Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Houston Voters Didn't Want Guys In the Gal's Bathroom

by Al Benson Jr.

The article on  stated: "Houston's mayoral election has turned into a national battleground for LGBT rights  after a non-discrimination ordinance was added to the ballot. The city is the fourth largest city in the US and the biggest not to have such an ordinance." Does that mean that most other cities in this country of comparable size to Houston already sport such an ordinance? That's something most people probably have not even thought about or been aware of.

Thankfully, in Houston, conservative Christian pastors and other conservatives took a stand against this attempted perversion in their city and it was defeated by something like 60-40% The original ordinance was passed last year. I assume either the mayor, who is an open lesbian, either did it by decree, the same way our current resident in the White (Red) House tries to do these things, or the city council passed it as an ordinance. If the city council passed it the good citizens of Houston might want to think about electing a new city council in the next election. However it was done, a court said it either had to be placed on a ballot or repealed. At least that gave voters a fighting chance.

The mayor who is strongly in favor of this is the same mayor who sought last year to censor the sermons of several Houston pastors to make sure they hadn't said anything about sexual perversion she didn't like. Legally she wasn't able to do that--yet--but she sure gave it the old college try.

That might be a subtle warning to Christians as to what we can expect not too far down the line. The collectivist administration in Washington supports this sort of thing and goes out of their way to promote it. Their agenda is to, as completely as possible, dismantle as much of our Christian culture as we let them get away with as they work to move this country down the road toward a One World socialist regime.

Up to now, most Christians haven't bothered to get involved too much--lots easier for us if we just sit back and "let the Lord do it all so I don't have to do anything"--and that's one major problem today with the Church. We have become fat, happy and complacent and it's just too much of an effort for us to do much of anything anymore--especially if it might "offend" anyone or be perceived as "negative." We have been conditioned to avoid these like the plague. And it's so much easier just to sit and do nothing. It doesn't begin to occur to us that we have allowed ourselves to be placed in bondage to Political Correctness (Cultural Marxism).

Seeing that this mayor in Houston is such an open lesbian, I wonder where the Christians were when she ran for office. Had they  been awake she never should have gotten where she is.

Naturally the supporters of this "boys in the girls' bathroom" bill were disappointed that it lost. Some of them spent big bucks pushing it. You have to wonder why. But don't worry. They will be back again somewhere down the line. One thing you learn about those people after you've been around awhile is that they never quit--and I mean never! The Christians and other good folks in Houston won this one, but they can't just go home and sit on their laurels. They've won one battle, not the war. They will have to be "eternally vigilant" because this will come up again and if they fail to watch for it they will get caught the next time.

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