Friday, April 10, 2015

"Freedom" in the U.S.? Don't Make Me Laugh!

by Al Benson Jr.

After the 9/11 debacle, (whoever was responsible for that) President Bush got on tv and said that the terrorists that did it hated us because of our freedoms. At that point my first thought was "what hogwash." And as the Bush administration went along after 9/11 they made more than sure that American citizens would never again be burdened with too much freedom and to do that they gave us the Patriot Act. It has gone downhill from there.

By the time our current commissar came along to inhabit the White (Red) House he had promised us that he would fundamentally "transform" the United States and would have the most "transparent" administration in history. This line didn't even deserve to be rated as hogwash--it was even below hogwash. I probably couldn't come up with a term for it that wouldn't get me shut down so I will leave it to your imaginations. Suffice it to say that I, long ago, had given up believing the political fertilizer slingers that assured us we were living in a "free country." I knew they were lying and so did they--but they did it with such a straight face that most folks, less suspicious than me, bought into it. The "land of the free and the home of the brave" has been transformed into the "land of the freeloader and the home of the brain-dead." And it hasn't been accidental. It's part of the agenda.

I've been waiting for the Christian Church to wake up and realize what has happened. Mostly, it ain't happening. Most Christians I've come across don't know and they don't want to know. After all, if you can't trust your government then who can you trust? That's their rationale. Anyone who tries to tell them, for their own good, what's going on is automatically a "conspiracy theorist" or a "right wing nut." They haven't got time to be bothered trying to defend their liberties so they can pass them along to their children and grandchildren. That's not important. Half of them, or more, feel that they will be "raptured" out of here before it gets real sticky and so they don't have to be bothered doing anything about our problems. The rest feel so strongly that the Lord is in control (which He is) that they don't have to be bothered doing anything to combat evil in the world--the Lord will take care of all that. They are just along for the spiritual ride. The Church has been lulled to sleep in the last 150 years, due to apostasy and planned neutralization. It once stood for something--now it falls for everything.

Just today I read an article by John Whitehead, from his web site entitled Kick Open the Doorway to Liberty: What Are We Waiting For?  It's in the commentary section of the Rutherford Institute web site.
Mr. Whitehead seems to feel the same frustration that I do about where the country is going and about the almost total lack of concern of most people.

Mr. Whitehead noted that: "Everything this nation once stood for is being turned on its head. Free speech, religious expression, privacy, due process, bodily integrity, the sanctity of human life, the sovereignty of the family...the right to self defense, protection against police abuses...private property, human rights--the very ideals that once made this nation great--have become casualties  of a politically correct, misguided, materialistic, amoral, militaristic culture." Again, this is NOT by accident. It's not just "happening." And he also says: "Why should we Americans have to put up with the government listening in on our phone calls, spying on our emails, subjecting us to roadside strip searches, and generally holding our freedoms hostage in exchange for some phantom promises of security?" Good question. But let's be realistic here. The promises of "security" (prisons are secure, too) are nothing more than a way to get Americans to surrender their God-given liberties without a fight. It's a lot less bloody if the government can convince people that it is "protecting" them instead of taking over their lives to fulfill the socialist agenda of the One World Government crowd in Washington and New York.

And if you think this isn't really happening, that it's not really that bad, take a look at a National Review article, ( by Alec Torres for January 1, 2014. Mr. Torres wrote: "When President Obama took office in 2009, the U.S. was ranked the sixth freest economy. It is the only country in the world to have recorded a loss of economic freedom each of the past seven years.  Since 2006, the U.S. has 'suffered a dramatic decline of almost six points, with particularly large losses in property rights, freedom from corruption, and control of government spending,' according to the report. 'Substantial expansion in the size and scope of government, including through new and costly regulations in areas like finance and health care, has contributed significantly to the erosion of U.S. economic freedom. The growth of government has been accompanied by increasing cronyism that has undermined the rule of law and perceptions of fairness."

Now I don't always agree with all the National Review says, but in this case, Mr. Torres has nailed it pretty accurately. Your freedom and liberty and economic status had seriously deteriorated since the advent of the current Marxist regime with its promises of "transparency."

Although there are lots of folks who don't like what they see happening and are concerned by what has more and more become a rogue administration, their main response has been to gripe a little and that's it. Christians, in the main, don't have anymore of a clue than anyone else, and sad to say, lots of them don't want one. For them to realize what's going on would mean that they would have to, as Christians, take some responsibility to take a stand against the evil they see around them--and that's just too much trouble nowadays. Lots easier to tune in the upcoming "Reality" show and forget about the rest. Just "let George (or Barack) take care of it--which is just what they've done and now they don't like the results.

Mr. Whitehead, at the conclusion of his article asks: "Where are the Sons of Liberty, the Committees of Correspondence and the insistently courageous  city councils now, when they are crucially needed to bring back the Bill of Rights that protect every American against government tyranny worse than King George III's? Where are the citizens demanding that these doorways to liberty be opened? What are we waiting for?"

Well, Mr. Whitehead, what they are waiting for is the "rapture" to take them out of all this so they won't have to do any of the things you mention here, or else they are waiting for the Lord to do it all so they don't have to get involved and get their hands dirty. Either way, what we've mostly got here, not totally, but mostly, is a do nothing church that just can't be bothered and that doesn't want to believe it's as bad as some have told them. This country will probably be judged for their attitude, and that's not a pleasant thought.


Insectman said...

The problem stands in the pulpits of American churches.

Al Benson Jr. said...

Amen to that!