Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Amerika In Obama's Image--and he likes it!

by Al Benson Jr.

Just this morning I read a short article by Erick Erickson on  in which he states some facts that should be obvious by now to anyone with a brain. If you have not figured out what Mr. Erickson is talking about by now you might as well go back home and watch another "Reality show" on the tube because that's as close to the truth as you will ever get.

Mr. Erickson states: "Our enemies are increasingly on the move across the globe. They are emboldened by a President in mom jeans who'd rather golf than lead." That's pretty much true except that our current president has never led, from his first day in office. He has only ever tried to fulfill the agenda his handlers have given to him. Their agenda was to bring this country down to the level of a third world banana republic, and in that, the president has done rather well. At this point, he has done so well that they don't object a bit if he takes a golfing holiday every ten days at taxpayer expense. He's done what they wanted him to do. And if you want to know who his handlers are, go to the Internet and check out George Soros, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderburg Group. It may take you awhile to wade through some of the stuff about these groups but if you are willing to take the time you can discern where they are coming from and you can find a pattern in Obama's behavior that coincides with their agenda for this country.

Basically, their agenda for this country is its destruction in its present form and its remaking over, via the Marxist "Critical Theory" technique into something that will be a fit home for their version of the "new Soviet Man." To accomplish that end, they needed a president exactly like the one we now have, steeped in Marxist ideology but one willing to do what the big money boys tell  him to do. You see, at the highest levels, there is not really all that much difference between the Marxists and the Big Money folks. If you want to know what I am saying here, go on line and check out Gary Allen's book The Rockefeller File or see if you can locate a copy of Cleon Skousen's book The Naked Capitalist. These are both real eye-openers and guaranteed to be material you will never find in your "history" books. Or you might want to check out Gary Allen's other book None Dare Call It Conspiracy which I believe is also online. You can go in and read these books online and it doesn't cost you a dime and you will find out what's been going on in this country and in the world a lot more accurately than you will by checking out some of these "conservative" sites that take folks only ten miles when they need to go fifty.

Further along in his article, Mr. Erickson observes (the article was published on August 27th) that: "One would hardly be surprised if tomorrow he (Obama) declared war on Ferguson, Missouri while sending John Kerry to negotiate a peace treaty with ISIS." What most folks still fail to realize is that he (Obama) has already declared war on Ferguson, Missouri, on Bunkerville, Nevada, and on the entire rest of the country. If that were not so you would not be seeing all the militarized police out in force all around the country and you would not be seeing tanks in the streets, courtesy of "Homeland Security." All these things should demonstrate to us that we are already an occupied country. All the feds are waiting for is a big enough false flag event to occur so they can make it official.

Then Mr. Erickson makes an interesting statement. He says: "Meanwhile Barack Obama is peeing sitting down." My first thought at that statement was "What does he know that the average American doesn't, thanks to the almost total blackout of anything in opposition to Obama by our bought-and-paid-for "news" media?

Erickson notes that our border is not secure. Of course it's not. It's not intended to be--ever again. It's to be done away with in our One World march toward a greater North American Union, another favorite of the CFR/Trilateral folks. And Obama couldn't care less. After all, he's not responsible for any of this--he's just following orders. We have to disabuse ourselves of the idea that any of this is original with him. He's doing what he's been told to do--simple as that. That's what all presidents do anymore--what they're told to do. And there's always someone in back of them to make sure they work to fulfill the desired agenda--Woodrow Wilson had Edward Mandell House; Richard Nixon had Henry Kissinger; Ronald Reagan had George Bush Sr.; George Bush Jr. had Cheney, and Obama has Valerie Jarrett.

A few years ago I had a friend, (now deceased) who told me that he knew a man who worked for the government who told him that he'd be surprised if he ever really knew who ran this country--that it's really run by a bunch of people we would never expect and will hardly ever know anything about--thanks to the "news" media. The president is usually little more than their front man.

So don't be surprised at what happens. It's all going according to plan and none of it happens by accident. Could the Lord intervene? Sure He could. The fact that, so far, He hasn't (at least that we know of) may well mean that we are getting what we deserve--and that is a scary thought.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Police State, Ferguson, Missouri and Other Places

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently I have done a few articles noting that the government we now have in Washington, supposedly headed up by a president who is a Marxist, is actually declaring war on its own citizens, much the same as Abraham Lincoln did in 1861. As we are treated to more and more photos of local police who look like United Nations Swat Team members, this has to become apparent to even the most casual observer.

Recently on former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul, who I consider the only truly honest man to run in the 2012 presidential election, made some statements I think we need to consider. Dr. Paul observed: "The increasing use of military equipment by local police is a symptom of growing authoritarianism, not the cause. The cause is policies that encourage the police to see Americans as enemies to subjugate, rather than as citizens to 'protect and serve.' This attitude is on display not only in Ferguson, but in the police lockdown following the Boston Marathon bombing and in the Americans killed and injured in 'no-knock raids by militarized SWAT teams." Dr. Paul noted one case where a SWAT team member threw a flash-burn grenade into an infant's crib after he had broken into the baby's room looking for drugs.

And he stated: "Today, the war on drugs has been eclipsed by the war on terror as an all-purpose excuse for expanding the police state." That's exactly what it is--an excuse. The attitude that local police seem to have about the people in their cities and towns being their enemies is one fostered and promoted in Washington because this current regime does, in fact, see the average American citizen as its enemy, to be controlled, subdued and shut up so he can no longer protest this current rogue regime that has gone so far beyond the law it isn't even funny.  People talk about "government over-reach." That's putting it quite mildly. How about federal tyranny? The rule of law in this country is dead and the average American is now subject to whatever our current socialist dictators would love to do to us.

Dr. Paul has stated that: "Reversing the dangerous trend of the militarization of local police can start with ending all federal involvement in local law enforcement. Fortunately, all that requires is for Congress to begin following the Constitution, which forbids the federal government from controlling or funding local law enforcement. There is also no justification for federal drug laws or for using the threat of terrorism as an excuse to treat all people as potential criminals." Unfortunately, waiting for Congress to do its duty in this area is as big an exercise in futility as sitting and waiting for the moon to turn into a hunk of green cheese. This miserable Congress (and I am being charitable) will do nothing it is supposed to do unless forced to. It's lots easier for them to just feed at the public trough while our Marxist president issues his "executive orders" to run the country, which they can then complain about but never do anything to reverse the trend. That's the wonderful thing about Washington rhetoric--it sounds so resoundingly great and noble--and is so utterly meaningless, but it does fool the gullible, and that's what it's supposed to do.

Mid-term elections are coming up this November 4th. If the electorate is stupid enough and gullible enough to vote the current political hacks back into office then I guess we deserve what we are willing to permit.

And as far as local police that resemble SWAT team members and consider the public at large to be their potential adversaries, get used to it. It's the wave of the future in this once great country. The attitude from Washington that they must now declare war on their own people is finally filtering down to the local and state levels and since most of us have not bothered to do anything to prevent it then I guess we had better learn to live with it.

Our government, at all levels, has met the enemy--and he is US!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Follow up on Donnie Kennedy Interview

by Al Benson Jr.

I talked with Donnie Kennedy on Tuesday morning, August 19th regarding his interview on the Alan Colmes show on Fox Radio. Most folks realize that Colmes is a rank liberal, and Donnie realized that before he went on his show, so he knew where  Colmes would be coming from.

Donnie felt that he held his own pretty well during the interview and although I did not get to hear it, I think he probably did too. I have heard Donnie talk on tv before in front of questionable hosts and he held his own.

Part of the reason he agreed to the interview was to have an opportunity to get a little exposure for the book he and I co-authored, "Lincoln's Marxists." We have felt that, with this book, we covered the kind of material that the "historians"--so called, just love to leave out regarding Mr. Lincoln, the Republican Party, and the socialist and Communist influence that was very prevalent in this country at that time, and has continued on ever since.

There are many on the left that have commented on our book and the blanket charge they all throw at is is "they say Lincoln was a Communist." In fact, we have not said that, but then, who are these people to worry about facts? Their agenda is to spread propaganda, not truth. We have said that Lincoln and the Republican Party were influenced by socialists and communists and there is evidence to back that up. If you want to know where, then you will have to read the book. It's all in there and we give sources, but we never said "Lincoln was a communist."

One of our major concerns is that folks in the Southern and Confederate Movements have been almost totally unaware of this. Both Donnie and I have given speeches to Southern groups over the past few years and when you bring up some of the material we've dug up on Lincoln's involvement with the socialist "Forty-eighters" from Europe you can see people's jaws drop! They never heard this until we dealt with it--which tells you something about the quality of what passes of history nowadays, even in conservative circles.

Lord willing, we plan to keep on hammering away with this information. People, North and South, need to know the real history and we try to provide as much of it as we are able to in "Lincoln's Marxists."

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Donnie Kennedy on Alan Colmes radio show on 8/18/14

Donnie Kennedy, co-author of "Lincoln's Marxists" with Al Benson Jr. will be interviewed by Alan Colmes on his FoxRadio show at 6:05 in the morning on August 18, 2014 for those up early enough to hear him.

Alan Colmes is the national syndicated host of the Alan Colmes Radio show. Donnie will discuss what we wrote about in "Lincoln's Marxists" and the socialist influence on the Union war effort.

Check out

Donnie always gives a good interview and holds his own with liberal commentators.