Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Murdering Babies

by Al Benson Jr.

They call it "pro-choice," at least those over on the political and theological left do. In plain English, "pro-choice" means that they want you to have the "freedom" to decide whether to murder your unborn baby or not. The people that push this don't want you to have any other freedoms, definitely no First or Second or Tenth Amendment freedoms, but they do want you to feel free to kill your unborn baby if he or she happens to be inconvenient.

They don't want you to have the freedom to choose your own health care program, or to decide where your kids will attend school, or to decide to fly a flag in your yard if it "offends" some minority group. Those are freedoms you must be denied for the good of "society" but they do want to make sure you are free to kill your unborn child--and they have organizations out there that are more than happy to assist you in baby murder--particularly if they get to keep the baby parts for profitable resale. I know this is blunt but that's probably the best way to say it. It ain't pretty.

So maybe, in light of this vaunted "freedom" the leftists in Washington and elsewhere want you to be able to exercise we ought to ask a few blunt questions about the "freedom" to kill your unborn kids.

Pastor Steve Wilkins of Auburn Ave. Presbyterian Church in Monroe, Louisiana has asked, and answered, a few very direct questions about unborn children and whether parents have the "right" to do away with them if they are an inconvenience.

He asks, "When does life begin?" And he answers "At conception (Job 3:3; Psalm 139:13)...Even when David was 'unformed' he existed as an individual in relation to God (Psalm 139:15-16). Children are gifts of God in the fullest sense of the word." 

He then askes "Is abortion murder?" and answers "Yes.  The only legitimate reasons for the intentional taking of human life are capital punishment and self-defense (either personal or in legitimate warfare). All other taking of human life is murder. Thus the intentional killing of the unborn is murder." And he askes "Aren't there some circumstances in which abortion is justified?" He answers "No." He then askes "What if the mother's life is endangered?" His answer "In these situations the doctor's job is to seek to preserve the lives of both mother and child and not to decide who should die."  Pastor Wilkins admits this is not always easy, but the doctor should try.

And then comes the question I have seen presented on numerous occassions. "What if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest?" He answers "The innocent parties in the case of rape or incest are the mother and the baby. Only the rapist has done something that is worthy of death. Conception is never an accident (Psalm 127:3).

Pastor Wilkins notes that we must always be ready to reply to the "gainsayers" who will continually raise questions with the hope of making a true biblical perspective on murdering babies seem foolish. These people will often say "You are being judgmental to condemn women who feel they ought to choose abortion." And his reply: "No. God is the one who says it is murder, not us. God alone is the Judge." 

Then they will say "Don't you think a woman has a right to control her own body?" Again, he answers "No. Her body is not her own but given to her by God and she has a responsibility to govern it according to God's Word. And besides, the body of the baby is a separate body." There's that "R" word--responsibility--that thing most folks want to run from.

Then someone will pipe up and say "Aren't you concerned about the problem of unwanted children?"  To which Pastor Wilkins answers "Yes. But if a woman is not married and doesn't want children, she should abstain from sexual intercourse..." Now there's a blockbuster for this day and age, when we are faced with a culture that has been conditioned to want the fun and games but no responsibility for playing. This so-called "free" culture doesn't want to hear all that. Easier to believe the politicians from the "District of Corruption."

And then there is that hackneyed old leftist cliche "Aren't you concerned about over-population?" How many times have I heard that one tossed out there in the past three decades? I can't count them. But Pastor Wilkins has an answer for that one, too.  He says, again, "No God says that a growing population is a great  blessing to a people. The world is not over-populated but under-populated.  Our calling is not to prevent births but to be fruitful and multiply." The "over-population" bugaboo has been around for a long time. Back in 1969 R. J. Rushdoony wrote a little book called The Myth of Over Population. Even back then astute clergymen like him realized that over-population was a myth.

And in a final note, Pastor Wilkins says: "We must repent of being part of a nation that has sanctioned the murder of unborn children.  We have become a nation of self-righteous, hypocritical barbarians.  God will not allow such hypocrisy to go unpunished. But more than all else, we must repent of being part of a Church that has stood by in guilty silence..." And I must admit, I often wonder how much the 501 C3 status of churches has to do with that situation. Maybe that's something else we need to repent of.


David Sauls said...

Great post as usual Al. Society worships in the cathedral of apathy, sacrifices unborn children on the altar of convenience, and offers justifications as alms for sin. As a political science student, I would surmise that our political structure is being weakened by the social, moral, and cultural homogenization that Roe v. Wade revealed in this country forty two years ago, and given its increasing pace, we may have only a century of constitutional and institutional survival left, if that long. https://troublesomecreekpublications.wordpress.com/

Al Benson Jr. said...

I agree, "if that long." Frankly I doubt we will make it that long, especially when you look at what we elect to office anymore.