Sunday, September 30, 2018

Immigration and Culture

by Daniel Benson

Immigration was once a wonderful thing. Nowadays, though, to come to America has become a tool to downgrade our culture and lifestyle and to make us the minority. Immigration was how we all got to America in the first place and I have no issues with legal immigration. It's the illegals that bother me because rules don't mean anything to them. When legal immigrants come here they come for a safer lifestyle and a better chance to work to feed their families, and a better chance to be free. But illegal immigrants today account for more violent crimes than legal ones ever will.

Legal immigration can be done in two ways. They come here looking for a new chance, or the federal government brings them in here to place somewhere. That's not the most ideal situation. Take a good long look at Minnesota, where the government placed 10,000 Muslin (supposed) refugees and then gave them money (ours) to start a life over. Well, they've multiplied, and now they want Sharia law in Minnesota, the very thing they were running from, supposedly. Guessing you didn't see that coming with the forced immigration of these wonderful new "American citizens." Did other states get that many of them? I'm guessing 4-5 other states got clobbered like that, but don't know for sure.

Most of the Mexicans I know are friendly and family-oriented. I have no issues with these people. It's the drug cartel people we could all do without. They are the violent ones who don't care about our laws. They come here and infiltrate our society how often? If we don't uphold our values and traditions they will happily trod all over you and me. They don't believe in our way of life, so  if they trample it, does it matter to them? Not really.

Slowly the American dream is slipping away. Big government has its fingers into so many countries that don't agree with us and our way of thought that they can bring lots of them over here from there and our understanding of America will be gone forever. 

Central American countries send people here constantly. They have what for governments in most of these places? Your first guess doesn't count. So between the Middle East and Central America, how many have come here--legally or otherwise? No wall keeps people out forever. But a wall keeps us in. Immigration laws will have to change or Mexico will slowly move back into our territory and what will a war of attrition like that do to us?

In closing, I'm guessing that a fair number reading this might really have some small inkling as to what's going on. But it's the ones that won't bother reading this that need to. Will you share it with those you know or will you "hide it beneath a bushel?" I'm guessing too many will hide it. If so, then too bad America won't be a free country long enough for your grandkids to taste the freedom you had--and wouldn't defend.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

What's Junior Playing On His PC?

by Daniel Benson

Lets sit down and talk. Do you know what your kids are playing on their pc's, their xbox ones, their play stations? Well let me tell you, those games are not setting them up for anything positive. The games I will list below are just the tip of the iceberg as to what they play. Others teach them to kill each other in any way possible. So what are they playing?

In the "shooter" games listed here, Fortnite, PugB, Smite, Paladins, Tom Clancy's Siege, Call of Duty, Gears of War and many others not mentioned, "shooters" pit one against another or even teams against one another. Yet, as your kids grow up do they realize how this gaming affects how they think? As importantly, do you realize how it affects how and what they think? Just look at the episode at the recent Madden Tournament, how one loser reacted to losing; he started shooting! So what do you teach your kids about guns (and you do need to teach them). These games teach them how to shoot at other people. Would they shoot at you if they got upset enough? Are you willing to find out? Zombies are a huge part of shooting games and where has anyone seen a zombie?  Horde is the other player vs. player environment, where they get to chase each other around and kill each other. Is this good for their brains at any age?

Need for Speed, The Crew, 1 and 2 and GTA and many  other games like these teach them that destroying personal property doesn't matter, just so you win at any cost and make sure the cops pay. Police are victims of how many violent crimes because we are so used to killing them in video games, why not shoot them, hit them, or kill them in real life? It's all just like a video game, right? Run anyone who might challenge you for a win off the road at any cost. Road rage sound familiar? That's your kids when they grow up! All the talk they see on You Tube and cop chases that should never have happened in the first place is because video games teach us to run from the cops, not to respect men and women trying to protect themselves and everyone else.

Diablo 3 is a great fantasy game, and yes, I have played lots of games, this is just one of the many. But it teaches us to hack and slash our way through life because that's how it's done in Diablo 3. Tera, World of Warcraft, Rift, Black Desert and many others--I can name them all.  We can party up to kill things, we all get some of the loot and wow, we are so good! But the lasting effect on us is slowly numbing us to how many murders this country has each day. And last but not least let's pick on Detroit, or whatever it's called, where you are a machine and there are multitudes of possible endings based completely on how you feel like doing it.  Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy are two games who do both rpg (meaning role playing games and mmo, meaning mass multiplayer online role playing games, letting you kill indiscriminately whenever you want.  Even Minecraft and Roboblox can't stay away from multiplayer spaces and Roboblox had a young female player in the game, raped by two other male players in the game, so what's the mindset here like???

You don't have a clue what your kids are playing do you? I know one family whose five-year old plays this stuff. Psychologically we are slowly turning into a country whose idea of "fun" is virtual reality. If we can't kill, maim or destroy something, we won't play the game. Great thought processes for our future generation to be engaged in, right? Fortnite just lets you run and kill. Why think? Oh, let's play tag, but wait, why run around in real life when I can jump around like a monkey online? Forget social graces--we can taunt each other and make fun of each other in the mmo games. Who cares about how others feel? I won't meet them in real life will I? Well, yes, you just might. Consider that that person is just like you and they have feelings just like you, or have you gotten so numb you can't feel anything anymore?

To close, do you, even for a second, watch what your kids are playing, where gold  is just picked  up by the 1000's at a time they think money grows on trees? It doesn't, but they won't know that because, hey, they are going to play games professionally, you know, and they will be rich! Good luck with that!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Who's Book Will Be Out This Month?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Well, I have just read that disgraced former FBI personality Andrew McCabe is now going to write a new  book about how bad life is in this country with Trump as President. It will be out sometime in early December (just in time for Christmas). Gag me with a spoon!

It almost seems as if every member of the Deep State that has had a difficulty with Donald 
Trump either has been or is in the process of writing a book. Hillary was the first. What was the title of her book--What Happened? Maybe  I am wrong, but it seems that title sticks in my mind. So what happened? What happened, lady, is that you lost. That's what happened and maybe you need to get over it. Even if you weren't supposed to lose--you lost! I realize that in your current mental state you feel it was Trump's fault, Congresses fault, the Deplorables fault, everybody's fault but yours. So your book is out there and I understand it ain't becoming a big seller. What a pity!

So then Comey got bounced from the FBI and he wrote an anti-Trump book. So lets see, Hillary, Comey, and now McCabe will all have anti-Trump screeds out there explaining how all the ills of the world since the Dark Ages are Trump's fault.

I can hardly wait for who's next. Will it be Muslim convert John Brennan who voted for the Communist Party ticket in the 1976 presidential election? So why did he vote that way back then? Well, it was probably Trump's fault. Trump. not the devil, made him do it.

Or will it be the two FBI lovers Strzk and Page. No doubt their illicit "love" affair was Trump's fault. And if they conspire to put out a book, probably early next year they will no doubt explain why their whole affair should be blamed on Trump.

It seems as if half the Deep State characters in Washington that have been responsible for the thorough socialization (as in socialism) of our government agencies have been, are, or will be in the  process of writing their anti-Trump books within the next several months. You have to wonder if part of the Deep State agenda to get rid if Trump is to drive him out of office with their literary content. Although, personally, I think they have something much worse in store for him.

So keep an eye out for whose book is due out next. One thing, I wouldn't recommend spending any money on any of this literary fertilizer. the human spirit can only take so much garbage.

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Our "Ever Truthful News Media"

by Daniel Benson

Today's news media might as well be witches. They have hunted (and haunted) the President since he was elected. Yet did they ever do this to Obama? No not once! The media is as far left as the old Soviet Union was--wait--maybe even further left. The Soviet Union might actually have been right of today's media. The "Doctor Feelgood" media can't tell a truth to save themselves. Local news people  might be decent, or even trying, yet the national news media is so biased toward the leftist agenda they would fall into the Grand Canyon trying to promote it. If they told you the Atlantic Ocean had dried up and the water there was an illusion  they would believe it and call you a liar from pointing out their error.

Most "newspapers" are rubbish now. A handful of people own all the newspapers in the country so you can't get a straight answer from those either. Again, the media is so biased you couldn't swim through it. Even the local paper here is controlled by them, though there is one local weekly here that is not (it's the only paper in the area worth reading). These few people want you to follow their lead blindly until you cease to exist. They tell you every lie you can imagine, and sometimes they fool themselves and actually put some truth out there (not much). How rare it is to see something politically incorrect in their papers. What you and I call politically correct (the truth) is completely taboo for these guys. They are so far left they probably couldn't see the left rearview mirror on  a car.

How many times a day are things misrepresented to you? The internet is slowly getting to be more and more controlled now and the reins are tightening because they don't intend to let you hear any view but theirs.

Take a leftist rally vs. a rally on the right. They will report throngs of people at the leftist rally and a smattering of people at the one on the right, when the left didn't have one quarter of the 150k they said was there, and the rally on the right had three times more than the 25k they said was there. In sports events, attendance is announced by the ticket counts. Too bad you couldn't make the media use that method to tell us how many were really there. Google is slowly becoming the search engine of the left, taking down right-leaning things everywhere. Twitter and Facebook are tools for the anti-Trump and pro-left agenda as well, while anything someone might deem even slightly right of Stalin is removed.

Soon you won't be able to watch tv without them knowing exactly what you are doing and watching--oh wait--they already know! Your internet traffic is watched, your tv is monitored, your telephones, cell or landlines, are listened to. Ever hear of smart phones? Big Brother, Trump notwithstanding, has his nose into everything you see, hear, or think. And the media can't be bothered to even try to say "hey, we see what's going on" because they are part of it all. They will vilify anyone not following their plan, fire anyone who speaks out against them, and make sure they never work again. But, as for you low-level "useful idiots" they just want you to be a good stooge and do exactly what they say because, after all, they can't lie can they?

Monday, September 03, 2018

Lest We Forget

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

It has been forty four years ago this month, if my timeline is correct, that government (public) schools reopened in Kanawha County, West Virginia to a very slim group of students. Most of the students were kept at home by parents who had major (and understandable) problems with the textbooks their kids were supposed to use that year and they were not about to subject their kids to what many of  them felt were pornographic texts.

I've seen copies of what was in some of the books. The parents were right.

This whole situation set off a major struggle over who really controlled what  passes for public education in this country--and just to give you a subtle hint--it ain't the parents. Even with Trump's new education secretary, it still ain't the  parents. A public school system run by the state will never be under the control of the parents, no matter what you may hear at the parent-teacher meetings.

A public school system is a state school system and our parents, especially our Christian parents, need to be able to get a grasp of this salient fact. Most of them don't have a clue.

As for much of went on  in West Virginia during this textbook protest, I would urge you to read a book by Karl Priest called Protester Voices--the 1974 Textbook Tea Party.  I believe it's still on Amazon, but if you can't find it there contact me and I will give you Karl's mailing address.

The textbook protest in Kanawha County changed the lives of myself and my family because, even though we lived in Illinois when it started, we ended up in West Virginia while it continued.

The whole situation never would have come to light had not Alice Moore been on the school board.It was her that exposed what was in the books. The other school board members were willing to just go along to get along with the texts that were "suggested" for the students. Mrs. Moore, when she got a look at what was being proposed to feed the kids intellectually, was not. She was on target--the rest of the school board was "out to lunch" so to speak, willing to go along to get along.

Mrs. Moore exposed what was in the books to Kanawha County parents with the help of several local preachers and rallies were held all over the county to alert people to the intellectual swamp that was the  public school system. So when public schools convened in the Fall of 1974, most kids stayed home. Not only that, parents started picketing the schools and that meant lots of  people, truck drivers included, would not cross the picket lines. West Virginia was a union state and you didn't cross a picket line.

Parents wrote to their state legislators, their national legislators, and whoever they thought would  help them get these horrible books out of their schools. No one was willing to do anything. No one did anything. What the parents didn't realize at the time, and I hope they do now, is that  no one was going to do anything--ever!

The sleaze-books their kids were to be force-fed were mandated in Washington and that was that. When parents publicly protested they were often met by "peace officers" with billy clubs who enjoyed breaking up the protests by hitting little old ladies (and others) over the shoulder with billy clubs and if they could hit hard enough they often broke the shoulder. They got their kicks doing that. Some were heard to say as much.

Word of the protest eventually got out despite the managed media's attempts to contain it locally. That's how we found out about it in Illinois. There was an article in one of the Chicago papers that really bashed the protesters and it was bad enough that I started watching for more articles with names in them and when I  found some I started trying to contact those people to find out what really was going on because, even at that early date, I realized the "news" media mostly lied to us.

We took a trip to West Virginia in June of 1975 and stayed with a fine Christian family there for a week. During that time I interviewed some of the protest leaders and really got an earful. Hard to believe that some of what I heard happens in Amerika, but it did--and does.

The parents in Kanawha County were guilty--of wanting  a  decent, moral education for their kids. Little did they realize at the time they would never, and I mean never, get that in the public school system. And today it's even worse.

The Deep State of that day (not much different than today's) managed to beat the protest (literally) into submission. Several new Christian schools came out of the protest, but if more Christians had gotten involved instead of sitting it out, the effect could have been greater.

So the textbook protest in West Virginia ended, not with a whimper, but with a billy club whacked over old ladies shoulders. I saw some of them, heard what they had to say about it all. The public schools in West Virginia and other  places, are no different today than then except they are busier taking down Confederate flags than they used  to be.

If you are one of those whose hope is in the "reformation" of public schools you are dreaming a dream that will never happen, no matter what kind of administration they have in Washington. The educational establishment is dedicated to the cultural destruction of your children and you'd better get used to that idea because that's how it is. If you want anything better for your kids, take them and secede from the public "education" system and educate them at home or find some kind of Christian school you can trust. For a little added info, try checking out Exodus Mandate on the internet.

Friday, August 03, 2018

Ongoing "Reconstruction"

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I have an email friend who is a fellow Copperhead. Like me, he was born in the bleak atmosphere of a New England that was affected by the cold chill of Unitarianism. It affected where he lived as it affected where I lived. Probably neither of us recognized that at the time, but we both realized in our innermost beings that something there wasn't quite right.

He moved from Northern New England down to West Virginia, where he seems quite content. We moved all over the place, depending on circumstances, ending up in Illinois several years ago, and from there we came to North Louisiana. Knowing our concern for their heritage and history, the good Southern folks accepted us and we have been more comfortable in the South than we had been anywhere else (except when I lived in Oklahoma briefly during the late 1960s).

Anyway, this friend, like me, studies history and keeps a weather eye on the political scene. Just recently he emailed me with some observations. He noted that, after looking at history, he had concluded that the "Civil War" never really ended--and it sure didn't end when Lee walked out of the courthouse at Appomattox. Technically it didn't end then--it limped along for a little more than  another two months. But even for that, it didn't really "end." You see, the War of Northern Aggression (which it what it really was), was a culture war. It's main agenda was the total destruction of Southern culture, history, and heritage, and that all didn't end when the fighting ceased and so the War had to continue But they had to cover that fact up and so they ceased to call it a war and they renamed it--they started calling it Reconstruction. This was his take on it and I have to admit, I can't really disagree with him. I'd figured out the same thing awhile back. 

It had always amazed me that "reconstruction" was Karl Marx's term. He had called for "the reconstruction of s social world" in regard to changing the worldview of the South. His Radical Abolitionist friends in the North seized on his terminology (as a possible hidden tribute to him) when they gave a name to what they planned to do to the South.

Over the years, I have contended that "reconstruction" never really ended and instead  the Establishment, Shadow Government, or whatever you want to call them, has just continued it under a varied collage of different titles--affirmative action, global warming, no child left behind, or whatever other noble-sounding fiction they thought would befuddle the public at large. My Copperhead friend had concluded the same thing. Interestingly enough, he and I had come up with our conclusions totally independently of one another. Each of us looked at the evidence we had been able to amass--and we came up with the same conclusion as the other.

Reminds me of a situation several years ago now, back when I started digging up evidence for Lincoln being in love with the Marxists and socialists. I had put together quite a bit of evidence on Lincoln's affinity for the Left and published some of it in a couple articles when I got an email from a man in North Carolina indicating that he had found the same thing. He shared his sources with me and it turned out a lot of them were not the same sources I had used, but they were just as authoritative.

This goes to show you that there are a lot of people out there quietly doing the homework and connecting the dots and much of what they find ends up on blog spots and websites. I don't think most people realize how many blog spots there are out there, but there are thousands of them and lots and lots of them come from a patriotic, American perspective. The Deep State may be trying to censor conservative viewpoints and they may be trying to shut down some of the bigger patriotic websites and they may succeed to a degree. If such does happen, then many  people who are aware of some of these more obscure sites will start checking out the "second string" of sites where they can get their news. The days of the  "big 3" in the prostitute press controlling all the news are over. Millions of people nowadays realize the Main Stream Media is pure hogwash and they constantly search out the alternate media for their news--and part of the alternate media is these thousands upon thousands of blog spots--and I don't think the Deep State can shut them all down no matter how much they'd love to.

There are lots of us out here digging up the stuff the establishment media would rather have buried and the Marxist "historians" have kept under wraps for years. They can't hide it all anymore, and that fact will eventually be their undoing.

Friday, July 13, 2018

"They KNOW NOT What They Do"

"They know not what they do" the words of Jesus the Christ from the cross.

Or do they?
First Christ said: "Forgive them, Father (God)!
Do the PONS/ACTIVISTS actually know which subversive leaders are putting them up to it?

Blind? Stupid? Are the not so blind leading the truly blind? That's probably the question we should be asking first, and the second question--who are the not so blind???

Subversive forces in this country are hell-bent on destroying what God (and our forefathers) helped to create with much blood, sweat and tears, over many years...(1776-2018)--242 years.

We shouldn't let them get away with it. "Them" are the cruel leaders of the blind and ignorant (wet behind the ears) individuals who have never learned their history (thanks to their public school "educations" nor do they even care. Anything before the Beatles is totally irrelevant to them.

"They" are ignorant like sheep led to the slaughter, young people, ages 16-25, who have NO IN-vested interest in our country...just what their subversive leaders are counting on...people who are young, excitable, and with NO sound foundation of history or any kind of patriotism. Most of them have no clue about our real history--and they don't care to learn! Many are just the drop-outs of life, the ones who have tuned out and dropped out--the impressionable and the gullible--who seem to think they are all brilliant! However, ignorance is what the purveyors of subversion are depending on to enable them to carry out their subversive and covert activities. And it's happening now--right before our eyes. Democrats (and some Republicans) are desperate and are taking desperate measures..i.e. Desperados!

With the influx of illegal immigrants, the intent is to destroy our culture by FLOODING our country with many NON-Christian attitudes and UN-controlled individuals who have NO intent to assimilate into our culture, or learn our language, which is for legal immigrants imperative.

This Movement is not just a fun game for the power brokers behind the insurrection in the streets. They are in it for keeps. For them the USA is something to be torn down!!!

The Socialist/Marxist/Communist Movement did NOT just happen by accident; it has been ongoing since before our UN"Civil War". Control of our educational system has been THE MAJOR PART  of our problem since then.

By NOT re-enforcing REAL history in the public schools, the National Education Association is intentionally allowing Negligence to exist.

Ask yourself why so few of our young people (from the age of 10 and clear through 50) know any real history. Not even attorneys, most Congressmen...Senators and Representatives. Those who are supposed to represent our interests DON'T.

Fortunately Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Joe Pags and other people in the alternate media do. They know what's going on out here--all the stuff the mainstream media thinks we are better off not knowing about. So we are informed. But, we (the vast majority of us) are allowing this charade to continue.  People are being hurt in so many ways because NO leader (but Trump) is stepping up and Stopping the Out of control Left.  Leaders, where are you???

Political commentary by Sam Schwartz