Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Planned Parenthood--Abortion For Profit?

by Al Benson Jr.

There has been quite a fuss (as well there should be) over those videos of Planned Parenthood's senior director, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, explaining how Planned Parenthood's senior employees perform abortions that leave major organs and other body parts intact so they can be resold on the market. Sound preposterous?  In today's culture it shouldn't, just business as usual. It is happening and it's all part of our New World Order culture.

And the people that promote this carnage are hoping the general public will continue to be outraged at the killing of some rare lion in Africa and thereby pay no attention to what Planned Parenthood is doing in this country. So far their hopes have been greatly realized. And, needless to say, our dutiful and compliant "news media will focus on the lion story as much as it can and as little on the Planned Parenthood story as it can get away with.

Russell Longcore, on the DumpDC website has observed that: "The news is full of stories these days about Planned Parenthood (PP), the so-called 'family planning' organization. The Center for Medical Progress has been recording perfectly legal videos PP staffers...discussing how PP is harvesting body parts from aborted fetuses (real human babies) and selling those parts to research labs. Apparently, it is a profitable revenue source for PP. And Planned Parenthood is largely funded by Congress...and you. PP receives over $500 million in funds each year from Congress." With congressional funding for this operation it sort of makes you wonder where Congress is at morally--or more important--where the people are morally that voted these turkeys into office.

We were all told, after the last election, that once the Republicans got control of Congress, why we'd only be about two steps away from the Millennium. It would all be "pie in the sky by and by" and "by and by" would be any day now. Upon such falsehoods the delusions of grandeur have been founded. Ask yourselves just how much this Republican Congress has slowed the Obama socialist juggernaut. The answer is, not much. But, then, if the truth be known, they never intended to. The Republican's program is Obama's agenda with different rhetoric. The different rhetoric is supposed to fool the voting public into believing  that "real change" has taken place when all that's really changed is the verbiage.

I got an email last evening fro Eagle Forum, the headline for which was "Senate fails to defund Planned Parenthood." Did anyone really expect anything different from this Congress? I didn't. The Eagle Forum article noted: "This morning the Center for Medical Progress released its fifth video exposing the truth about Planned Parenthood. This video provides still more evidence that this taxpayer-funded organization is engaged in illegal and barbaric practices that yield a profit on the exploitation of women and the butchery of innocent children." Where are all the "Feminist" organizations when you need them? With all the evidence out there now about what Planned Parenthood has been doing, our benevolent Senate somehow could not come up with enough votes or intestinal fortitude  to take its money away. What does that tell you about the character of those Congress Critters that voted to have the public have to continue to pay for this butchery? By their vote they make us all accomplices to what Planned Parenthood does--but then, that's not nearly as important as some lion that got shot in Africa is it?

The Infowars website had an article on it about the  Governor of Louisiana cutting off state funding for Planned Parenthood.  Gov. Jindal said: "This is not an organization that is worthy of receiving public assistance from the state." The article continued: "Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has cut off taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood in the wake of the shocking videos showing the organization harvesting baby organs for profit. Not only has Jindal blocked Medicaid money to Planned Parenthood, but he also barred the State Dept. of Health and Hospitals from funding the organization." Jindal said: "In recent weeks it has been shocking to see reports of the alleged activities taking place at Planned Parenthood facilities across the country...Planned Parenthood does not represent the values of the people of Louisiana and shows a fundamental disrespect for human life." I wonder how many other governors have done at least this much. Oh, I realize Jindal is running for president and all, but still, his is a good statement and I'd like to see other governors endorse it. I don't plan on holding my breath too long.

It would be great, and a step in the right direction, if several states decided to do this. I realize that Washington, D.C.  will probably not ever do it and you can't expect this Marxist president to ever endorse it. Planned Parenthood and its agenda is part and parcel of his cultural worldview. He is the living epitomy of Proverbs 8:36--"But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all that hate me love death." That's where he is at, and those that voted for him strictly on the basis of skin color will have much to answer for.

The Center for Medical Progress' David Daleiden summed it up when he said: "Planned Parenthood's criminal conspiracy to make money off of aborted baby parts reaches to the very highest level of their organization." So, is it "abortion for profit" on the part of Planned Parenthood? It surely does seem like it is, and that being the case, this organization is not deserving of any support from decent folks and indeed, needs to be exposed so that the America people know just what Congress is forcing us to pay for.

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