Thursday, December 29, 2016

Is Obama's Last Chore To Start A War With Russia?

by Al Benson Jr.

A friend called me tonight after watching the TV "news" and told me that Comrade Obama was imposing more sanctions on Russia to their alleged plot to influence the US elections. Knowing Obama, such an action comes as no real surprise.

Having watched his actions in the past month I am convinced that he is in the process of trying to throw a monkey wrench into whatever gears of normal government may still remain in Washington. He wants, as do his bosses in the Ruling Establishment, to hand Trump the proverbial "hell in a hand basket" when he takes office. And part of that hell may be starting a war with the Russians. After all, it's what Hillary wanted to do and now that she seems to have been put aside, at least temporarily, Obama has got to do the whole chore on his own. Of course he will have plenty of guidance in the effort from those above him. A war with Russia that he could pass along to Trump would be his last great coup--sort of a "I'll spit in your eye" kind of departure. Somewhat akin to "dancing on your grave!"

He has ordered that thirty five Russian diplomats be ejected from this country and he has, according to reports, closed down two Russian compounds, one in New York and one in Maryland, supposedly in response to "Russian harassment of American diplomats in Moscow." Now I don't know if American diplomats in Moscow have been harassed or not, If so it would not be the first time.

Now I'm not in love with the Russian government, and Putin is an ex-KGB personality and I have never believed that the KGB just disappeared after the Berlin Wall came down as so many naive souls have stated. True, the name was changed but the apparatus to operate it remained. However, as much as I dislike Putin, I believe the US Establishment is using him as an excuse to attack the credibility of a new Trump administration by planting the rumors that all the "fake news" the "alt-right" supposedly planted out there has been coming from Russia. It's interesting that all those who now have a big problem with Russian seemed to have no problem with it when it was officially a part of the Soviet Union. Anti-Communists they were not and they still aren't.

According to an article from Business Insider by Pamela Engel: "The CIA has said the Russians had been working toward a specific goal when they hacked into the inboxes of Democratic National Committee staffers and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta: 'to help get (Donald) Trump elected'  president."

At first the FBI and the NSA, if I recall correctly, both disagreed with the CIA that the Russians had had anything to do with all the hacking that went on. They continued in their disagreement with the CIA until, at one point one day, we were treated to a media story about how, suddenly, the FBI and the NSA seemed to have a prophetic revelation and all of a sudden they totally agreed with the CIA that the Russians had been doing all this stuff. Both agencies suddenly caved in, I think per instruction from someone above them, and admitted that it was all the Russians' fault and that, without the Russians, somehow, Trump would not have made it to the White House and we would have been blessed with the autocratic rule of Queen Hillary instead. And don't think that, even at this late date, if they could find a way to pull such a stunt off they wouldn't do it in a New York heartbeat!

But if they can't accomplish that, then the least Obama can do is to start a war with the Russians before he leaves office and hand Trump a fait accompli when he gets sworn in. After all, if you had the bosses that Obama has, wouldn't you do it--or else???

There is an article on for December 30th by Daisy Luther dealing with this same situation that is worth reading.

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