Sunday, March 13, 2016

No Wonder the Left Usually Wins--the Right is Nothing But a Hollow Shell

by Al Benson Jr.

I have been watching, this weekend, all the fuss over the Communist groups that managed to break up Trump's rally in Chicago. From Communist groups you expect this sort of thing. Since they can't intelligently debate their corrupt points their only alternative is to shout down their adversaries and try to shut them down and them blame their adversaries for it. This is the standard bill of fare for the lefties, proving that they really have nothing worthwhile to contribute and can get by with blaming the opposition for that fact.

What surprised me, though, was the people over on the right who spouted the exact same line the lefties did. Communist groups broke up Trump's rally and it was all Trump's fault according to many that are supposed to be "right-wingers." Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were among the headliners in this dog and pony show and when you begin to see "conservative" candidates pushing the same line at Hillary and Bernie you have to know something is wrong, dreadfully wrong.

I can come up with no other conclusion than this; that much of what we consider to be the conservative, patriotic movement is really nothing more than a hollow shell, geared to fool honest, patriotic Americans with its blather about "small government" when what they are really doing is providing cover for the left without appearing to do so. And they do fool lots of folks who lack the discernment to figure out what they are doing.

It's a given than both Republican and Democratic Parties are nothing more than two wings on the same socialist, One World vulture and anyone who really trusts the Republicans to deliver the country from the clutches of the "liberal Democrats" is whistling Yankee/Marxist Doodle because that's all the Republicans will ever give him--doodle!

I'm thinking of going through my email list and deleting a batch of those sites I have been getting mail from for years so because, as I watch what they say more and more, I find many of them seem to be nothing more than foils for the Marxists. Now I will admit that Donald Trump is far from the perfect candidate. He has issues I don't agree with, such as his position on eminent domain. But on the other hand, I can't disagree with  him on the Second Amendment--as long as he sticks to what he's said so far. What amazes me is that he draws fire from both left and right and, on some reflection, that says to me that left and right really agree on many things when push comes to shove and they only let us know about it when someone like Trump comes along that they are forced to say something about because his positions attack the left/right coalition they are really part of.

So, it seems to me that lots of folks who have claimed to be on the right and to be patriotic with their "America first" messages have really been lying to us, which probably siphons money and support away from those groups that are genuinely conservative and patriotic. That would be a Marxist goal too.

I'm thinking that it might be a good idea for us to start reassessing some of these "patriotic" groups to see what they really are doing for us, if anything, and how much of their supposed effort in our behalf amounts to little more than meaningless blather that directs real opposition away from the left. When Cruz and Rubio reach the point where they become indistinguishable from Hillary and Bernie then we better start realizing we have homework to do. A good start might be to check the Internet and find a membership list for the Council on Foreign Relations and check out any members of Congress who might be members or have family members who belong or have belonged. Then check out "news" media people who belong. Once you have done that you will know why you get the slanted media coverage so prevalent on the six o' clock news and in the daily fishwrapper you still refer to as a newspaper.

Unfortunately the advocates of One World Government are alive and well on both the left and the right. It should be our bounden duty to expose the ones on the right.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

The Republican Establishment--Is It Really a Criminal Conspiracy?

by Al Benson Jr.

After having watched the political gyrations the Republican Party is going through in their efforts to reject the candidacy of Donald Trump I have to come to the conclusion that all that many have said about them over the years is correct. They really are no different than the Democrats. The Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission really does give them their marching orders and the only difference between them and the Democrats is that they have been directed to hide their socialist proclivities where the Democrats have been allowed to let them all hang out. The two political parties really are nothing more than two different wings on the same socialist turkey and, as usual, and by design, it is flying in the wrong direction.

The American people are being stiffed by the Internationalists and it is on purpose and with the consent of all three branches of the government. As I have said before, the Constitution is no protection whatever for the public when all three branches of government are in collusion to ignore it and are aided and abetted by a prostitute media.

If the Republicans were really "conservative" they would not be having the problem they are with Donald Trump. If the other Republican candidates were really as conservative as they claim they would not all be looking for ways to dump him. You have to come to the conclusion with Trump, that if the left and the so-called right both hate his guts then he must be doing something right! And the fact that both left and "right" are so anxious to deep six him tells you that, at root, they have the same socialist agenda. The left is left. The "right" is really left and the American public has no one in government to defend it. All they want to do is to make sure they get your guns before you start to realize this.

I think all this talk about "indicting" Hillary is a big joke. Does anyone honestly think the Loretta Lynch's "Just Us Department" of which the FBI is a part will ever have her indicted? Come on folks, you have to be kidding! The only way she will ever get indicted is if, for some reason, the CFR/Trilateralist/Bilderburger group decides she is too much of a liability to become president and they decide to throw her under the bus. Other than that, she's a shoo-in, no matter how many votes she does or doesn't get. After all, we all know it's who counts them, not who votes that makes the difference.

And the Republicans are heartily trying to resurrect that tired old retread, Mitt Romney so he can take support away from Trump. They are also looking for another weak Republican candidate that will not be able to beat Hillary and if Romney couldn't beat Obama then Hillary will have him for lunch--and it's all according to plan.

The Ruling Establishment knows the public is fed up. They couldn't care less! They figure whatever they shove down our throats we'll take it. We're too stupid to do anything else!  One of these days they may be in for a rude awakening and when that happens it may get messy--but they don't realize that yet so they will keep on pushing.

If the Republican Party were going to stand up for conservative and patriotic values they would have done it when they got a majority in Congress. Instead they just continued to cave in to Obama. When conservatives arose in protest over John Boehner's caving in they finally, reluctantly, removed him and gave us Paul Ryan who is nothing more than Boehner-Lite, so nothing changed. And nothing will change no matter who we get for president either. They will find some way to sidetrack Trump and we will get the weakest possible Republican candidate to run against Hillary and it will be business as usual in the "District of Corruption."