Saturday, January 02, 2016

Deleting History Is Now More Important Than Making It

by Al Benson Jr.

Just this evening I saw a sign from someone's Facebook page that read: "Deleting history is now more important than making it." In the context of today's politically correct (cultural Marxist) climate I could not do other than to agree with that sentiment. It so completely fits the attempted ethnic cleaning campaign now being perpetrated in this country, most particularly in the South.

Many of those who were responsible for making history in the South have been denounced by the cultural Marxists (who ARE Marxists) and their disciples are busily engaged in deleting any memory of them, their culture, their symbols and seeking to replace these with creatures of their own leftist trinity--liberals, socialists, and communists. I've heard talk, don't how accurate it is, that they now want to take Andrew Jackson off the twenty dollar bill and one possible replacement for him that has been suggested is Rosa Parks. Before the women of America cheer about that I would suggest they do  a little homework as to the background of Rose Parks. You can find info about her on the Internet. It hasn't all been removed yet and thrown down the memory hole. To say that Ms. Parks is a creature of the left is putting it mildly.

I just read an article in Chronicles magazine for June, 2015 written by Corresponding editor Wayne Allensworth which dealt with some of our recent past. Toward the end of the article Mr. Allensworth made a couple of  penetrating comments about the past (which in many instances really isn't the past).

In referring to the magazine he is writing for he says: "But Chronicles is not about simple nostalgia, for a remembered past is the only basis any of us can have for thinking about the future...The past, or the best of it, is our guide, for it is the only guide we can have, and informed by that past, we stand at least a chance of hanging on to some things of great value that should be kept and remembered, cultivated, and used again as the ongoing disaster in progress plays out."

Think about it this way--if the cultural Marxists manage, here in the South, to take away your real past and substitute for it some Marxist appendage you would never recognize, how will that affect your children and grandchildren when what they need to know about their past is no longer available? You see there is a generational aspect to all this ethnic cleansing that most folks, even Christians, have not been trained or taught to think about. If the past is part of your guide to the future and you have no real past except what has been foisted upon you by the leftist culture-benders, where do you or your children go from there?

This question is applicable in the theological realm also (since all things are theological). How long will it be before the cultural Marxists get around to preaching that, since the Bible has a past they can't agree with, that it needs to be "reinterpreted?" Those commandments about no stealing and not coveting what belongs to your neighbor are really outdated in this new modern society where "redistribution of the wealth" has become the new "commandment." Actually the cultural and theological Marxists have already been at work in the Church inserting the premises of the left into current evangelical thinking and labeling it "compassionate Christianity." They can get by with this because most Christians have so little real grasp of history that they don't know the difference. And if the Marxist dresses up his agenda with biblical terminology then they never catch on. Will they end up "reinterpreting" Jesus as some sort of leftist revolutionary who came to take from the rich and give to the poor, rather than how He is Scripturally defined in John 14:6? If you've heard some of the sermons I have over the years you will be forced to conclude that they have been working on this project, slowly and quietly, for decades. Does that fact begin to give you any indication as to why the Church is often in the chaotic confusion that parts of it displays today?

When your view of the past is faulty then you have no guide by which to get the future right. They can change your history, your theology, all of it, and you won't know the difference!

Christians today need to stand up, start doing the homework, and learn to resist and expose this. Christians in the South need to do the same in regard to the flags and symbols that are both part of their faith and culture, because if you let them change your history, what do you pass on to your descendants? You may think I'm off the wall, but you had better start thinking and praying about this because it's happening right now, and how will you account to the Lord for having done nothing?


Insectman said...

With the Bible, that is well under way with all of the per-versions.

Al Benson Jr. said...

I've read some of the other versions and still gone back to the KJV.

David Sauls said...

Good article as usual Al.