Sunday, June 14, 2015

Muslims Didn't Create Quite As Much As We've Been Told They Did

by Al Benson Jr.

If we listened to certain "historians" we would think that the Muslim faith is responsible for just about all of Western civilization and that Europeans would still be living in caves if it were not for them. Even that man in the White House, who some have called "that Muslim Mole" has stated that the fabric of this country's founding was strongly Muslim. Sounds like he's been reading some of our current "historians" who are willing to accord anyone except Christians credit for most everything good that has happened here.

Historian Rodney Stark is one who is honest enough not to participate in this politically correct charade. Mr. Stark has observed that: "...the sophisticated culture so often attributed to Muslims...was actually the culture of the conquered people--the Judeo-Christian-Greek culture of Byzantium."

Pastor Steve Wilkins of Monroe, Louisiana has pointed out several areas where Muslims have gotten historical credit for the accomplishments of those they conquered. Pastor Wilkins has noted that: "What is called the 'earliest scientific book in the language of Islam' was a treatise on medicine by a Syrian Christian priest in Alexandria, which was translated into Arabic by a Persian Jewish physician. The leading Muslim physicians were trained in the Nestorian medical center in Syria. The first hospital in Baghdad was built by a Nestorian Christian.  The man who paved the way for the great medical advances was not a Muslim but Belgian physician,Andreas Vesalius. He published the first accurate description of human internal organs. He could do this because Christianity doesn't forbid examination of human bodies (autopsies)--which were forbidden by Islam."

Years ago I started to read a book by writer Louis L'Amour called The Walking Drum which repeated this same fallacy about Muslim supremacy. If you believed what L'Amour wrote you would envision a thriving Muslim civilization emerging while most of Europe huddled in cold stone castles, afraid to even take a bath! Unfortunately, L'Amour had succumbed to politically correct "history" when he wrote that book. It was about the only book of his I ever read that I didn't finish. About a third of the way through I said "This is nothing but pro-Muslim propaganda" and I just quit reading. L'Amour was a good writer and the Westerns he did were just great. I've read many of them several times. He should have stuck to Westerns!

Pastor Wilkins noted further that: "Donald R. Hill, author of the definitive work on the Muslim contribution to science,  admits that very few developments could be traced to Arab origins and that most of these contributions originated with conquered populations. The most important 'Muslim' philosopher-scientist, Avicenna, was not a Muslim but a Persian (as was the famous mathematician and astronomer, Omar Khayyam). The 'father of algebra' Abu Ja far Muhammed, was a Zoroastrian. 'Arabic' numerals were developed by Hindus in pre-Islamic India. The famous 'Muslim' astronomer, Masha'alla Athari, was a Jew'."

All this is not to say the Muslims never made any contributions, "But  Robert Spencer notes, 'the historical record simply doesn't support the idea that Islam inspired a culture that outstripped others.' The Muslims, for the most part, borrowed a culture they were incapable of developing. It was for this reason when Islamic rulers sought to stamp out all adherents to other religions in the 14th century, 'Islamic culture' collapsed into the backwardness we see today."

And Pastor Wilkins asked the question--"What is it about Islam that stifles progress and intellectual growth? Biblical faith teaches us that we serve a Triune God who is infinitely creative, who calls upon His people to imitate Him in searching out, investigating, and exploring His creation. Christianity has always produced lively, inquisitive cultures, who could explore and examine, and invent without fear of offending the true God.  Allah, however, is to be believed and never questioned.  The prevailing assumption of Islam is that the Qu'ran is the perfect book and no other is needed. Biblical Christians understand that God is a God of order and that He not only created all things but actively sustains all things. This reality makes science and scientific experimentation possible...Islam kills science and consequently, there is little progress or advance in Islamic countries."

The central issue with Islam is always submission--all other religions and cultures are to submit to Islam. We see this happening today all over Europe wherever Muslims have large centers of population and the Europeans are just now beginning to grasp the fact that if they don't do something they will lose their countries to their growing Muslim populations. Because, whether you like the thought or not, these people DO intend to make you submit and they will take your weak attempts at "being nice" to them in such a way as to question your backbone and they will exploit your lack of resolve.

If you want to check out one major contribution to the world culture that Muslims are largely responsible for, take a look at the slave trade. The Muslims were slave traders. They still are. For all their horror over the slave trade, today's politically correct "useful idiots" prefer to confine their comments about slavery, especially in this country, to a slavery that disappeared 150 odd years ago. It no longer exists. But Muslims promote and practice slavery in other countries in our day and the politically correct never deal with this. It might :"offend" the Muslims and so they just don't mention it. It's just fine to offend Christians, in fact it's part of their agenda, but heaven forbid that they offend a Muslim!

So that's where it is today, and the Christians had better wake up and smell the coffee!

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