Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Refugee Doublemindedness?

by Al Benson Jr.

It seems that the current Syrian "refugee" crisis has produced a strangely doubleminded attitude in both Europe and this country.

For months now we have been hearing about how Muslim immigrants have been gaining strength in Europe and how Europeans have finally begun to get concerned about this unassimilable group in their midst.It almost seems as if Muslims are literally taking over in some European cities as the native populations cringe in fear.

And we definitely  had and have a problem with illegal immigrants at our Southern border, some of whom are from locales more closely akin to Cairo or Baghdad than to Mexico City.

Just about the time people in this country are getting fed up with illegals overwhelming our Southern border and the Europeans are finally beginning to awaken to the Muslim threat in their countries, along comes this Syrian "refugee" problem and all of a sudden, thousands need to leave Syria, immediately if not sooner, and "resettle" in Europe--and now the Europeans are welcoming them with open arms!  Knowing the way the current rogue regime in Washington operates can there be any doubt that it will not be overly long before the invitation to the "refugees" to come here will be extended by Washington, at least officially. Unofficially it has probably already been planned out to bring as many here as the traffic will bear. Even some of the Republican presidential candidates are saying we need to open the doors to them. And these guys are conservatives?

Some are saying that among the refugees are many ISIS militants who are not really refugees at all, but terrorists. Not everyone agrees with this, but you have to admit it is a definite possibility. After all, what better way to get terrorists into your country than to admit them as "refugees?" Tyler Durden, writing on  has commented on this and said: "...Because just like the US Patriot Act which allowed a massive expansion of the US government apparatus while obliterating civil and privacy rights...confirmed a decade later by Edward Snowden, was a regulation in search of a terrorist event, so Europe's next superstate expansion will require a comparable anti-terrorism ;'rush' in which the population voluntarily hands Europe's supra-government even more rights to centrally plan as it sees fit."  Durden feels it's only a matter of time before terrorists are "discovered" among the refugees and this will lead to an expansion of Europe's version of our Patriot Act. He could have a point. I wouldn't put it past the scions of big government, whether here or in Europe, to pull such a stunt.

Supposedly most of these refugees are fleeing the havoc of a civil war in Syria--and neither side in that war is wearing any halos.

However, knowing the One World Government mindset and how it works it wouldn't surprise me if they played both ends against the middle--the middle being the middle class. Recently an article on  noted that the United Nations figures show that 72% of these "refugees" are men, with only 13% being women and 15% being children. The infowars article stated: "Many of these people have nothing whatsoever to do with the Syrian refugee crisis. Once they reach the safety of countries that refuse to shower them with free cash, they head straight for welfare havens like Sweden and Germany." If 72% of these "refugees" are men it sure doesn't sound like a family affair to me. And infowars noted: "Why is the media ordering us to accept these people in the name of 'feelings' and humanitarianism when most of them aren't even fleeing war, they're fleeing to a higher standard of living--which will be funded by European taxpayers." Sound familiar? I wonder how many of these folks have any sort of documentation to even prove they are Syrians. Fifty per cent, ninety per cent?

The more you look at this situation the more it starts to look like the classic Marxist "pressure from above and pressure from below" approach, where the Ruling Elite (the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers or whoever) create a situation that will allow them to grab more power than they presently have (eventually they want it all) while looking like they have no control over the situation.  Then, the people in the middle (the middle class) get squeezed by the "refugees" and by some of the atrocities they commit and they go to the government to get some relief--and the government will gladly give it--at the price of more regulations and the loss of more liberties, which was the real name of the game to begin with. This game works the same in Europe as it does in this country, and don't kid yourselves--the game will soon be played on us here, with some of the "conservative" Republicans already calling for more "humanitarian" aid. This pathetic Republican Congress might as well rename itself the "Cheerleaders for Obama" section because they are little more than that

It seems that almost any excuse will do to import more people with cultures alien to our own so they can arrive here and, intentionally or not, begin to dilute our culture into something we will not even recognize in a decade or two. And it is working. i can no longer identify what we now have as the country I grew up in.

As long as we continue to elect Marxists and other One World mentalities to high offices this is what we will get. It's long past time the voting public woke up and started checking out what runs for political offices nowadays. With the Internet it can now be done. For far too long we have voted for someone mindlessly because they belong to the right ethnic group or have the right skin color, or belong to the right party. Oh I realize that having to do some research on these candidates will cut into your Tuesday night poker sessions or your reality show time--but, what these people are doing to you just may cut into the liberties remaining for you and your children. Think about that.


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Wish I could give it wider distribution than I am able to. Please pass it along to all on your mailing list and ask that they pass it along also.