Monday, June 29, 2015

NASCAR Plans to Eliminate Confederate Flag

by Al Benson Jr.

Just this morning (6/29) I published an article on about the ethnic cleansing (Cultural Marxism) going on presently in Marxist Memphis, Tennessee. I would encourage those reading this to go and check it out. One writer, commenting on all this called it a "Stalinist purge" and I agree with his take on the current situation. He's figured it out. Lots of these other commentators don't have the first clue.

Shortly after I posted that I came across a short article from GOPUSAEagle which noted that now NASCAR president Brian France plans to work to make sure that NASCAR is no longer, in any way, connected to the Confederate flag. He said: We want to go as far as we can to eliminate the presence of that flag at NASCAR events." 

That's a pretty straight forward statement for Southern folks to digest, if they will take the trouble to do it. Your money is welcome as NASCAR because it will enrich their coffers, but your flags are not welcome, so bring your cash and leave your flag at home.

I've never bothered much with car racing, at least not for several decades now, but I will tell you one thing--if NASCAR spit on my heritage they way they have spit on Southerners heritage, I'd never darken the door of one of their tracks again. If you don't need my flag then you don't need my money either. It'd  be nice to see 5,000 Confederate flags at some NASCAR event in the near future. One wonders if the track officials would throw out all those that carried them, not let them in, or what.

What would be even better would be for Southern folks who truly revere their cultural heritage to just stop patronizing NASCAR events. They are willing to spit in your face and on your flag while taking your money, which shows they really have no concern for their clientele except what's in their wallets. If I still attended car races anywhere, I'd be strongly attempted to start boycotting NASCAR events.


freedixie said...

So true. The acts and statements by these cultural terrorists would not be tolerated against any other group of people, but since it's just Southerners, it gets a free pass. People need to wake up and not only get the facts straight about our history, but understand that we are on a slippery slope now that will not stop with banning Confederate symbols. Anyone thinking otherwise is a fool. If they want my flag, just come in my yard and get it. The greeting they get will not be a good one.

Al Benson Jr. said...

Can't argue with anything you have said. We somehow got to get our folks awakened enough that they begin to realize what's happening to them and their culture. Get them away from their bass boats and their reality shows and let them see what the real world is doing to us and we might have some chance, with the Lord's help, because without that we are lost.