Saturday, October 04, 2014

Does Anybody Really Think He Cares???

by Al Benson Jr.

Just read a post from a Tea Party group which noted that Comrade Obama feels that our dying economy has recovered, but us stupid clods just don't realize yet all he has done for us and so we are not able to feel the great economic recovery he has provided for us. That probably sums up this Regime's attitude toward ordinary Americans--stupid clods. Anyone with eyes to see has to realize that this is exactly what he and this Regime think of us.

As for what we think of him and this current Marxist/Fascist Regime, does anyone honestly think he really cares? I read all manner of articles about polls--what the public thinks of Obama's domestic policy, or his foreign policy or about the performance (or lack thereof) of Congress.

It almost seems like those who publish these various polls think our negative opinions of this Regime will really make a difference. They won't.  The person that wrote this brief Tea Party article seems almost like they are about to get. Let's hope they follow through and go all the way.

The writer stated in part: "You can't help but wonder what planet Obama is from."Hint--it's a planet where the Red flag is raised above their capitol and their "leader" is "dictator for life."

But the writer continued: "A recent 60 Minutes interview showed just how far out of touch and disconnected the commander in chief is. It's as if all the numbers, every poll, all the outrage, doesn't even phase him." The writer is just beginning to get it. None of the polls, the numbers, any of it, makes a bit of difference to Obama. What the public has got to begin to realize is that no matter how bad the polls are, the President couldn't care less. He's not disconnected from what we think, he just doesn't give a Tinker's Damn what we think. He's not where he is to listen to or help the American people or to protect their interests. He's there to follow the orders given to him by the CFR/Trilateral/Bilderbeger Cabal and that's the only reason he is there. What the public wants or needs DOES NOT EVEN BEGIN TO ENTER INTO IT! If 99% of the public totally disapproved of what he did and he had orders from his puppet masters to do it, he'd do it anyways.

We've got to learn to disabuse ourselves of the illusion that he cares about the American people. He despises the average American. Oh, he loves the dedicated socialists and Communists, the illegal immigrants, the gay, lesbian and transgender crowd and the Muslim militants. To him these are the citizens worth placating. The rest of us who pay the bills can go to the Hot Place as far as he is concerned. And if he can find a way to use Obamacare to help us on our way he'll be more than ecstatic to do it.

This is where it's at, folks, we need to wake up and smell the coffee. He and his handlers have an agenda--to reduce this country to the status of a third world banana republic and this is what they will do no matter what we want. Nothing will get in the way of that except Divine Intervention, and I can picture Obama and his handlers arguing with God because they think they can do a better job than He can.

We need to repent of our sins and pray that the Lord will restrain the efforts of the One World crowd, not because we deserve it, but because of His grace in Christ. And that's not just a cliche, I'm serious about people praying that way. We need to start doing that. More of us need to start doing it than have been doing it. The power of prayer is something that this Marxist/Fascist Regime will not be able to overcome, though they may try.

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