Wednesday, September 30, 2015

If Boehner Was Obama-Lite then McCarthy is Boehner-Lite

by Al Benson Jr.

Earlier this week I did an article for my other blog spot about the resignation of John Boehner as Speaker of the House. This was something many conservatives had been working for and I am sure many viewed it as a significant conservative victory.

You might want to rethink that.

While Boehner was no loss, what ends up replacing him will probably not be any gain but only the preservation of the Establishment status quo with a different name. That's the plan. So they suckered the conservatives when they got rid of Boehner and they plan to replace him with someone that will do exactly what he would have done and many conservatives will think they won a tremendous victory with Boehner gone.

On her web site,  Debbie Schlussel stated on September 25th that: "Those applauding John Boehner's resignation beware. Replacement Kevin McCarthy is Boehner minus the fake tan and the real tears." She also stated: "Beware, John Boehner's replacement Kevin McCarthy is pro-amnesty pal of Facebook Zuckerberg, is a complete RINO just like Boehner."

Debbie also noted: "Last year, McCarthy's pro-amnesty statements were front and center in a Fwd. Us pro-amnesty video add...The cheers from the right about Boehner remind me of the cheers when the GOP retook both the House and the Senate a couple years ago. I told you then that nothing would change because the respective houses of Congress would be run by Boehner and Mitch McConman. And I was right. Well, I have news for you again. Kevin McCarthy will be a seamless transition from Boehner. He's the same guy minus the orange-y skin tint." Over his time in Congress he has only voted conservative 53% of the time. So how is this any better than Boehner? It isn't, but we are all supposed to be conned into thinking this is a major improvement.

It has been suggested by the Gun Owners of America that people contact  their members of Congress and demand that they vote for a speaker that will "Defund any and all of Obama's anti-gun Executive Orders and refuse to allow any votes on any of Obama's anti-gun agenda." And while we are at it lets let them know that we do not want another Boehner clone to replace him. If that's what you end up with what have you gained? Yet I understand that's the game plan. If the Ruling Establishment can't stick it to us with Tweedle-dum then they will stick it to us with Tweedle dee. And they need to know we are wise to the game. And this is a two-party con game because both parties are controlled by the same people. Let us never forget that.


David Sauls said...

Excellent commentary Al. Great use of analogy, and entirely three dimensional, free of shallow conclusions and conveys an insider's understanding of the real picture in Congress. As usual, keep up the great work.

Al Benson Jr. said...

Thanks David. I've enjoyed some of your commentary recently on your
Troublesome Creek blog spot.