Friday, July 01, 2016

Reflections on the Looney Left and a Possible Sellout or Co-option

by Al Benson Jr.

Last week was a pretty fair country week. The Brits seceded from the EU and our beloved ruler in Sodom on the Potomac had a couple reversals he's rather not have had. This week has not been so good. Should have known we couldn't have two like that in a row.

The activity of those we refer to as leftists (socialists and communists and various other One World Government types) continues to defy common sense, but then they don't seem to care, as they realize our intrepid and valorous "news" media will continue to cover for them, making sure the public learns as little as possible of what they need to know.

We have been informed that, coincidentally of course, Slick Willie and Comrade Loretta Lynch met in the airport at Phoenix and sat and talked. Now folks with a little common sense might consider this as a conflict of interest, but the "news" media rushed in to assure a hopefully gullible public that all the two talked about were Clinton's grandchildren and his golf game while in Phoenix. Undoubtedly they also discussed current weather conditions in Zimbabwe and who might win the 2028 World Series, but absolutely nothing beyond that mind you! Believe that and you will look for purple cows to jump over the moon at least once a month!

I also ran across an article on  informing us that 67% of Democrats would love to see Obama stick around for a third term--something he'd love to do if he could just find a way to get by with it--but then Hillary might squawk that "it's her turn to shaft the American people and get rich doing it now" and there might be a slight rift in the Democratic Party. I find it hard to believe that even a majority of Democrats would be willing to put up with another four years of what we've had for the past eight years. The thought boggles the mind. If that's really the case, then the public schools in this country have been successful beyond their wildest dreams. They have successfully propagandized a whole generation. The problem here is that, unfortunately, many in the Republican Establishment don't feel too much different. Oh they might not want Obama around, but they're willing to take Hillary in his place--and honestly folks, what's the difference? Same shell game with different players that's all.

But something that bothered me even worse was a couple articles I checked out just today (7/1) that noted that Trump has got his possible VP list down to just two names--Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie. Now Christie wouldn't be my all time favorite by any means but Gingrich is an absolute no-no. If Trump picks him (and I did an article on this previously if you want to check back) then Trump will be picking a man that is the total antithesis of everything Trump says he stands for. Newt Gingrich is the penultimate Internationalist and One World Government advocate and Trump has to know that. He's not stupid. So what goes here? Another sell out of the frustrated and angry public who is now beginning to wake up and realize how they have been shafted by corporate fascism and its friends in Washington? Sadly, it's beginning to  look that way to me, and if that is so then after the election, no matter who wins, it will go back to "business as usual."

And another question--even if Trump is honest (and I always felt he was) what happens if something should happen to him once he gets into office that incapacitates him? Gingrich will end up being president and I  honestly wonder if that has been the plan all along, whether Trump realizes it or not. We might be able to get by with Christie for VP though it would hardly be the best of all possible worlds, but with Gingrich you know you are going to get stiffed. It's not a matter of "if" but "when."

So if Gingrich ends up as Trump's VP choice then you can kiss all the rhetoric about making America great again goodbye because that's just what it was--but maybe Trump was right--it will be great again--for the corporate fascists, just not for the folks that deserve a break. Oh Lord,   how long???

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