Thursday, November 03, 2016


See if you can get into

I asked people to try to get into my blog because on the morning of November 3rd I had tried to open it via Firefox and it would not open. When I went to check, I found out that, on Firefox, my blog was not even listed anymore. Guess I must have offended someone somehow. Didn't think my material was THAT controversial!

When I went to Google and put up the same search pages I found that my blog was still listed on Google's search pages, so if you want to check out my articles you may have to get into them by some other source than Firefox.

In following the odd trends in the present election cycle I note that the Clinton Camp has indulged in all manner of claims against both Trump and Wikileaks, claiming that both are being heavily influenced by Putin and the Russians. Now I am no fan of Putin's by any stretch of the imagination, but let's don't start blaming him for things he probably had no hand in.

And speaking of Hillary's loathing for Putin, didn't she have some kind of deal with him awhile back whereby they managed to sell Putin 20% of the Uranium in this country? Wonder if any of that Uranium was on land that was anyplace close to the Bundy Ranch in Nevada?

Watched a video a couple nights ago that had been on in which Mr. Piecznik noted that the material that came from Wikileaks was not passed to them by the Russians but, in reality, came from somewhere in the intelligence community, what Mr. Piecznik referred to as "deep state officials." Mr. Piecznik is a former assistant secretary of state and has been around the intelligence community for decades.

He warned of a "Clinton coup' etat" in which the Clintons had "co-opted" the FBI, CIA, and other groups but he said that there were those in these groups that were sincere patriots and they had initiated a counter-coup, part of which was the turning over to Julian Assange all these Clinton emails that he has been putting out there. The FBI's reopening of the Clinton email situation is part of this. So it will be interesting to see how all of this turns out. Whatever one may think of Trump, electing his opposite number in the Democratic Establishment is unthinkable for the future of this country. If such happens, we will, in fact, end up having no country at all. Trump seems to understand this and, for good reason, is opposed to Hillary's "open borders" approach to dismantling the country in favor of merging it into some kind of continental mega-state.

So stay alert to all this--and pray that the Lord will throw a monkey wrench into the gears of the One World Government boys' plans for us--and I mean pray seriously about this. 


Ranch Managers said...

Al, I am typing this while logged onto the net using Firefox. There doesn't seem to be a problem.

Al Benson Jr. said...

Dr. Jimmy,
Maybe it's just a problem with my computer but when I put up the usual search page to get into my Revised History site it is no longer listed there. If I go in through Google I don't have a problem. I don't know what causes that, but as long as I can get into it then it's not a big deal.