Thursday, April 21, 2016

Now--Culturally Marxist Currency!

by Al Benson Jr.

Right after he was awarded the presidency of this country Obama said that he was going to "fundamentally transform" the United States. People could only guess what he meant by that, but those that knew anything of Obama's real background had deep suspicions that whatever he was going to do, it wasn't going to be good. Their suspicions have been more than justified. His transformation agenda (the agenda of his handlers) has been at work transforming the culture of this country. In fact, you could say that American culture has been emotionally and physically assaulted under "his" regime.

Now he and his handlers will further assault the culture by changing the design of the country's currency. You all have read by now about the new design of the twenty dollar bill and other bills that will be undergoing the Obamaite "transformation." The new currency designs to be foisted off on the public in the near future are living proof that the cultural Marxists will literally push their agenda in every area of our lives in an attempt to convert the sleeping public into accepting their pernicious theology.

A main "cornerstone"  of their theology is an abolitionism morphing into a "civil rights" movement. And it's all part of Karl Marx's "reconstruction of a social world" that Donnie Kennedy and I took note of in our book Lincoln's Marxists. 

Our august Secretary of the Treasury has dutifully informed us that the picture of Andy Jackson on our twenty dollar fiat currency bills will soon be replaced with a simply glowing portrait of Harriet Tubman, one of the movers and shakers in the "underground railway" before the War of Northern Aggression.

The Underground Railway, we have been told, was a system of "safe houses" from places in the South leading all the way up through the Northern states and into Canada. Supposedly friendly Southern abolitionists helped the escaping slaves to go north where a friendly, virtuous Northern population awaited their arrival with open arms. They teach some of this in many of the country's public school "history" texts.

Suffice it to say that "it ain't quite so." Writer Michael B. Chesson is a professor of history at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and he specializes  in the history of the American "Civil War." He wrote an authoritative article for The Textbook League which appeared in their newsletter, Volume 12, Number One. Check out  Professor Chesson noted several history books that promote this line about the Underground Railway and he noted the inaccuracies in all this regarding Harriet Tubman.

Suffice it to say there are culture-changing reasons why Ms Tubman is about to replace Andy Jackson on the twenty. Andy Jackson is not politically correct (culturally Marxist) and Ms. Tubman is. But they are going to keep Alexander Hamilton on the ten dollar bill. He is politically correct as the promoter of the first national bank, so the feds don't really want to remove him.

But even for that, they plan on making some changes to the ten spot, and to the five dollar bill as well, although I don't expect they will remove from the five dollar bill the portrait of the president who was a favorite of the Marxists and socialists.

The Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, has said, in part: "The new $10 bill will honor the story and the heroes of the women's suffrage movement against the backdrop of the Treasury Building...The new $10 design will depict that historic march and honor Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Alice Paul for their contributions to the suffrage movement.?

It's interesting that Mr. Lew neglected to mention the connections of Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton with the Spiritualist Movement during the latter part of the nineteenth century. If you can find a copy of the book Radical Spirits  by Ann Braude that will give you some insight into the Spiritualist Movement and its connections with the "women's rights" movement. The early feminist movement was riddled with Spiritualism. This is something else the "history" books have mostly forgotten to mention.

After neglecting to mention all that, Mr. Lew moved on to inform us that the new five dollar bill, in addition to keeping the portrait of the Marxist's favorite president, "will depict the historic events that have occurred at the Lincoln Memorial." Lew noted that, in 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. gave us his "I have a dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial. Lew noted that, on the back of the five dollar bill, they will start featuring leaders of the civil rights movement. That should be interesting. I wonder which ones they will pick--they can't go too far in hardly any direction without bumping into someone with Communist connections, not that this would bother them, as long as the public at large can be kept in total ignorance about it. With our current public education system that should be no problem.

So we have finally gotten to the point where all the culturally Marxist leftist aberrations will now be commemorated as healthy and normal on our currency. Former history will be erased  and some of the prize agendas of the cultural Marxist Movement will be enshrined on the currency, complete with anti-counterfeit strips. What more could you ask for?

I just wonder what they will end up doing with the one dollar bill. After all, George Washington WAS a slave owner. Maybe, they can find some way to get someone like Pol Pot, the great Cambodian "liberator" onto the one dollar bill. Undoubtedly he would be quite acceptable to the cultural Marxist crowd and they could then get rid of that picture of that nasty old Southern slave owner. After all, we have had presidential candidates whose citizenship in this country has not been beyond question, so why not a known Communist on the one dollar bill? Our currency (notice I have not called it money) has become a major propaganda tool for the One World government crowd. Unfortunately, most people probably will not even notice. Unfortunately, their children and grandchildren will--and the knowledge won't be positive.

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cwipaulk said...

The Cultural Marxists

The Cultural Marxists are hard at work to annihilate anything and everything Southern, Christian, and American. They have “front groups”, such as Black Lives Matter, to disrupt and threaten peaceful assemblies of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. A few days before this writing, just such an assembly in Montgomery, AL was interrupted by a black repeat criminal who was armed and waving around a shotgun. From what I read, no arrest was made. What would have happened if it had been an SCV member waving a shotgun at a Black Lives Matter event? I think we all know the answer to that. Not only would it have made the national news and headlines, but the individual would be brought up on numerous charges and never be legally allowed to own a gun again.

The recent removal of state flags from the U.S. Capitol building is but another attack upon Southern heritage and history, and an attempt to wipe out all symbols of our heritage. The Cultural Marxists need to destroy everything that has any association with independence, opposition to tyranny, limited government, and God in order to fully implement their totalitarian socialist agenda. All those on the “hate the South” bandwagon have no clue that their religion, assuming they have any, and their U.S. flag and history will be the next targets of this diabolical movement. (We have already seen the attacks on Christianity with judges ruling against Christians who refuse to bake cakes for homosexual weddings, and now we have “transgender” bathrooms being thrust upon us.) Getting support for the “hate the South” movement is not that difficult due to the 150 years of Marxist rewritten history force-fed to Americans since Reconstruction. Most people today have no clue as to our true history and believe that anything taught to them in public schools, and even private schools for that matter, is pure Gospel and not to be questioned. Such people are referred to as “useful idiots” by the socialists who are seeking to “fundamentally transform” our country into the totalitarian state they desire. Once our country is gone, that’s it. There’s no getting it back. We may be too far gone down the path of socialism now to get back to the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers established. Ignorance has to be our biggest enemy, and education is the key to changing people’s hearts and minds. Those who slander and attack our Southern culture would not be doing so had they not been brought up being taught lies and propaganda about the South. If people could just objectively take a look at what they have been taught versus what is actual fact, they would see how they have been purposefully mislead and brainwashed. I fear it is easier to get a puppy to pull a freight train than to turn this thing around. As Mark Twain said, “It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK