Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Who Will Be the Next President? (What difference does it make?)

by Al Benson Jr.

I just read an article on http://www.humanevents.com written by David Limbaugh which asked "Hillary a shoo-in for POTUS?

Mr. Limbaugh says: "I'm probably in some miniscule minority, but I am just not too worried about Hillary Clinton's prospects to become our next president. I sense that people will detect her lack of authenticity and also properly associate her with Obama's failed policies. So far, many have given Hillary a pass on her enabling her husband's serial mistreatment of women in his personal life.  She was complicit every step of the way, yet many view her as the victim rather than a co-conspirator." Mr. Limbaugh seems to think that those who viewed Hillary as a victim rather than a co-conspirator will now suddenly wake up and "detect her lack of authenticity." Why? If she fooled them on the first go-round, then why not now.

You would have thought that the public would have learned from Obama's first term just where he was really at (right 'round the Marxist bend) yet they re-elected him for a second term. Of course some creative "vote counting" in certain places might have helped that, plus the fact that the Republicans nominated the weakest possible sister to run against him as they did in 2008. Let's face it, the ruling elite that controls both political parties in this country wanted a second term for Obama so he could finish dismantling the country and they made sure he got it. Who are the "ruling elite" you might ask? Get on Google and look up the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Committee, and the Bilderburgers and see what you find. Go online and read Gary Allen's book "None Dare Call it Conspiracy." It's there and it's a real eyeopener.

Basically, struggling through a year of presidential campaigning in 2016 will be an exercise in futility. No matter which party you vote for you will be getting someone that is CFR-approved. If he, she, or it were not approved by the CFR and the other One World Government groups they would never be nominated in the first place. Folks, it's all a sham, a farce, an exercise in futility to make people think they actually have a choice of who they get for president. We have no real choice. The candidates for both parties are all prepackaged and scripted long ahead of time and the ruling elites know who they are going to foist off on the naive public as the next "president."

And the next president, like the current Marxist-in-Chief, will do exactly what the CFR and the Trilats and Bilderburgers tell he, she, or it to do. The presidents nowadays are about as independent as the fry cook at your local Burger King. They are told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. If they slip the traces like Nixon did, they get "Watergated."

So don't waste your time, effort or money worrying about who the next president will be. That will not be decided by the voters, it will be decided by our ruling elite, so that no matter how we vote, we will get their man and their agenda. As they say, folks, start connecting the dots!

If you want to vote, then vote in local elections or state elections or for Congressman. Right now there are lots of scumbags in Congress that should be voted out (if the elections are honest, and that's always a big IF). Concentrate on your candidates at the local, parish, and county levels. If you can vote for decent people there some of them will eventually go to Washington and then you will have to keep your eye on them there, but at least you will know who they are. Just figure the next president will promote the One World Govt. agenda no matter which party he is in and concentrate on electing people that might be led to try to stop him.

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