Friday, July 18, 2014

Protests nationally over amnesty for illegal aliens on July 18-19, 2014

by Al Benson Jr.

Although the "news" media will try not to give it much coverage there is a big national protest going on over the weekend of July 18-19 all across the country. Demonstrations are being carried out in many states, often on overpasses on Interstate highways so that lots of drivers can see what's happening.

The demonstrators, belonging to several anti-illegal amnesty groups realize they need to get their message out to the public at large and they realize that what passes for the "news" media in this country will work to suppress their efforts. So they are seeking to be as visible as possible.

Demonstrations are being carried out in major cities. Two in Texas, one in Austin and one in San Antonio, are being carried out in front of the Mexican consulates in those two cities and in Salinas, California a demonstration is being held in front of the office of a Congressman. I'm sure he'll get the message even if he doesn't want to.

Those wanting a list of where demonstrations are being held can check out

There is a list on that site of all the planned demonstrations as of the afternoon of July 18th.

Check it out, and if there is a city, or an overpass, near you that a demonstration is being held at, go on out and take part. Our Marxist-in-Chief in Washington would love to flood the country will illegal immigrants at the expense of Americans, whom he seems to have no use for. When he said he was going to "fundamentally transform the United States" he wasn't kidding. Had people understood what he meant maybe he would not have gotten elected. Those who understand the Marxist mindset knew what he meant, but nobody wanted to hear it. They were all wrapped up in his "hope and change" balderdash.

One wonders how many Americans will have to be displaced to make room for the flood of illegal aliens he wants here. Just think where the country will go when he manages to give them the vote--and he will manage, one way or another.

Check out the locations for demonstrations and support them if at all possible.

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