Saturday, November 26, 2016

Where Is Jill Stein's Money Coming From For Vote Recount?

by Al Benson Jr.

On my other blog spot I posted an article earlier this afternoon (11/26) that dealt with Jill Stein's raising of millions of dollars to have votes recounted in 3 states where Hillary lost in an effort to shift the electoral vote just enough so that Hillary could, indeed, be enthroned in the White House, in the position she feels she so richly deserves, but which that  mean old Donald Trump deprived her of when he had the audacity to win the election. Nasty man that he is--but not to worry, she has found a way to get back at him and give herself the presidency at the same time.

We read that Jill Stein's great concern for an accurate vote count led her to file petitions in 3 states to have the votes recounted.For those who may not know who Ms. Stein is, she was the Green Party candidate for president in this past election. She claims she is not doing this to benefit Hillary in any way--she just wants to see truth, justice, and the American way prevail. Believe that and I have a bridge built with golden bricks in Tucson, Arizona I will sell you at bargain basement rates! Doing this is an expensive proposition. You don't get it done for peanuts, so Ms. Stein started fundraising online on November 24th with a goal of $2.5 million. According to Paul Joseph Watson of "Overnight on the hour, her fund received $160,000 every hour. These were not random people donating at 3 am to her campaign but rather some 'bot' that increased her amount by this amount on the hour."

If you are wondering what a "bot" is, so did I. I'd not heard this term before so I looked it up and found that it's kind of an Internet robot that performs an automated task every hour or every how-often-you-set-it-up to do this particular task. Up until this point Stein has raised more than $4.5 million, more than enough to take care of the recounts in those critical states Hillary needs to shift the electoral vote.

Watson has noted that:  "Go to Jill Stein's fundraiser page and watch the progress. You will see that her funding is coming in at a perfectly consistent 160,000 an hour. I watched this yesterday and last night carefully.and noted that at night when everyone is sleeping and right through the time when the whole world slows down, the donations for this came in like clockwork with no deviation from the steady pace whatever. The only way that can happen is if a bot was set up to fake her getting donations from multiple people and whoever set it up did not consider the fact that practically everything would come from America and practically everyone is asleep at 3 am. Last night it should have slowed down. It did not. It just marched toward the finish line like an obedient soldier...Don't be fooled by the slick language on the donation page. If these donations  did not virtually stop at night THEY ARE NOT COMING FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Yes, folks, we are watching the election steal as it happens..."

What Mr. Watson is saying is that all this so-called "contribution" money from concerned Americans who are supposedly worried about Trump being president IS COMING FROM ONE SOURCE!  Now stop and think about that for a minute. If it all comes from one source that means it is being used by that one source to change the election results. Supposedly this was Ms. Stein's project in her crusade for truth in the voting booth but, surprise of all surprises, now the Clinton Campaign had decided to enter the fray and help Ms. Stein out with her noteworthy project. Kinds of really makes you wonder whose project it really was to begin with doesn't it. Seems like Stein was a willing foil to get Hillary into the game to me.

So folks, if this scam works you will see the American people's will again thwarted by the Establishment and we will be expected to be stupid enough to go along with this--only some of us won't, so there will be problems. So watch the elections being stolen from you unless you all are willing to make a big fuss!

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