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The Desire For Total Control

The latest commentary by our two political commentators as they take a long view on history.
Al Benson Jr.

The Desire For Total Control

by Schwartz & Viscount

It goes way, way back. Check out the Tower of Babel in the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament. Man wanted to reach to Heaven by his own efforts, to be God, as it were. If you read the Genesis account you see that he didn't quite make it. However, that has not stopped his efforts in that direction for centuries and they continue to this day.

The Caesars controlled the Roman Empire, which was all of southern Europe, the eastern Mediterranean area, and much of North Africa; the known world at that time. Caesar (depending on which one) was a benevolent dictator. You could have whatever religious beliefs you wanted to--as long as you recognized Caesar as Lord. The Christians wouldn't, couldn't, do that, hence Caesar would not have total control--and that was where their problems began. For them, Jesus the Christ was Lord, not Caesar. When Caesar tried to force the issue, and a lot of Christians died, it was the beginning of the end for Rome.

For us in this country, it goes back to the British Empire. King Henry started the Church of England, a.k.a. the Anglican, or, in this country, the Episcopal Church. Henry wanted everyone to worship the way he thought was right, although there was more to it than that. This resulted in the Pilgrims, separatists by belief, leaving England and coming to America so they would not be under the king's control in their worship.

And, as time passed, the children of the Pilgrims and Puritans had major problems with King George over taxes on tea and other things, and finally, at Lexington and Concord, King George discovered that he did not have the total control he craved. The "Divine Right of Kings" was, in the final analysis, only their desire to control all in their realms. In the end, it did not work out. Not that some of what replaced them has been much better in many instances!

But the quest for control continued on (as it still does in our day)! Our ULN-civil war was really not about freeing the slaves; it was, in the end, about controlling the whole country. Lincoln didn't want a country "half slave and half free"--he wanted it, politically, ALL slave. And he accomplished this--more than 80 years after our Declaration of Independence and the victory over King George. One way he sought to control it was with a heavy tariff, beneficial only to the North, which the South ended up paying most of. But that is another story.

Fact is, Lincoln sought (to commend and promote Union troops) many openly socialistic men as officers; men who had failed in their 1848 efforts to coerce the German populace and others into swallowing their Marxist/socialist ideas in Europe. Having failed in Europe they naturally matriculated to the US, where they could then force their brand of total control on an unsuspecting American populace--starting in the South.

You have to ask the question; did some of these guys induce some of the atrocities committed by Sherman and Sheridan  in their wanton destruction of many of the wonderful homes/plantations in the South, along with all the other property they destroyed. One author called Sherman's men in South Carolina "A legion of devils." An apt description! But these were the same tactics used by Hitler and Stalin.

Friends, that is Communism (Marxism)--control by force and destruction. In your minds it may seem far fetched or absurd, but think about this: Is taking over the Communications Commission what the Marxists are doing by forcing local radio and television stations to be controlled by the "already fake news" outlets? Is this one more way to control what is supposed to be an entity for the expression of our free speech (First Amendment Rights)? The FCC has out-stepped its bounds by allowing this to happen.

In fact, you might ask the question--"Who owns the airwaves--the FCC or God?" If the answer is God, then possibly the FCC should think about shutting its doors and sending its people home.We don't expect that to happen, though, because for the bureaucrats the agenda is always control. Little by little, so no one notices, their intention is always control! 

Update 1/15/17
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