Sunday, October 11, 2015

Some Flags Are "More Equal" Than Others

by Al Benson Jr.

I recall how, that after the June shootings in Charleston, there were pages and pages on the Internet that contained images of Dylan Roof sitting there with that goofy look on his face and the Confederate flag in his hand, the picture that some have said was photoshopped. However, that situation didn't accomplish quite everything it was supposed to and there has, thankfully, been some backlash and so, unfortunately, the psy ops agenda with shootings at schools and in other gun free zones seems to be increasing. Hardly a week goes by that you don't hear about one or two somewhere--and always in those gun free zones.

It seems that every time Comrade Obama goes on one of his gun control/confiscation tangents there has to be another batch of school shootings to give him enough leverage to keep talking about how horrible guns are and about how much better off we'd all be if only the government had them. He doesn't say it in quite those words but that's what it all amounts to. The media almost never questions why passing more gun control laws concerning areas that guns are already illegal in will do any good. It won't. But, you see, that doesn't matter, because in the final analysis, gun confiscation, not safety, is the real agenda--and the media pundits realize that. Their job is to make sure you don't.

Some of the good folks in Roseburg, Oregon have figured that out when they got out and protested Obama's appearance in their town after the recent shootings at their community college. They knew why he was there, the real reason, and they basically told him to go home and sharpen up his golf game. The media said there were a couple hundred protesters. Knowing how the media plays the numbers game from personal experience at events I've been at, I'd be willing to bet there were at least twice that many and probably more.

So now the recent shootings in Northern Arizona have given the gun control fanatics a new lease on life, but this event also shows the manner in which the Cultural Genocide folks ply their trade.  They make some flags and symbols "more equal" than others to use George Orwell's terminology. 

As I said earlier, after the Charleston shootings the Internet was simply crawling with images of Roof and his Confederate flag, as well as with articles about how truly evil Confederate flags were and how we need to abandon them wholesale and drive a stake into the heart of Southern culture that no one will ever be able to pull out!

Now there are article on the Internet, and no doubt other places, about Steven Jones and his shooting of four people in Flagstaff, Arizona. There are also pictures, not too many naturally, of Steven Jones with a United States flag that looks like its stuck on the back of his hat. It's about the same size as the Confederate flag that Dylan Roof was supposedly holding. But I notice there doesn't seem to be all that much media commentary about the US flag that seems to be part of Jones' getup.

Just out of curiousity, I did a Google search "picture of shooter in Northern Arizona posing with American flag." On the first two pages of the articles I checked out there were two articles each about Dylan Roof with his Confederate flag and on the third page was yet another. What, pray tell, did these have to do with this shooter in Northern Arizona? It seems that our attention is still supposed to be directed at Dylan Roof and his Confederate flag even more so than to this guy with the US flag.

It seems that the media is not all that anxious to talk about Jones and his US flag. One article I read on  said: "One Instagram photo from 13 weeks ago showed Jones wearing 'American flag attire' and holding a shotgun over his shoulder."  That's the only mention of anything about flags in the entire article.  When we read articles about Dylan Roof they were shoving the "evil" Confederate flag down our throats, but now, with Jones, the US flag deserves barely a line. Notice a pattern here?

In my Internet search I was referenced to a New York Times  article that was supposed to have a picture of Jones with the US flag. However, when I clicked onto the link, and I did it more than once, all I got was a message that said this picture "is not available." If they linked to it for this article, why is it "no longer available?"

I finally did locate a picture of Jones with his US flag on something called  and even on that I was treated to yet more pictures of Roof and his Confederate flag while getting only one picture of Jones with his US flag.

So I have a couple questions. If the Confederate flag is evil because of a picture of Roof holding it after he has allegedly shot nine people, then doesn't that make the US flag also evil because it is on the hat of Steven Jones who has also, allegedly just shot four people? And why so much fuss over Roof's Confederate flag while only a bare mention of Jones' US flag?

Truly, these two tragic shootings do point to the fact that there is an agenda out there to culturally destroy the South and its heritage while not being overly concerned about the identical situation in another part of the country except to use it as fodder for the anti-gunners' agenda.

Why is one flag splashed all over the media as being totally evil, while the other one, in an identical situation barely rates a mention? Folks, stop and think about it.  Between Obama's gun confiscation game and the Cultural Genocide being practiced on us, especially here in the South,  we've been had. Sadly, most of us don't have the sense to realize that yet.