Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Our Would-be Dictator Wants to Confiscate Your Guns ASAP

by Al Benson Jr.

Toward the end of last year our Marxist-in-Chief warned us that he was coming after the guns in 2016. For once he didn't obfuscate or prevaricate. He told us the truth. Such a novelty! Oh, he didn't couch it in quite those terms but the meaning was clear. He's talking now about how to prevent more "gun violence" when there are already laws on the books covering all the situations he is supposedly concerned about. He gave a news conference today (1/5/16) where he shed alligator tears for the camera about all those poor kids killed by guns. Apparently, though, he has no tears for all those unborn kids killed by abortion. After all, that's not on the leftist agenda. His performance was so convincing he even fooled Donald Trump, who said he thought Obama was sincere with his tears. Maybe Mr. Trump doesn't fully understand the Marxist mindset.

Supposedly all Obama wants to do is implement background checks so your guns will now have to be registered with the feds, no matter how, when, or where you got them. Folks, lets quit trying to kid everybody and cut to the chase! He wants to confiscate the guns, ALL the guns. In essence he wants to nullify the Second Amendment. Something else the "news" media hasn't seen fit to inform you of showed up on an article, also on January 5th is the real possibility that, according to Obama's new executive orders on guns "Americans critical of government can lose gun rights due to executive order." The Infowars article noted that: "Americans critical of government could have their Second Amendment rights restricted if psychologists diagnose them with 'Oppositional Defiant Disorder' or a similar diagnosis as a result of Obama's new gun control executive action." Not only is he working at gutting the Second Amendment but he is also working at gutting the First Amendment.

House Speaker Paul Ryan sounded oh so good when he said that Obama was again exceeding his authority. He said: "While we don't yet know the details of the plan, the president is at minimum subverting the legislative branch, and potentially overturning its will." I just wonder, Mr. Ryan, if all this ever gets to some kind of vote in the House, will you end up caving in like you did on the last funding bill, you remember, where the Republicans promised to defund Planned Parenthood and then gave Obama the money for it anyway? If that's your idea of opposition I can hardly wait to see what you will do with an Obama gun control/confiscation bill.

After watching the political scene for over 40 years now I have figured out that there are really no accidents in politics and  very few coincidences. The "coincidence" of Obama's new gun control/confiscation initiative  coming right on the heels of this militia takeover of government property out in Oregon really makes me wonder if that situation, regardless of the sincerity of most of the militia folks, hasn't been, somehow, false-flagged to give the president some added ammunition for his latest confiscation effort.  After all, the killings in all those gun-free zones didn't seem to be doing it. So how about something like this Oregon situation where you get to promote gun control, take a healthy slash at both the First and Second Amendments, and knock the militia folks down a peg or two. This has to be a situation that would make any Marxist would-be dictator absolutely salivate!

The Gun Owners of America will probably take this to court. I wish them well. I know with them that you will at least get a decent effort to preserve Second Amendment rights. Some other groups I am not quite so sure of. I got a petition online from some Republican committee wanting me to sign a petition telling Obama we disapprove of what he's doing here. There's your "loyal opposition" for you. Do those people actually think a petition will make any difference to Obama? Well, not really, but getting people to do that siphons off lots of potential resistance that might be more effectively used in some other area.

We need to inundate our Congressmen with calls and letters and emails letting them know how really ticked off we are at this power grab and do the same with letters to the editors of your local papers. They'll never print them all but they will be aware that there is a groundswell of opposition  out there and they need to be reminded that the American people are still somewhat awake and haven't all bought the BF (bovine fertilizer) that Washington and many of our state capitals keep trying to throw in our faces. As for the folks with guns, I'm not going to tell them what to do--they should already know. The Governor of Texas has already told Obama what to do. Let's hope the rest of the States, at least in the South and West, will do the same.


Insectman said...

You made several good points, especially "no tears for all those unborn kids killed by abortion."

Al Benson Jr. said...

This guy is such a leftist fake. Once you learn how they operate you can pick out their agenda in most areas and they don't usually change their MO all that much because it usually works. I think confiscation was one of the things they handed him on the agenda he was given when he went into office and in almost 8 years he's not been able to accomplish that. I'm wondering if he's starting to get desperate.

Gunner Jacky said...

Abandoning guns or forcing others to leave them can not make the difference as they were supposed to be used as safety deice but this is we that is making it a killing machine. You people can take help from any firearms training center to get your license as I got mine as MA Gun License. They must make certain changes in rules and mustn't allow those who don't need that killer machine.