Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Obama's "Help For the Middle Class" is Hogwash!

by Al Benson Jr.

I didn't watch the State of the Union address this year. As I said to one lady only yesterday, "I've not got the time to listen to political liars." She agreed and said she was going to watch some basketball game, which she probably got more truth out of than she would have had she listened to this yearly political charade.

Not being unconcerned even though I didn't watch it, I read quite a bit of political commentary before the unfolding of this august event, and I've read even more today, none of it really revelatory given the current national situation. Dick Morris commented that he felt Obama was not really speaking to the American people, but was rather talking directly to Hillary Clinton, trying to lay out a left-wing agenda for her to have to run on in 2016. He might have had a point there, except I'm not sure anyone has to lay out a left-wing agenda for Hillary. After all, her and Obama both work for the same One World Government clique and both do as they are told to. Any agenda used by either one of them will be laid out for them by those people and Heaven help either one if they don't follow it. Neither one owns their own soul.

Other commentators have said that Obama had refused to recognize the Republican victory in the mid-term elections and was proceeding along as if it had never happened.  Again, much of the Republican leadership and Obama work for the same people--and it ain't the American people! Still others noted that Obama claimed that the leftist agenda he was going to lay out (with a little help from his One World friends) was really going to help the middle class and that's what it was all about. If you look at his plan to raise taxes on "the rich" to help the middle class you have to realize that this is just another of his Marxist "redistribution of the wealth" scams, probably with the idea in there of gaining a few naive middle class votes for the Demoncrats (oops, I meant Democrats). Little slip of the finger there.

Through all this running commentary people don't seem to grasp that Obama is a Marxist. That truth eludes them, or they hope it eludes their readers and listeners. As a Marxist, he hates the middle class, any middle class anywhere, but especially in this country. The middle class is where most resistance to the left comes from. The One World Elite, our ruling elite, think very much like Marxists. After all, some of their grandfathers helped to fund the setting up of the Soviet Union in the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. The notion that the super-rich and the Communists hate each other is more carefully contrived drivel. They don't--they work together quite often.  If you don't think so, then get on the Internet and read None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen. It's on there and you can read it there without it costing you one thin dime.

The very poor, in many cases, will often just go along with whoever promises them the most goodies. This doesn't include those among the poor that do work and try to make their own way, but it includes all the others who are only along for the free ride. It's easier for them not to work than it is to sweat at a job, and often the welfare payments they get are more than they'd get if they did honest work. So they just "chill out" and take the freebies. Their votes are bought and paid for with the welfare check. That leaves only the middle class for potential resistance to the left.

So, understanding the Marxist mentality, you have to realize that when a Marxist tells you about his great concern for the middle class and how he wants to help them, what he is really looking to do is to find yet one more way to stiff them. And when Obama says he want so tax "the rich" you really have to start asking how he defines "the rich." The actual definition might well be something like "anyone at all who has any extra money that the government would like to take from them to redistribute (to their already rich friends)."

I read an interesting article of  on January 19th which noted: "Obama's plan totals $380 billion in new taxes and it isn't just 'on the rich' or the 'one percent' as the President and officials in his administration claim. The majority of his newly proposed taxes, including more taxes on hard earned retirement plans are a direct hit on the middle class and his big government spending will saddle all Americans with crushing debt for decades to come. Also, as a reminder, the middle class has significantly shrunk since 2009 and the poverty rate has increased as a result of President Obama's 'redistribution of wealth' economic policies...While the Obama administration has trumpeted job growth in recent months, the middle class is taking home a shrinking portion of the country's income..."

And, folks, no matter what this president tells you, that's the way it was planned. His policies, actually the policies of his handlers, are gutting the middle class while he stands up in front of the public and tells us all how concerned he is for the preservation of the middle class. His only real "concern" with the middle class is that he has not been able to obliterate it completely--but not to worry--he's working on that and he's got two more years to work on it before he turns the reins of power over to Hillary, who, the One World Government people hope will finish the job if he doesn't.

Folks, stop listening to what these political con artists tell you and start to watch and analyze what they are doing to you. That's where the action really is.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Establishment Republicans Really Want To Keep Boehner

by Al Benson Jr.

There is supposedly a big fuss going on now in Congress as to who the next speaker of the House is going to be. Lots of truly conservative Republicans, some in Congress and many not, are really tired of the lackluster leadership John Boehner has given the House since 2010. Boehner has made a career of talking tough to Comrade Obama and then, when something comes to a vote, caving in and giving our current Commissar (president) just about everything he wanted. So Boehner's tough talk is really nothing more than a charade to fool people into thinking he will oppose Obama when what he's really there for is to lead the House into caving in to Obama's agenda while making it appear that he's not doing that.

Let's don't kid ourselves. Having the Republicans in control of Congress means absolutely nothing. The conservative rhetoric gets all toned up in order to hide the socialist votes that will come down the pike once Obama passes along his marching orders to his loyal "opposition" in Congress.

The Republican establishment (no different than the Democratic establishment) wants it that way and so you can look for them to try to quell the opposition to Boehner when it comes time to vote for the next House speaker. They want Boehner to continue as speaker because they realize he will play the game and go along with Obama's socialist agenda--and that's really what they want--because Obama's socialist agenda is almost identical to their socialist agenda. The history of the Republican Party definitely displays that real conservatism is the absolute last thing they want and they have become quite adept at making it look like that's what they want when many of them are little more than closet socialists.

If the opposition to Boehner becomes so strong that they are forced to yield and come up with another nominee then you can bet it will be another establishment toady that will do what they want. They are not about to let a genuine conservative capture the speaker's chair and work to move a conservative agenda along. The Republican establishment does not want that and they will try to move Heaven and earth to avoid it.

Remember, the same people (CFR/Trilateral Commission) control both parties and so you end up with their agenda either way. The last thing the Republican establishment wants is any real resurgence of genuine patriotism or conservatism. They didn't want that in 1856 or 1860 and they don't want it now. To learn some of the leftist history of the Republican Party, get the book Lincoln's Marxists which is available on

Update as of 1/6/15
The Republican Party has continued its long trend of seeking to curry favor on the left, a position it is really comfortable with, at least at the leadership levels. The vote to either re-install or de-instal John Boehner as Speaker of the House for another term was taken today and Obama's favorite member of the loyal "opposition" John Boehner was re-installed as House Speaker by a vote of 216 to--whatever it was. A couple of principled opponents ran against him but it was a foregone conclusion that Boehner was a shoo-in, as most of the RINOs present voted for him, with only a mere handful having the intestinal fortitude to vote for someone else.

So we can again look forward to "Cave-in-Johnny" talking a good fight against Obama's agenda while looking for ways to cave in to it without seeming to do so. How little really changes in Sodom on the Potomac. It would be downright discouraging if we couldn't hold onto the truth that the Lord surely is in control of it all and that He will not permit those people in Washington to do anymore than His agenda for them allows.  A good prayer for those people would be: Lord, please restrain the evil they try to do and make them to realize that they are and always will be accountable to You for what they do, and may this knowledge hinder their efforts at harm for this people.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Being Slowly Poisoned At The Local Supermarket?

by Al Benson Jr.

It would seem that our Ruling Elite, our "Shadow Government," has decreed that we are, at least most of us, to perish from poisoning. And this poisoning will take many forms. We are being poisoned politically by a government and its hired "news" media who tell us virtually nothing that is really going on--hence we have no real knowledge to base anything on as to what is really happening in the country. We are being educationally poisoned by a government "education" system and its attendant programs (Commie Core and others) where our kids, even a the lower age levels, are being taught more about sex and socialism than they are about math, literature, and real history.

And we are being slowly poisoned at the local supermarket by much of what is for sale there that passes for food. How many of you remember that old Charleton Heston movie from the early 1970s Solyent Green? So you think the Food and Drug Administration in Washington will protect you when it comes to food? Don't kid yourself. They are much more concerned with prosecuting those who wish to use raw milk than they are about what you eat--and that's not by accident.

I have a good friend who studies up on proper diet, healthy food, natural vitamins, and such. Years ago he told me about a sticky little substance called High Fructose Corn Syrup. He said you'd find it in an awful lot of different foods. He said that its main function was to make people hungry, so they'd eat more, and supposedly the "more" they ate would also contain high fructose corn syrup, so it was a self-perpetuating cycle. After talking to him I started checking the ingredients in much of what was for sale in our local markets. Sure enough, high fructose corn syrup was in all kinds of stuff--from cereal to salad dressing to soda, from bread, buns, jelly and pancake syrup to you name it.

So, when my son and I went shopping we started avoiding all the stuff with high fructose corn syrup in it. If there was bread or jelly or peanut butter that didn't have that ingredient in it, then that's what we bought. And apparently other folks had started doing the same thing, because pretty soon we started seeing products on the shelves that plainly stated: no high fructose corn syrup. Interestingly enough, many companies made, and still make, two different varieties of their products--one that omitted the high fructose corn syrup, and one that didn't. The one that left that ingredient out was for those who were alert enough to look for it, and the other was for those who were not yet awake as to what was in what they were eating. But at least some people are looking now and that's encouraging.

We've noticed that it gets harder and harder to buy decent bread anymore, not because of the poor quality of the wheat, but because of what they do to it before its harvested. I recently got an email from a friend that dealt with this. It stated, in part: "According to Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT who has studied the issue in depth and who I recently saw present on the subject at a nutritional conference in Indianapolis, desiccating non-organic wheat crops with glyohosate just before harvest came into vogue in the late 1990s with the result that most of the non-organic wheat in the United States is now contaminated with it." Doesn't sound overly encouraging does it? Even Wikipedia had commentary on this glyphosate.  It said, in part: "Glyphosate was quickly adopted by farmers, even moreso when Monsanto introduced glyphosate resistant crops, enabling farmers to kill weeds without killing their crops...While glyphosate and formulations such as Roundup have been approved by regulatory bodies worldwide and are widely used, concerns about their effects on humans and the environment persist...Some crops have been genetically engineered to be resistant to glyphosate (i.e. Roundup Ready, also created by Monsanto."

So now, if you are going to use this stuff on your wheat before harvest and have it not kill the wheat, your wheat already has to have been "genetically modified." Do you suppose that fact, plus what they spray on it, has any effect on the wheat in the bread or cereal you eat? Naw, of course not--after all, the "regulatory bodies" say it doesn't, which, based on this government's record of veracity, would tend to make me doubt very much anything they tell us anymore. If they insist this stuff won't hurt us, then I'd start looking around for some produce this stuff wasn't used on--like organic food.

I've also noticed of late that there are now foods in the market that specify "Non-GMO" which means they are letting you know that this is real food and not some hybridization of ...whatever. We are on a fixed income and so we can't buy totally organic food, but where we can afford it we do and we look for things labeled Non-GMO. We search for foods with minimal ingredients and minimal processing. Food with a whole big list of ingredients whose names I can't begin to pronounce is a tip-off that we want something with less additives and, hopefully, a little more food value.

There is obviously a lot on this subject that I can't begin to get into here. There are pages and pages on the Internet pertaining to this. But the upshot of it is--that between big government, big agri-business, and big regulatory laxness (in certain cases) it is all yet one more phase of the psychological war being conducted on the American public. We are slowly being poisoned--physically, morally, and spiritually--where they can get away with it. In spite of what they try to feed us, we have got to start waking up, not only to the political (and spiritual) warfare emanating from Washington, but also to the agricultural part of that war that is being declared on us via our weekly grocery shopping.  What we ultimately end up eating may well be a determining factor in our ability to fight back.