Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Something for the Ladies

by Joan Hough Harrington Tomlinson
of Spring, Texas

What about this???

I have long been convinced that there should be a new national organization for those Confederate female descendants and women with Confederate "souls"--no matter their places of birth or that of their ancestors.

These women should be those who can still THINK at least one independent, non-brainwashed thought and have smarts enough to smell something rotten in government, in published history, in the communications media, in political parties, in religion, education, etc. and identify it as rotten.

They should be able to comprehend that Political Correctness is Marxist--and that Lincoln was a provable Marxist-influenced monster, and that the South was right. They should be willing to accept that "truths" they were taught in the government-controlled schools are lies--because real truths are provable.

There needs to be, however, a method for discovering who pretends--and who really has hurled off all the Marxist-Republican brain goo, or is willing and able to do the necessary hurling.  One thing our new group would require is a total absence of Southern descendant scalawags who, because of either their streak of opportunism, or because on concrete-lined ignorance refuse to consider even the possibility that any "new to them" information may actually have validity and reliability.

So let's come up with a name for the new group--and let's allow in it any woman whose "soul" is Confederate--no matter her place of birth or her ancestors. Already I know some ladies I'd love to see become charter members!

Think up a name. We will necessarily be an online group as well as perhaps a book review group. And maybe the Confederate Thespians can become a part of it. Think about this.

Now there might be a possibility that we could simply affiliate with the Confederate Society of America. It, however, has a membership of mostly males--but it really is in favor of everything we should be for. Check their website out on the Internet  They do, however, collect dues I believe. But those are minimal so we could be an adjunct to that group, or be totally independent, but allied with that group.

Whatever we decide to do we had better get on the ball and do it--I'm hitting 84 next month, and they'll not be many more shopping days until Christmas as the saying goes.

Why should we do this? As George Orwell said: "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

If you want to contact me about this, my email address is


Val Proto said...

Sign me up! I am, after all, an honorary Virginian! THAT should count...shouldn't it?

Al Benson Jr. said...

I kind of think you may be one of the ladies Joan was thinking of for a charter membership. Check with her and ask.