Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hey Bernie--Don't Apologize For Me!

by Al Benson Jr.

Just read an interesting article earlier this week on  that mentioned how that lovable old socialist Bernie Sanders wants all of us white folks to apologize for slavery in America. You have to wonder if he's looking to steal black votes from Hillary or exactly what his game is.

Seems like the blame whitey for everything game hasn't been doing real well lately so maybe he feels as though he has to help it along. Some white folks are beginning to get a little ticked off at seeing the flags and symbols of their culture and heritage being constantly attacked and smeared and they are responding with Confederate flags on their flag poles and on the backs of their trucks and with rallies where everyone carries a Confederate flag of some kind.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the vast majority of the politicians in both parties hate our guts but they can't come right out and say it. How it must agitate them to have to bite their tongues when they are forced to give speeches or attend town meetings where they actually have to talk to us rubes in flyover country because, even with some of the "creative voting" we now have they still need our votes to get back in so they can continue to feed at the trough that we pay to keep full for them.

So when they can't tell us what they really think, the only thing left for them to do is to get back at us by trying to lay a guilt trip on us. We haven't been "compassionate" enough to minorities or we haven't grovelled sufficiently at the foot of the gods of political correctness (cultural Marxists) and we haven't gladly volunteered to pay unending "reparations" for slavery, and on and on, the socialists and Marxists continue the litany of our shortcomings! It all gets a little tedious after awhile.

Now Bernie wants all of us white Americans to apologize for slavery (again). Bernie, if you'll humbly pardon my saying it, you are, as the British say "right 'round the bend." My ancestors came here, most of them, from North England and Scotland, in the 1880s so we never owned slaves during the War of Northern Aggression--not that it would have made any difference anyway. So, Bernie, you'll have to pardon me if I don't feel real guilty about the slavery issue.  As long as you are spreading the guilt around, what about those black African chiefs that sold their own people to slave traders? Or what about free blacks in this country that owned slaves? Any guilt for them? I didn't think so, just for us white folks, right?

So now you want us to feel guilty because  some black folks don't have as much as we do right? Tell you something, Bernie, my wife and I drive around in a 17 year old car because that's all we can afford. Most of the blacks I know here in North Louisiana have got much newer and better cars than the one we have. And the few that I run into that try to talk to me about "white privilege"  are a little put off when I tell them how old our car is compared to what they are driving. At that point they don't have much more to say. They work at changing the subject, which, somehow, doesn't solve the problem.

So let's look briefly at some of these downtrodden black folks. What about Oprah? She's got to be one of the wealthiest people in the world. If we are going to abide by your old socialist credo about redistribution of the wealth then maybe she should give some of us poor white folks some of what she's got. We don't always have all we could use and she's got more than she needs by a long shot--so what about a little redistribution of the wealth there? Oh, I see, it doesn't work that way does it?

When you and your socialist and Marxist friends finish with your anti-white diatribes we are all contritely supposed to line up with silver in our palms right?  Well, Bernie, you're white, at least from the photos I have seen you look white, and you've got more than most of us have got. So if we are going to play the "redistribution of the wealth" game it seems to me that you should get at the head of the line because you've got much more wealth to be redistributed than most of us have.

In fact, as a good socialist, you should be out there thinking about where you can give most of yours away, because if you want equal income redistribution for us, then you, as a good socialist, should lead by example shouldn't you? You and Hillary and most of the people in this current regime are all socialists and/or Marxists of one stripe or another and yet it seems to me that you all have lots more money than us poor folks. So why aren't you all spreading your wealth around to help the poor and needy--and I don't mean by passing another welfare bill in Congress that we, not you, will be paying for, I mean by reaching down into your own pockets and really digging deep to enable the poor and downtrodden to lift themselves up by your bootstraps. Isn't that what good socialists do?

You could start off by giving up those fat congressional pay raises that are always voted for at 1 a.m. in the morning, by voice votes, so that we don't know how many of you have "appropriated" money from us to keep your standard of living way, way above ours. How about passing up those big congressional vacations that we the people end up paying for? How about doing away with all those congressional perks that we pay for? If I didn't know better it would seem to me that your socialist "redistribution of the wealth" program is a one-way street. We pay and you "redistribute" to your friends and business colleagues.

Bernie, I don't know how to break it to you any gentler than this--I am not about to feel guilty over slavery I had nothing to do with. I am not about to be ashamed of the culture and heritage of the part of the country I live in.  I won't play that game--and neither should anyone else. However, if you want to play it, let me ask you a question. Since you are from New England, and just about all the ships that carried slaves to this country originated in New England, do you feel guilty enough to be willing to take your fat bankroll out of your pocket and hand it to the race-baiters so you can assuage your personal guilt for the slave trade?  I didn't think so!


Floyd Arnold said...

You are dead on correct about everything Mr. Benson. I am sick and tired of others trying to take away my Southern heritage, while wanting me to respect theirs.

Al Benson Jr. said...

Floyd, I'm almost willing to bet that those who attack our Southern culture and heritage probably have none of their own that they are aware of and so, whether they realize it or not, they are secretly jealous of those who do. And don't forget the cultural Marxists. Part of their agenda to move us toward some kind of One World govt. is the deliberate trashing of our culture, particularly in its Christian aspects and so don't look for them to quit. What we have to do is learn to fight back and resist.