Saturday, July 19, 2014

We We're Right About the Anti-Illegal Amnesty Protests And the "News" Media

by Al Benson Jr.

Today, on the Internet, WorldNet Daily had an article about the anti-amnesty protests taking place across the country. Their article noted that there were protests in 319 different cities across the country. It also noted, as I said yesterday, that the regular "news" media would almost totally try to ignore and suppress information about the protests.

The media Ministry of Propaganda gets paid to make sure Comrade Obama looks good to the public (and they are really having to earn their money nowadays) and info about these protests will make the Marxist-in-Chief in the White House look bad so they must try to suppress all they can. Even Fox News has pretty much ignored these protests and that tells you where Fox News is really at--the same place all the other media prostitutes are at.

At any rate, the WorldNet Daily Internet article had photos of several of the demonstrations around the country, notably in the South and West. While whatever "news" media did take note of this went out of their way to label the protesters as "racists" which I also said would happen, the WorldNet Daily photos showed black people out there demonstrating against the illegal aliens along with white folks. Many blacks are finally starting to figure out that their blind support of Obama because of his skin color is going to cost them. And it will for a fact.

If the illegal aliens are given amnesty and allowed to remain in the country, what will that do to job possibilities for Americans of whatever color? You have to know this Regime will pass along whatever job possibilities it can to the illegals at the expense of Americans. That's the way this Regime operates. Ordinary Americans are at the bottom of this Regime's totem pole and they are expected to support all the weight of the millions of illegals we already have and that Obama wants to bring in. That's the name of the game folks, and all of you that voted for Obama have helped to sow the seeds of your own destruction. Comforting thought, ain't it?

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