Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The Real Sodomite Agenda--It sounds somewhat Marxist

by Al Benson Jr.

To anyone with a brain it has to be apparent that the Christian faith and biblical truth are under attack today as never before in our history. Unfortunately, most of the Church is sleeping through this and under no circumstances does it wish to be disturbed. Ignorance is bliss has, it would seem, been replaced by "complacency is bliss."

There was a recent article on www.massresistance.org  that outlined much of the sodomite agenda for the near future and it didn't all have to do with just "gay" marriages. That was the foot in the door, the camel's nose in the tent. An article in the leftist Nation was cited for this information.

The massresistance article said: "The Nation article, "What's next for the LGBT movement" quotes four high-profile LGBT activists who reveal that 'gay marriage' was never their final goal.  The LGBT will not be stopping to rest, they say. Their plan is to delegitimize and crush all opposition to their agenda everywhere in America--particularly in the churches--no matter how small." So those naive Christians who think this will all just go away if they are "nice" to the sodomites have got a rude awakening coming. These people are trying to destroy your churches and your faith, folks, and you've got to wake up to that fact. Oh, I realize that will take some effort. Even though the Lord is in control of it all, you will still have to get out and DO something, unpleasant as that thought is.

According to the massresistance article this is their plan:
Dis-establish marriage--"Gay marriage was simply a stepping stone. Their actual goal is that there be no formal marriage rules at all. This means group marriages are next, then incestuous marriages, and even later marriages to minors. It would simply be up to the people directly involved to decide." And the next point on their agenda is to pass strong LGBT "non-discrimination" laws all over the country. It is duly noted that: "These are the laws that force bakers to bake 'gay marriage' cakes or face huge punishments.  Such laws would also force schools to include LGBT indoctrination.  Most states still do not have the onerous laws the LGBT movement demands. The activists refer to those states (mostly in the South and Midwest) as 'zones without rights' in their propaganda."

And next on their agenda is the banning of all "religious liberty" laws. "They consider religious liberty to be a dangerous ploy to 'undermine all civil rights laws'  that must be stopped at all costs. All people must be forced to follow the LGBT agenda, with no exceptions. And to aid them in doing this they have to "Demonize pro-family conservatives and silence all dissent.  They plan to direct massive amounts of funds to 'expose and defeat the right wing' across America."

And finally, they plan a radical political agenda. "They plan to leverage their power to support Marxist economic policies, the right to 'early term abortion' and similar policies." So all this is really where they are headed and where they will take the country, with the blessing of the Ruling Establishment, unless Christians wake up and smell the coffee. Interestingly, Karl Marx, in the Communist Manifesto plainly stated: "But Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience."

Well, not quite, Karl. What you have proposed here is not really "new." It goes all the way back to the Book of Genesis in the Bible, chapter 3, where the serpent beguiles man by telling him that if he just eats the forbidden fruit he shall be "as gods, knowing good and evil." That's the real beginning for Communism and those of its adherents that do not repent of it--a "gift" from the serpent. And man, today, still has not learned. He still seeks to be "as God" and makes his own rules apart from God's Law. For this our country is under severe judgment--and most of the church sleeps on! And the LGBT crowd pushes their blatant anti-Christian agenda and will continue to push it until the Church stands up and says NO! Unfortunately, we are not ready to do that yet. We want to try "being nice" one more time, even though it won't ever work, because it's so much easier than standing up and fighting for what we should be.

This good lady in Kentucky sits in jail because she stood up and said NO to evil. Will the Church support her? I hope she doesn't have to hold her breath waiting to find out.


Unknown said...

British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, was nice to Adolf Hitler. That did a lot of good for the world and 56 million lives, didn't it? Make a deal with Satin and see who gets the most out of the deal.

Al Benson Jr. said...

This is something many people never seem to grasp. And some of those so willing to play footsie with Satan are hard on Christians who merely want to resist what's evil.