Thursday, December 29, 2016

Is Obama's Last Chore To Start A War With Russia?

by Al Benson Jr.

A friend called me tonight after watching the TV "news" and told me that Comrade Obama was imposing more sanctions on Russia to their alleged plot to influence the US elections. Knowing Obama, such an action comes as no real surprise.

Having watched his actions in the past month I am convinced that he is in the process of trying to throw a monkey wrench into whatever gears of normal government may still remain in Washington. He wants, as do his bosses in the Ruling Establishment, to hand Trump the proverbial "hell in a hand basket" when he takes office. And part of that hell may be starting a war with the Russians. After all, it's what Hillary wanted to do and now that she seems to have been put aside, at least temporarily, Obama has got to do the whole chore on his own. Of course he will have plenty of guidance in the effort from those above him. A war with Russia that he could pass along to Trump would be his last great coup--sort of a "I'll spit in your eye" kind of departure. Somewhat akin to "dancing on your grave!"

He has ordered that thirty five Russian diplomats be ejected from this country and he has, according to reports, closed down two Russian compounds, one in New York and one in Maryland, supposedly in response to "Russian harassment of American diplomats in Moscow." Now I don't know if American diplomats in Moscow have been harassed or not, If so it would not be the first time.

Now I'm not in love with the Russian government, and Putin is an ex-KGB personality and I have never believed that the KGB just disappeared after the Berlin Wall came down as so many naive souls have stated. True, the name was changed but the apparatus to operate it remained. However, as much as I dislike Putin, I believe the US Establishment is using him as an excuse to attack the credibility of a new Trump administration by planting the rumors that all the "fake news" the "alt-right" supposedly planted out there has been coming from Russia. It's interesting that all those who now have a big problem with Russian seemed to have no problem with it when it was officially a part of the Soviet Union. Anti-Communists they were not and they still aren't.

According to an article from Business Insider by Pamela Engel: "The CIA has said the Russians had been working toward a specific goal when they hacked into the inboxes of Democratic National Committee staffers and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta: 'to help get (Donald) Trump elected'  president."

At first the FBI and the NSA, if I recall correctly, both disagreed with the CIA that the Russians had had anything to do with all the hacking that went on. They continued in their disagreement with the CIA until, at one point one day, we were treated to a media story about how, suddenly, the FBI and the NSA seemed to have a prophetic revelation and all of a sudden they totally agreed with the CIA that the Russians had been doing all this stuff. Both agencies suddenly caved in, I think per instruction from someone above them, and admitted that it was all the Russians' fault and that, without the Russians, somehow, Trump would not have made it to the White House and we would have been blessed with the autocratic rule of Queen Hillary instead. And don't think that, even at this late date, if they could find a way to pull such a stunt off they wouldn't do it in a New York heartbeat!

But if they can't accomplish that, then the least Obama can do is to start a war with the Russians before he leaves office and hand Trump a fait accompli when he gets sworn in. After all, if you had the bosses that Obama has, wouldn't you do it--or else???

There is an article on for December 30th by Daisy Luther dealing with this same situation that is worth reading.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

So Who Is Prompting "Faithless Electors" To Dump Trump?

by Al Benson Jr.

Back during the presidential debates someone asked Donald Trump if he would accept the results of the election.  It wasn't the first time he'd been asked that but I think he must have been getting tired of the question because he said "I think I'll keep you in suspense."  To which Hillary Clinton replied in her most appropriately shocked voice, that if Trump was not willing to accept the results of the election, why that would be "a threat to our democracy." All these slimy politicians love that word "democracy" when referring to our form of government. They know it's a republic, not a democracy, but they don't want you to realize that, or to realize the vast difference between the two.

Well, now that the election is history and Trump won it by a landslide, guess who isn't accepting the results of the election? Hillary and her surrogates have decided that the election did not turn out as they had expected and so they have not only decided to not accept the results but their minions are eagerly working to change the results. You see, to Hillary, the saying "be reasonable and do it MY way" is not a mere suggestion--it is a command! And she's going to make sure the country does it HER WAY no matter what! If us peons were all too stupid to vote for Hillary then she plans to make sure our vote is nullified. Of course she has lots of leftist assistance here.

Part of her leftist assistance (and I mean far left, really far left) is an outfit called Megaphone Strategies. This is a public relations firm working behind the scenes with the faithless electors to enable them to not cast their electoral votes for Trump as they are pledged to do. In other words, Megaphone Strategies is helping them weasel out of their electoral pledge--and if it can help enough of them to weasel out then that will throw the decision of who gets to be president into Congress.

Do I even need to mention that Megaphone Strategies has ties to prominent Democrats like Clinton and Obama? I didn't think so.

There was an article on on 12/13/16 by Peter Hasson that dealt with this. I would encourage folks to check that out if possible.

Seems like Megaphone Strategies was co-founded by Van Jones, former green jobs czar in the Obama administration, and Molly Haigh, who worked for Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. Sounds like a real middle-of-the-road outfit doesn't it? Megaphone's communications manager, Diane May, worked for Bernie Sanders'  2016 campaign. Their website advertises that May worked on both of the Obama campaigns in 2008 and 2012. In fact, only two of the employees of Megaphone Strategies that are listed have not worked for some Democratic politician, though both have worked for "liberal" causes.

Vieu Truong, one of the firm's four listed board members headlined a Hillary Clinton fundraiser last September by the pro-Clinton environmentalist organization CleanTech Party and serves as the director of another Van Jones project, Green For All. There was also an article on World Net Daily recently noting Jones and this group.

Megaphone Statistics has other clients, some of the most notable of which are Black Lives Matter, the National Center for Transgender Equality and Netroots Nation You also might want to check out the site which mentions Van Jones as a "self-declared communist." I believe Jones is also a commentator on CNN, or at least he was at one point. Does that give you a subtle hint as to why many have labeled CNN as the Communist News Network?

These are the people that are trying to help Hillary Clinton destroy "our democracy" by helping her to find ways that the election results can be questioned. You see it's not alright for Trump to do that, but you must understand that a different standard prevails for Hillary--the untouchable and the unindicted.

Her surrogates are going to make sure that the American public does not have to put up with a day of a Trump presidency by overthrowing the legal results of the election by whatever means necessary, in true cultural Marxist fashion, and making sure that we will now learn to be truly thankful to the Establishment as they bestow Queen Hillary upon us. What was it that George Orwell said as the end of his prescient book 1984-- "He loved Big Brother." Or was that Big Sister???

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Deplorable--and Beyond

This article has been submitted by two gentlemen who have been astute observers of the political scene for several decades. Their names may or may not be recognizable to many and because of this they have chosen to provide this article with pseudonyms rather than actual identities. Given that we seem to be entering an era where the truth is being condemned as "fake news" while baldfaced cultural Marxist fabrications are being  parroted as eternal verity they felt that might be the best policy. In a time when telling the truth has become a revolutionary act these two have chosen the path of journalistic revolution. I think many will agree with their assessment. Quite naturally the Left will call them liars, but then, in the movie Braveheart the narrator paints a similar situation when he says The English will call me a liar--but history is written by those who have hanged heroes."

Al Benson Jr.

Deplorable--and Beyond

by Sammy Schwartz, with Vance Viscount

It seems that Hillary thoroughly understands DEPLORABLE. It really does "take one to know one." Pointing the finger at any opposition is easy when she knows how to intimidate people. And there is an old Marxist trick she has learned to employ called "Condemn others (for what you yourself are doing) and elevate yourself." 

The fact is: The way she has treated people who have gotten in her & Bill's) way is, not just deplorable, but especially, despicable and inexcusable.  We've seen lists (50+) of those who have gotten in her and his way and have met their demise.

That goes back to the "Mena (AR) Connection" from where arms shipments were being delivered to Nicaragua for "the Contra Rebels" who were fighting a vile regime.

Each delivery of munitions too two full planes to complete a full order; however, upon each return trip, a third plane was being escorted back, delivering drugs to Arkansas. When the airport fuel supply attendant stayed to witness the reason for missing quantities of petrol is when he discovered an extra plane. He had security detain that pilot, who claimed his legal right to one phone call. Within 30 minutes this happened...

The governor of Arkansas came and said, "You cannot hold this man; you must release him to me." That governor was none other than: "Slick Willie" William Jefferson Clinton. And, many surrounding that particular incident met their demise to make sure it was 'covered up" as best possible...some of those other witnesses "permanently," including two boys who happened to be walking the railroad tracks nearby.

That may not have been the beginning of the long string of so-called "carpet-sweeping,"  but the killings went to and through the two terms of the Clinton Presidency, which also included military bodyguards, pilots, and on-and-on.

Deplorable is a minor term for what Hillary was definitely "a party to." As Rodney Dangerfield used to say. "I get NO respect!" That is exactly what the Clintons have displayed for human beings, including Bill's continual and constant string of women who, (may or may not have) received injections or ingestions of drugs and/or sperm for their willing, or unwilling, receptions of sexual play from "Slick Willie."

It is a fact that too many people who unluckily happened  to "get in the way" of both Bill and Hillary (and their agenda), didn't make it to see the light of another day. Can anyone spell VINCE FOSTER? For a little background information, read the book Hell To Pay by Barbara Olson, published by Regnery Publishing in 1999.

"Deplorable" is a minor term for those types of atrocities. Complicity, condoning and "Enabling" might be better words for what Hillary seems to have NO problem allowing. SO WHY in the world would she think that good people in the United States would be willing to tolerate even more of the same from her? 

We are not done with this subject.

And, in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, we have had "cry-ins" and all other sorts of denials, including what appears to be George Soros' funded vote recounts,  with mysterious overnight bank deposits at 3:00 a.m. (E.S.T.). It goes without saying that the majority of Americans in the millions have awakened and spoken greatly through efforts of honesty. The Alternative Media, the so-called "fake news" (which is really the truth) have played a major part in this. You see, Separation of "Church and State" as currently portrayed, never really existed. Thoroughly tired of "crooks and liars," Christians brought forth their voice to shout "Thy Will Be Done!" Pray it stands!

Liberals (socialists) have gotten away with "Fudging the Truth" for far too long! So, frankly, to correct their previously docile attitudes, the "no-longer" silent majority spoke loudly and clearly  at the ballot box. We "deplorable" (meaning 'sad") folks have arisen, and reacted strongly for what America stands for. And, we have gotten on our feet and used our truly God-Given "Freedom of Speech"  to pass the word through direct communications, the internet & "Face-book"  to express to liberals & the rest of the world, that the Heartland of America is "fed up" with the phony Political-INcorrectness  that has plagued our nation for far too long.

We are tired of being intimidated by the Network Media, who have continued to lie and who try to justify their bias and their most-unjust reporting. We are more than tired of those Hollywood moguls who use their stardom and "pseudo-prestigious"  positions trying to sway others to their liberal line of thinking. We heard that several of these people threatened to leave the country if Trump was elected? Are they still here, and if so, why? Well, we don't buy what they sell. We don't wish to follow "fads" like ignorant sheep, admiring those who should really be frowned upon for their many abominable behaviors. Many of those so-called "stars" (in their own minds) are just that are not really themselves;  so, really, they are "phony-balonies" in many facets of their lives. There are some who have maintained their standards and principles. But many actors, trying to influence youth and young adults to act and misbehave like some do, have distorted what real moral foundations previous American Christian family generations have long conveyed.

Frankly, we are "fed up" with the cheating, lying to our faces, and hearing other liberal socialists condoning those lies; we are really tired of the crooked smiling and lying, straight to our faces. Living in lie-after-lie seems to be the liberal socialist way of existing. We are exhausted from being intimidated for valued truths. 

So you conservatives, QUIT allowing yourselves to feel that YOU are the ones who are wrong, when you know, deep down in your heart-of-hearts those esteemed truths are right.

No longer accept cheating and lying. Continue to stay "fighting mad." And do NOT allow yourselves to become "intimidated" by liberal socialists.  To describe what liberals really are, we must say that they are: bitter, beastly, depraved, despicable, dreadful, evil, hateful, heinous, hurtful, pitiful, sinister, venomous, wretched, wicked, ungodly, vile and yes: "deplorable" souls. i.e. (that is) means: sad and regrettable. 

Also, every liberal continues to be a P.I.T.A. to us. 
That means: 
    P= Pain