Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Little Update on the Jillary and Jill Recount

by Al Benson Jr.

After yesterday's post showing that had demonstrated that most of the money to finance Jillary's vote recount was coming from one source and not an outraged American public, I thought this little update might be appropriate.

According to an article in the Washington Times for 11/27/16, Wisconsin elections officials can see no proof of a hack. They said they: "...can't find evidence that any of its voting machines were hacked." And the article I took this from, asked the question "Do you have a plan B or are you going to let it go finally?"

I'll answer that one myself. If they don't yet have a plan B in the backroom you can bet the farm they are working on it as I write this. These are cultural Marxists we are talking about here and they never quit. They may fail with plans A, B, C, D, and E but not to worry. They will be back with plan F as soon as they tear it off the drawing board and they will keep trying until they find some round peg they can jam into a square hole hard enough that they will get at least some of what they want. I am reminded of how many times the cultural Marxists came back to Congress with their petitions for a holiday for their good buddy Martin Luther King Jr. Most people forget, but they came back every year for fourteen years until they finally got what they wanted and we've been stuck with that "holiday" and the opportunities for the leftist propaganda that goes with it ever since. I loathe what the cultural Marxists stand for. It is anti-Christian to the core, but you have to give them credit--they possess a tenacity that most Christians can only daydream about!

The Washington Times asked commission spokesman Reid Magney in Wisconsin if any evidence or indication of hacking had put in an appearance. He replied in an email "No evidence of hacking."

This was confirmed by yet another article from the same source listed above. I will quote: "CNN's New Day interviewed Jill Stein about her recount effort on Friday.  'Do you think this election was stolen' CNN's host John Berman asked Stein point-blank. Um, we don't know...And I think the forensic computer experts have raised serious questions. What we do know is that this was a hack-riddled election...Wait! It gets better. Remember that Hillary was found to alter polls? Well, Stein blamed her suspicions in part on the fake polls!  Those are Hillary's, Jill, not Trump's... And when Berman asked if she has evidence that a hack took place. No,. We do not have a smoking gun."

So after all this fuss and all the millions of dollars raised, most of it seemingly from one central source, we have to ask ourselves what the deuce is going on here? We're going to do all these vote recounts with no evidence of any wrongdoing--or it is now the plan to manufacture "evidence" as we go along? Will they find someone, somewhere down the line in this process that will be willing to "help" them out with revised vote totals or what?

And why did Ms. Stein end up doing something here that could not possibly benefit her or her party? Did someone make her an offer she couldn't (or didn't dare) to refuse? And was her doing this initially nothing more than a ploy to allow Hillary to get back into the game to "help her out?"

The great Christian statesman, Patrick Henry, when invited to take part in the Constitutional Convention back in 1787, refused to be a part of it. Mr. Henry said "I smell a rat." Mr. Henry was a wise man. I wonder how many "rats" he'd be able to smell in this current game were we fortunate enough to still have him around.   

Update: An article that appeared on at 8:19 this evening stated: "As reported earlier the election steal was put into motion when a group of 'experts'  reviewed the election results and reported that there appeared to be election fraud. However, a member of the group of 'experts' happens to be voting-rights attorney John Bonifaz. Bonifaz also happens to be connected with George Soros when he launched the National Voting Rights Institute in 1994. Bonifaz was the Institute's President. This is certainly shocking but no surprise. Hillary and Soros are in this for the steal."

So Bonifaz helped Soros back in 1994 and now he represents Jill Stein. My what an amazing coincidence!

Gateway Pundit also pointed out that Stein cannot file a direct request for a recount in Pennsylvania. She has to go through the courts to do this and she has to present evidence that shows voter fraud. Seeing that Trump won Pennsylvania by around 70,000 votes, Ms. Stein would have to be able to prove that fraud was "probable."  Of course knowing  Soros and the Clintons, that thorny little problem may already be in the process of being "worked on."

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