Wednesday, November 02, 2016

K. I. S. S.

                                                  This election is NOT about Hillary
                                                   or Donald
                                                 Let Us All
                             Keep It Simple Stupid!
                                   It Is About
                              THE SOVEREIGNTY
                                                        OF   OUR 
                                          UNITED STATES OF
                     Sovereignty means: OUR INDEPENDENCE
                                              (Declared in 1776)
                              We DO NOT want to be ruled by:
                  ONE-WORLD-controlled Government!
                     (That is what this election is all about)
                                        The vision that
                        Hillary AND the MAIN-STREAM MEDIA
                                              have for  America 
                                    THAT of
                          An America Controlled by a WORLD
                          COURT, under the control of the
                                             United Nations
                 which will tell us what we can & can NOT DO
                 as opposed to our sovereignty under God.
                  Below is an outline/list of what that means and how it is intended to affect us:
       1. The Second Amendment--Our right to bear arms as                   guaranteed in the Constitution--no matter what government 
     2. Illegal immigration--A country without borders is no country
         at all. If you want a place in the United States come in legally
         and earn the right to vote and participate.
     3. The Supreme Court--We need a  Supreme Court that will 
          interpret the Constitution according to its original intent
          and not invent new interpretations as it goes along. We
          need justices that will protect the human rights of the
          unborn and not destroy them through "choice."
      4. Sovereignty and dominion (under God)--as opposed to rule
          by the United Nations or some other World Government
      5. The income tax and employment--Our present income tax
          was taken from the pages of The Communist Manifesto.               We need a fairer method of taxation and a business climate              that will guarantee that jobs will stay in this country and 
           not be relocated overseas.
       6. Freedom of religion--Which means not only the freedom to          worship according to the dictates of our consciences but               also freedom to practice our faith in the marketplace of our
           everyday lives.  We do NOT need freedom FROM religion,
           which is what is being forced on us nowadays.
       7. We need family values as opposed to "community values."
            It does not "take a village to raise a child"--it takes a caring
            and loving parents and family--a family as defined in the 
            Holy Bible.
        8. We need freedom and personal responsibility--as opposed
             to Hollywood's values and attitudes. 

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