Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bond Issues--Where Does the Money Go ???

by Al Benson Jr.

The recent article in the "El Paso Times" in El Paso, Texas read: "Hard on the heels of a tax-increase request by the El Paso Independent School District, officials at the Ysleta Independent School District are talking about floating a $160 million bone issue this spring. The district's plans have some significant differences but the common denominator is asking for a tax hike during volatile economic times in which people are struggling financially in a number of ways." At the risk of sounding slightly cynical, how many of these government school districts really even think about the average man's financial problems when they decide they need more untold millions of our tax dollars? The tax-paying public is the golden goose--to be plucked at will until there's nothing left.

The article continues: "YISD Superintendent Michael Zolkoski said, 'I want the people to decide whether we want this money or not. In the old days when I did bonds, we used to say Just give us a couple hundred million and trust us. But today, people want to know where the money is going'." Can you really blame them? How much have government taxing agencies stolen off the public in the past 100 years and before? And government offices, from the White House on down, are so filled today with political liars, who believes anything they tell us anymore?

It's no secret that, in many parts of the country, about 3/4 of the property tax goes to support government schools. I can remember when we lived in Illinois the first time, years ago now, I saw someone's property tax bill. Back then it was for about $675 if I recall. That would be a pittance now, and the part of that which went to finance the government schools there was well over $450--just about 2/3 of the total amount.

Government school systems are forever wanting to float more and more bond issues so they can do all manner of things in schools that are supposed to provide that ever-elusive "quality education" that they never quite have enough money to provide--if only they could just get one more bond issue passed, and then one more if that doesn't do it, and on and on. Yet the more money they get, the dumber the kids seem to get. It's a game, folks, and we are the suckers being fleeced!

And talk about scare tactics! Many public school districts are not at all above using these to extort more money from hard-pressed parents. I remember when we lived in Indiana several years back now, one of the local government school districts wanted to float a bond issue. They got lots of good press from a compliant media trying to brainwash the locals about how great this bond issue would be for everyone. It would cure all the ills of man and beast in the area for the next century. When it came time to vote, the public turned it down resoundingly. After a smashing defeat, one of the school officials there stated: "Well, I guess we'll just have to give the public another opportunity to vote for this." So much for the will of the people! That only counts when the results are what the politicians and teachers' unions want. Within a few short months, they did give the public another golden "opportunity" to vote for this monstrosity, and guess what--the public turned it down a second time.

About that time, many kids started bringing stories home from school to the effect that most of their favorite teachers were going to be fired if their parents didn't vote for another bond issue. This propaganda barrage went on for weeks, again, dutifully aided and abetted by the local media, which unhesitatingly printed all manner of scare stories about how, without this bond issue, the local school system would be absolutely decimated. Somehow, the school system had managed to carry on rather well up to this point, but suddenly, without the extra millions, why the school house doors would be closed tomorrow, or the day after. After enough softening up by the media blitz and the scare stories brought home by the kids, the issue was voted on for a third time and this time it passed--barely, but it did pass. And educational blight was prevented--and pigs fly too, so they tell me!

This scare tactic is used all over the country. Here in Louisiana a few years ago, the public school officials in one parish simply could not keep their books straight. Their accounting system was about an inch short of an abomination. When the finally achieved some semblance of having the books straightened out, they found they were unable to account for about a million dollars. How to fix this slight "discrepancy?" One of the school officials said, rather blithely, "I guess we'll have to have a property tax increase." The school system couldn't keep track of their finances, lost over a million dollars somewhere they couldn't account for, and their solution to the problem was to go back and soak the public with higher property taxes to atone for their gross mismanagement. They had already requested one tax increase that year, which was voted down resoundlingly. But they decided to go back and try again. So they did, and it was voted down the second time, rather conclusively. People were just plain tired of seeing their money squandered by a profligate school system and the school district had to learn that year to get along with what it had. Of course the usual charges of "racism" were thrown out there at the public, even though the black population of the school district was only about 10%. Guess what? The school system did get along with what it had to work with that year. They ended the school year not in great shape, but they managed to live within their budget that year, which showed that they really could get along without more of our tax money when they had to.

Unfortunately, most folks across the country have not yet learned what the government school system is really all about (brainwashing 101) and so they vote again and again to authorize these new bond issues that take more and more money out of their pockets. So, some folks are beginning, in these lean economic time, to want to know just what their money is being spent on, and some are even learning to say "NO" to these bond issues. They are going to have to learn to keep saying NO, over and over again, because once you defeat a school bond issue, you can rest assured its proponents will return to try again, and again, and again...

Learn to vote NO on all government school bond issues--and to keep voting NO each time they rear their ugly heads. We are paying for the destruction of our children and our culture with them and we must learn to refuse to do that any longer.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Obama--The Original "Barackachurian Candidate"

by Al Benson Jr.

When Barack Obama/Sotero (or whatever his real name is) campaigned for the presidency he promised the gullible American public a new era of "transparency, open government, and full disclosure" as he sought to distance his approach from that of his predecessor. However, once he had ascended the presidential throne, Obama, with his secrecy, made George Bush look like a downright gossip.

According to an article by Steve Baldwin on the president "...will not reveal his medical records, his school records, his birth records or his passport records. He will not disclose his Harvard records, his Columbia College records, or his Occidental College records--he will not even release his Columbia College thesis. All his legislative records from the Illinois State Senate are missing and he claims his scheduling records during those Senate years are lost as well. In addition, no one can find his school records for the elite K-12 college prep school, Punahou School, he attended in Hawaii."

In other words, you simply cannot find out anything about this guy except what he has released through his "press secretary" which material is about as useful as reading the funny papers. The "Team Obama" lawyers have now spent a cool $1.4 million blocking access to any possible document that could give the public any information about this person.

Mr. Baldwin continues: "Indeed, everywhere one looks into Obama's background, we find sealed records, scrubbed websites, altered documents, deception and unanswered questions." Mr. Baldwin also goes into Obama's social security number, or numbers. It would seem he has several--from all around the country.

And the website scrubbers missed one news article from "The Sunday Standard" which I believe is in England, for Sunday, June 27th, 2004. The headline for that article reads "Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate." Wonder how they missed that one!

So, what we essentially have is a man in the Oval Office that we really know nothing about. We don't even know for sure if he is a US citizen, which, according to the "Sunday Standard" article he may not be. World Net Daily has, for months now, had a series of billboards up in various places around the country in regard to Obama, asking "Where's the Birth Certificate?" There have been several lawsuits brought into various courts seeking to get Obama to prove his US citizenslhip, but it seems that the judicial folks are in on the game along with the media and they keep dismissing the lawsuits requiring him to prove US citizenship. Of course the prostitute press seldom reports any of this. Better for Obama and his agenda if you don't know about it.

I realize George Bush was a disaster. His open grasping for dictatorial powers was a national disgrace, as was his total disregard for the Constitution. But, have the American people done any better with Obama??? We have gone from a fascist to a Marxist! Sorry folks, but that ain't a real big improvement! Fascism and Marxism are nothing more than two ticks on the same collectivist hound dog.

The main difference between Bush and Obama is rhetoric. Both were and are taking us in the same direction--total government! Bush did it with the Patriot Act, which gutted the Bill of Rights, and Obama is doing it with his regulatory czars who will make sure the Bill stays gutted. But at least we knew about Bush's background, his association with the Skull and Bones, his father's accociation with it, and all the rest. You can't find out hardly anything about Obama. It's like he's so "transparent" you can't even find him. What happened in his life from his birth to his ascension to his current throne in the White House? Well, few people really seem to know. We do know that he has been surrounded by Marxists since his youth. Just for the fun of it, check out The Obama File on the Internet. It should still be there if they haven't managed to scrub it too.

Obama seems to be a blank screen. The trouble is, the color of that screen is RED!

American voters have got to start seriously considering third party candidates in the upcoming election (if there is one).

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sarah Palin--You Have To Wonder ?

by Al Benson Jr.

You have to wonder about Sarah Palin. Is she really a patriotic conservative or just one more in a long line of "business as usual" Republcans?

She just spoke at the big Tea Party rally in Nashville, Tennessee. Supposedly she got a fee of $100,000 for her appearance there. That's a bit more expansive than giving a speech somewhere and having the sponsors pick up your dinner tab.

While in Nashville, she mentioned that she would consider running for president in 2012, and that she was going to Texas to campaign for Gov. Rick Perry after she departed Nashville. Interesting. The governor's race in Texas is also interesting. There is a viable candidate in that race, Debra Medina, that the Tea Parties in Texas have been supporting. I don't know how she is doing in that race, but it seems that Gov. Perry wants to sidestep any debates in Texas that Medina appears at. It seems that he does not wish to debate Debra Medina. Why???

In the last presidential election the establishment Republicans managed to shut Ron Paul out of most of the presidential debates so the quick-tempered John McCain would be there alone to fumble the ball so Obama could pick it up and run with it. Without the presence of Ron Paul the presidential debates were the typical establishment dog and pony show. I'm sure the debates between the gubernatorial candidates in Texas without input from Debra Medina will amount to the same thing.

So,if the Tea Parties in Texas have endorsed Debra Medina, why is Sarah Palin, who just spoke at a Tea Party event in Nashville, going to Texas to help out Gov. Perry when she should be going to help Debra Medina?

Is this yet another case of trying to fool people so they end up voting for the phony "conservative" instead of the real one? That little trick has worked well in the past, so why not now? How often have patriotic Americans been gulled into voting for some phony instead of the real thing?

Sarah Palin is an attractive lady. So how many people will be fooled into voting for whoever she endorses and supports by letting their hearts rule where their heads should?

If she is what she claims to be, why will she be campaigning for someone other than the person the Tea Party folks have supported?

And, is it also possible that the "business as usual" Republicans, who are really no different than the "business as usual" Democrats, are trying to co-opt the Tea Party Movement and turn it into something they can use for their own purposes? I guess inquiring minds would like to know.