranston, (Rhode Island) over a prostitute who spoke to a high school social studies class is the latest in a series of schoolroom crises. Those who were horrified by the appearance of a prostitute in a public school classroom say it is the latest instance of teachers overstepping the bounds of good taste or good judgment." Some, however, defended having the prostitute there and accused those opposed to it of an "attempt to suppress creative teachers and trample on academic freedom." How often have you all heard that line over the years? To those who spout it "academic freedom" means their unfettered ability to shove whatever propaganda they deem relevant down your kids' throats and you will have nothing to say about it--so just shut up and sit down. After all, the job of brainwashing your kids belongs to the state doesn't it?

Reading Salganik's article, you are confronted with the unpleasant truth that "change agents" were using public schools in Rhode Island as a seedbed for revolution. Salganik noted several other schools in Rhode Island that had problems of this nature--one is Scituate, Rhode Island  where students were fed a "black history" course larded with four-letter words and one in Warwick, Rhode Island where students had an "art project" in which students painted "peace symbols." Folks who don't know better, even today, think the "peace symbol" is really all about peace. It isn't! It has a very interesting history--and an anti-Christian one!

There was quite a fuss over some of this in Rhode Island, particularly the prostitute in the social studies class. I recall having had social studies in school. By the time I came along social studies had replaced American history in most schools, at least in the North, and it was a poor substitute for history. But, then, if the kids aren't taught real history they can't speak up in its behalf or ask penetrating questions about it now, can they?

And while I can appreciate the folks who felt teachers were stepping over the bounds of good judgment, they really didn't understand the problem. The problem really wasn't teachers with bad judgment--the problem was--and still is--an "education" system that seeks to indoctrinate your kids in a world view totally alien to what you want them to embrace. It has nothing whatever to do with real education or true academic freedom and everything to do with socialist indoctrination.  The object is to desensitize your kids along the lines advocated by those in the Frankfurt School have laid out for them. If, by now, you don't know what the Frankfurt School is, look it up on the internet and do a little homework. If you are a Christian parent you won't like what you find.

Bear in mind that what I am noting here in Rhode Island took place a short two years before the Textbook Protest in Kanawha County, West Virginia, so there was a big push for this stuff in public schools in this country in the 1970s. In West Virginia the parents revolted over this kind of trash passing for education. In Rhode Island they just complained and didn't revolt. Mores the pity!

Even with my brief comments you should be able to see how bad some of this stuff was. You also should be able to see that, with all that has gone on for so long, chatter about "reforming" the public schools is just that--idle chatter! Real reformation for public schools will never happen and you need to realize that somber fact. The public schools are doing what they were really intended to do--indoctrinate your kids with an anti-Christian worldview. When you begin to realize that, you will begin to see that it is a waste of time and effort trying to reform them. What you really need to do is to separate from them and find Christian alternatives. There are some out there, Exodus Mandate being one of the most notable.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

More Internet and Email Censorship???

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Those who follow my blogs know that my stuff on both blogs has been shadow banned recently. Neither of my blogs has been popular--I guess because I don't talk about all the warm, fuzzy stuff the Leftists want talked about--rather I talk about what frauds and sham artists they all are, and that's a no-no, especially in an election season.

As I said, recently I had problems and then, all of a sudden, they ceased and everything went back to normal. I sort of concluded that my blogs (and probably those of others like me) had been put through sort of a dry run to show the Deep State media control freaks what it was possible for them to get away with regarding us. I thought they might have concluded that we were not all that big a threat numbers-wise and so they could probably ignore us.

Foolishness on my part! They're back!

From time to time on aol, when I would reply to someone's email I would get a notice that said "there was an error sending the message" and so it would not go through. I didn't mind this once in awhile, because after all, things happen, but I guess aol has decided that it worked so well they will use it to shut down any communication I have with folks that send me email.

Now, every message I try to reply to from someone gets this same error message. That means I can't reply to anyone that sends me a message on aol and I can't forward anything I receive from others on aol because anything I try to send out gets an error message tacked onto it and won't go anywhere.

In other words, anything I try to send out from aol is automatically an "error" message and, therefore, cannot be sent. It's not that aol is banning me, you understand. They wouldn't do that to me. They are just not letting me communicate with those I receive email from because all my replies are suddenly "error messages" that can't be sent.

So I am now starting to phase my email communications via aol out and my readers will henceforth be getting my messages from another provider and just think, that will save aol the trouble of having to label my outgoing mail as "error messages." It will probably make their whole day!

It's probably time I started movin' on anyway and as I am able to do that, soon I won't even be able to say to aol "I'll see you at sundown."

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Scumbags of the World Unite!

by Al Benson Jr.

I suppose, in sort of a left-handed way, all of us white folks are supposed to be thankful to Michael Moore, Hitlery Clinton, Obama and all the rest of the Leftist coterie that is part and parcel of the Deep State for them telling us what scumbags all white folks are. I mean, after all, where else would we have ever found out how deplorable all white folks are if those on the Far, Far Left hadn't been so concerned with our "welfare" that they just had to let us know how horrible we all really are?

Of course I find it interesting that some of these folks that have taken great paints to inform us of how terrible we are also happen to be white. Does that make them as horrendous as the rest of us? Logical thought would dictate that it should, just because of their skin color you would think. But, no, somehow, as white as they are, they plead that they are not as bad as all the rest  of us. We are bad, but, somehow, in their omniscience, they have managed to rise above all that. After all, how would they know how terrible we all really are if they had not reached that elevated status that reveals to them how bad we are and how good they are?

You see, if you really delve into it all, it tends to get complicated. It seems that "white" is really sort of virtuous if it is on the Left politically. It only becomes horrible if you happen to be on the Right politically. Got that? In other words "white is really right, if it's on the Left. It's only when it's Right that it's wrong!

To those on the Left it all makes perfect sense, but to normal people, it reeks of bovine fertilizer--you're just not supposed to notice the smell. Just pretend it ain't there and it will go away, so they tell us.

You see you have these folks over on the political Left that are cultural Marxists. A cultural Marxist is someone who doesn't want you to know he or she is a Marxist, so instead they refer to themselves as being politically correct, or "progressive." They use the latter term because they think it actually fools people into thinking they are way ahead of the curve. The English have a term for one who is crazy. They say he's "right round the bend." I wonder if that's what the progressives mean by being ahead of the curve.  Does that mean they have reached the state of insanity quicker than the rest of us? Based on some of what they've tried to pull lately it could well mean that, as some Leftist actions of late do seem a bit unhinged--but then, I have to remember that I am only a lowly white scumbag and so may be totally incapable of discerning the convoluted progressions of the high and mighty Leftists among us. They may have attained a plane of existence that I am unable to contemplate.

Years ago Johnny Cash did a song that said "The one on the left is in the middle and the one on the right is on the left" or something to that effect. Confusing I admit, but often something like that may well sum up where the Left really is, or thinks it is, or possibly is--or whatever!

The paragons of virtue on the Left have been noted for decades now for not making sense to rational people--but then rational people are probably all scumbags along with us miserable white folks. I recall, during World War 2 or just before it, the Soviet Communists really hated the German fascists (who were really their political second cousins) and all the Communist literature parroted that fact. Then one day Hitler and Stalin sat down and made a pact to divide Poland up between then and voila, overnight, the Soviets and the Germans commenced a gigantic European socialist lovefest that even threw their staunchest devotees for a loop--especially in this country! What had been reprehensible yesterday became totally acceptable today. Such is Leftist, what shall we say--paranoia?

Don't try to figure out the Leftist lovebirds by any normal means. You will be doomed to failure. You do need to discern what they are all about but, in the long run you can only do that with prayer and Divine Guidance.

Once we white scumbags (and other scumbags not on the Left) have prayed and sought Divine Guidance, then what we must do is to unite together as concerned scumbags and resist the Left and those who continue to finance it. As the man says "Scumbags of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but the chains the Deep State would bind you down with."

Monday, October 22, 2018

Central American Invasion Force Gathers Steam

by Al Benson Jr.

I've just been reading today, 10/22/18 how the so-called "immigrant caravan" heading this way from Central America has brushed past the token resistance given it by Mexico (as was the real intention) and is again headed for our southern border.

Supposedly the number of "immigrants" has swelled to somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 and guess when they are slated to arrive? You get 3 guesses and the first two don't count. They will probably wash up against  our southern border right about in time for the mid-term elections--the wildest of coincidences I'm sure. It I had a suspicious mind, I'd think this was timed to make Trump look bad. But, seeing that I am such a trusting soul, I wouldn't dream of accusing the George Soros-funded groups that have organized this of such a devious and low-down agenda. After all, everyone knows that the radical,  socialist Demoncrats and other Soros appendages are all pure as the driven snow.

It's interesting how the radical Left and its media prostitutes have characterized all these people as "immigrants" and there are probably some genuine would-be immigrants among them. However, over all, they are not immigrants; they are invaders.

An article on the American Thinker website for July 10th of this year, by Shari Goodman, takes the trouble to  spell out the difference between the two groups. Ms. Goodman noted, quite accurately, that "The Democratic Party with its shills in the mainstream media, has misleadingly blurred the lines between the definition of 'immigrant' and 'invader.' An immigrant is an alien who has been granted the right to permanently reside in the United States by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. An 'invader,' as defined by Merriam Webster,  is one who 'trespasses, encroaches, and infringes upon another's property."

These people who are on their way up here, should they manage to get across the border, will be trespassing and encroaching. THEY ARE INVADERS--NOT IMMIGRANTS!

President Trump is supposed to be calling up the Army to deal with this. I hope he does that and does not back down because these people mean to get in here and take whatever they can get away with and if they manage to infringe upon our liberties, well then,  that's part of the plan.

This is all part of the Democratic plan to destabilize the country. Ms. Goodman comments on the Democratic Party leadership. She labels Tom Perez a Marxist and Keith Ellison a Muslim Brotherhood operative. Both have been campaigning for open borders along with the rest of the Democratic horde. These people want a foreign invasion to obliterate our culture and its high time we woke up to what these people are doing to us. They are thieves of our culture and heritage and we better learn that and start to resist. Our grandchildren won't thank us for sitting idly by and doing nothing.

Update:  According to a Fox News report noted on about 80% of those in the "Migrant" caravan Are men under the age of 35.  Despite the main stream media narrative that the caravan is comprised of "hundreds of mostly women and children" local reporting from exican newspaper El Universal found that report grossly misleading. In fact 80% of the caravan are military age men, Fox News reported. So folks, we are being invaded and we are being lied to about it. Does that really surprise anyone. Let's face it--the mainstream media in this country is not on the side of real Americans--it is on the side of the radical Leftists and those who fund their activities. And now they are talking about yet another caravan that is on its way to McAllen, Texas.

Get used to the idea folks--We are in the process of being invaded!!! What's done about it will determine if we still have a country when it is all over!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Some Unwelcome U N Guests

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, the Soros-sponsored invasion of the southern united States has officially begun, with the United Nations giving a large helping hand.

This invasion was supposed to have been stopped at Mexico's southern border. The Mexican police, or army or whatever, was there and they lobbed a little tear gas at the invaders and then basically got out of the way to let them pass.

I noted one video on https:'' that showed a whole batch of the invaders tearing down the gates at one place so they could get through and many of them were wearing blue United Nations hats with UN printed boldly on the front. Now where do you suppose they got those? At the local costume store no doubt. You don't actually think the UN would sanction any of this now do you? Of course not. Needless to say, with their One World Government worldview the UN is all for open borders except where it might be inconvenient to them.

And in Texas the socialist demoncrats are busily getting ballots ready for the non-citizens and illegals so they can vote in the next election and culturally dilute the American South even more. I would hope the current Texas government wouldn't put up with this, but we will see.

Trump has been talking about sending the army to our Southern border to stop this illegal invasion. I pray that it's not just talk and that he will stand up and DO it. If he caves in on this issue his base will have sufficient reason to question just what he is doing, as this is one issue he campaigned heavily on--keeping the illegals out--and this invasion from Central America is comprised of people who will be illegals if they can just manage somehow to cross our southern border.

One of the activist groups promoting this invasion is funded by one of George Soros' groups so you have to realize who is behind all this. Even Mike Pompeo has had to admit that this invasion is not "organic" but is sponsored by outside groups. So it's an invasion pure and simple.

So what do we do? Pray and ask the Lord to stem this invasion and ask Him to give our leadership the moral backbone to stop it in its tracks at our southern border.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Immigration and Culture

by Daniel Benson

Immigration was once a wonderful thing. Nowadays, though, to come to America has become a tool to downgrade our culture and lifestyle and to make us the minority. Immigration was how we all got to America in the first place and I have no issues with legal immigration. It's the illegals that bother me because rules don't mean anything to them. When legal immigrants come here they come for a safer lifestyle and a better chance to work to feed their families, and a better chance to be free. But illegal immigrants today account for more violent crimes than legal ones ever will.

Legal immigration can be done in two ways. They come here looking for a new chance, or the federal government brings them in here to place somewhere. That's not the most ideal situation. Take a good long look at Minnesota, where the government placed 10,000 Muslin (supposed) refugees and then gave them money (ours) to start a life over. Well, they've multiplied, and now they want Sharia law in Minnesota, the very thing they were running from, supposedly. Guessing you didn't see that coming with the forced immigration of these wonderful new "American citizens." Did other states get that many of them? I'm guessing 4-5 other states got clobbered like that, but don't know for sure.

Most of the Mexicans I know are friendly and family-oriented. I have no issues with these people. It's the drug cartel people we could all do without. They are the violent ones who don't care about our laws. They come here and infiltrate our society how often? If we don't uphold our values and traditions they will happily trod all over you and me. They don't believe in our way of life, so  if they trample it, does it matter to them? Not really.

Slowly the American dream is slipping away. Big government has its fingers into so many countries that don't agree with us and our way of thought that they can bring lots of them over here from there and our understanding of America will be gone forever. 

Central American countries send people here constantly. They have what for governments in most of these places? Your first guess doesn't count. So between the Middle East and Central America, how many have come here--legally or otherwise? No wall keeps people out forever. But a wall keeps us in. Immigration laws will have to change or Mexico will slowly move back into our territory and what will a war of attrition like that do to us?

In closing, I'm guessing that a fair number reading this might really have some small inkling as to what's going on. But it's the ones that won't bother reading this that need to. Will you share it with those you know or will you "hide it beneath a bushel?" I'm guessing too many will hide it. If so, then too bad America won't be a free country long enough for your grandkids to taste the freedom you had--and wouldn't defend.