Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cultural Genocide From a Generational Perspective

by Al Benson Jr.

For the past few weeks I have been watching the national reaction to the shooting at the black church in Charleston, South Carolina and the gigantic fuss being made of the Confederate flag in regard to that.

In my opinion this is shaping up like a well-managed psy-ops campaign to rid the South of not only guns, but also the symbols of her culture and heritage. If one said that situations like this seldom happen by accident he would be pretty close to the truth.

They started out by working to remove all Confederate flags they could in Southern states. The political hacks we have for politicians have been lining up to see who could be the first to remove Confederate flags.  The governors of South Carolina and Alabama seem to have won that questionable race while it looks like Mississippi might end up a distant third, depending on how much noise her voters make over the issue.

Now we have started to see the emergence of a campaign to remove all Confederate statues as well. This gives the Cultural Genocide campaign against the South a more enduring perspective. Statues are something that usually remain for generations and people from all generations see them. Youngsters in the upcoming generation see them and often ask their parents why this statue is here and what it represents and, if the parents have a clue,  they can usually explain to the kids the reason for the statue.

If the statues end up being removed, along with the flags, then part of your past culture ends up missing, and if your kids never see it they don't know what it represented and can't ask.

Folks, I grew up in the North. In my growing-up years I never saw much that passed for regional culture except the Yankee mindset that everyone should think like they did.

In the South you have had a vibrant, traditional and regional culture that I have enjoyed. It's part of the reason my wife and I are here. And the politically correct Cultural Marxist crowd is trying to kill that as quickly as they can. You can't let them do it, because, once it is dead, you will never get it back.

Begin to realize that "those people" are trying to purposely destroy your culture, which has a Christian base, and that this is the main object of their agenda. You have got to stand up and resist this. Weeping and moaning on the sidelines won't cut it--you have got to fight back! Find ways to resist every attempt they make to remove your culture because  what they are really doing is to try to make sure your children inherit not culture whatever.  Years ago I heard a man say "The 'new' South is NO South!" He said that in a speech and although I didn't agree with some of the other things he said, he was right on target with that comment.  A region bereft of its history and traditions is a region already dead, and, from the neck up, its people are dead. This is the Cultural Marxists' plan for the South.

Franklin Sanders, in the October, 2014 issue of The Moneychanger said, and quite accurately, "Make no mistake! For any people the past is their life. Cut  off from their past, a people cannot have any future. Their future dies. So it is not trivial when they attack your flag--they are not attacking merely that symbol, but everything that symbol represents, your religion, your culture, and ultimately you. They want to destroy the culture because they want to destroy you. They understand that without your past, they destroy your future."

Even fictional writers realize this. West Texas author Elmer Kelton (now deceased) once wrote at the end of one of his books: "All history is relevant today, because the way we live--the values we believe in--are a result of the molds prepared for us by our forebears a long time ago. We are the products of the preparation of those who came before us." Another fictional writer, Louis L'Amour (also deceased) said basically the same thing. He wrote: "We must not lose touch with what we were,with what we had been, nor must we allow the well of our history to dry up, for a child without tradition is a child crippled before the world."

That is exactly what the Cultural Marxists want for your kids--first across the South and then all across the rest of the country--a generation crippled before the world. They want a Southland ashamed of its history and heritage and supine on the ground so that when they kick it, it will not even whimper! They want a Southland unaware of its Christian foundations and ashamed of what it is aware of, and if "those people" have their way that won't be much--except for the slavery issue.  The fact that the North once had slaves also will NEVER  be mentioned. All some of them will ever be ashamed of is that, when they sold their slaves south, they didn't make more on the deal.

So don't just take my word for it. Look at what those men I have quoted in this article have all said, and they have basically said the same thing, totally independent of one another! There was no grand design on their part to help each other preserve Southern heritage--but you can't say the same for the Cultural Marxists that are working to destroy Southern heritage and culture. They work together and they have a plan, which hopefully you are beginning to see if you hadn't before, to see the fruit of their efforts. Get rid of all Confederate flags. Get rid of any Confederate statuary, get rid of all street, school, and bridge names, and park names that have anything to do with the Old Confederacy. All Confederate memory must be wiped off the slate. The next generation must have NOTHING  whatever in their memories to relate to the Old South and/or those that fought for it (except slavery naturally).

They plan to totally brainwash the next generation so they will have nothing worthwhile about their past to refer back to--and if they have no past, then they have no future--except that which the Cultural Marxists have planned for them.

If we refuse to stand up and resist this orchestrated cultural purge then we will deserve exactly what we get. If we won't stand up and resist the destruction of our future generations' culture and heritage, the day will come when our descendants may well curse us because we did not leave them anything worthwhile or worth fighting for. We will have left them "crippled before the world" and, if at some point, they curse us for that, they will be justified in so doing.

And someday we will have to stand before the Lord and answer as to why we would not stand up for those good things He provided for us, and why our "reality shows" were more important than our culture, heritage, and history. People can lie to one another about why they couldn't be bothered to speak out for what was right, but they won't be able to lie to the Lord. He already knows the answer.

So, if Southern folks can't be bothered to stand up and defend a culture that has a Christian base and to try to pass that along to their children, then they will have to answer.

Reprinted from The Copperhead Chronicle newsletter, 2nd quarter 2015


Unreformed 2015 said...

Believe you're correct and trust me we'll fight till the end.

Al Benson Jr. said...

We'll have to because our destruction is part of their agenda and they ain't about to quit. I don't think most of our folks realize that.