Thursday, December 15, 2016

So Who Is Prompting "Faithless Electors" To Dump Trump?

by Al Benson Jr.

Back during the presidential debates someone asked Donald Trump if he would accept the results of the election.  It wasn't the first time he'd been asked that but I think he must have been getting tired of the question because he said "I think I'll keep you in suspense."  To which Hillary Clinton replied in her most appropriately shocked voice, that if Trump was not willing to accept the results of the election, why that would be "a threat to our democracy." All these slimy politicians love that word "democracy" when referring to our form of government. They know it's a republic, not a democracy, but they don't want you to realize that, or to realize the vast difference between the two.

Well, now that the election is history and Trump won it by a landslide, guess who isn't accepting the results of the election? Hillary and her surrogates have decided that the election did not turn out as they had expected and so they have not only decided to not accept the results but their minions are eagerly working to change the results. You see, to Hillary, the saying "be reasonable and do it MY way" is not a mere suggestion--it is a command! And she's going to make sure the country does it HER WAY no matter what! If us peons were all too stupid to vote for Hillary then she plans to make sure our vote is nullified. Of course she has lots of leftist assistance here.

Part of her leftist assistance (and I mean far left, really far left) is an outfit called Megaphone Strategies. This is a public relations firm working behind the scenes with the faithless electors to enable them to not cast their electoral votes for Trump as they are pledged to do. In other words, Megaphone Strategies is helping them weasel out of their electoral pledge--and if it can help enough of them to weasel out then that will throw the decision of who gets to be president into Congress.

Do I even need to mention that Megaphone Strategies has ties to prominent Democrats like Clinton and Obama? I didn't think so.

There was an article on on 12/13/16 by Peter Hasson that dealt with this. I would encourage folks to check that out if possible.

Seems like Megaphone Strategies was co-founded by Van Jones, former green jobs czar in the Obama administration, and Molly Haigh, who worked for Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. Sounds like a real middle-of-the-road outfit doesn't it? Megaphone's communications manager, Diane May, worked for Bernie Sanders'  2016 campaign. Their website advertises that May worked on both of the Obama campaigns in 2008 and 2012. In fact, only two of the employees of Megaphone Strategies that are listed have not worked for some Democratic politician, though both have worked for "liberal" causes.

Vieu Truong, one of the firm's four listed board members headlined a Hillary Clinton fundraiser last September by the pro-Clinton environmentalist organization CleanTech Party and serves as the director of another Van Jones project, Green For All. There was also an article on World Net Daily recently noting Jones and this group.

Megaphone Statistics has other clients, some of the most notable of which are Black Lives Matter, the National Center for Transgender Equality and Netroots Nation You also might want to check out the site which mentions Van Jones as a "self-declared communist." I believe Jones is also a commentator on CNN, or at least he was at one point. Does that give you a subtle hint as to why many have labeled CNN as the Communist News Network?

These are the people that are trying to help Hillary Clinton destroy "our democracy" by helping her to find ways that the election results can be questioned. You see it's not alright for Trump to do that, but you must understand that a different standard prevails for Hillary--the untouchable and the unindicted.

Her surrogates are going to make sure that the American public does not have to put up with a day of a Trump presidency by overthrowing the legal results of the election by whatever means necessary, in true cultural Marxist fashion, and making sure that we will now learn to be truly thankful to the Establishment as they bestow Queen Hillary upon us. What was it that George Orwell said as the end of his prescient book 1984-- "He loved Big Brother." Or was that Big Sister???

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