Monday, August 25, 2014

The Police State, Ferguson, Missouri and Other Places

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently I have done a few articles noting that the government we now have in Washington, supposedly headed up by a president who is a Marxist, is actually declaring war on its own citizens, much the same as Abraham Lincoln did in 1861. As we are treated to more and more photos of local police who look like United Nations Swat Team members, this has to become apparent to even the most casual observer.

Recently on former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul, who I consider the only truly honest man to run in the 2012 presidential election, made some statements I think we need to consider. Dr. Paul observed: "The increasing use of military equipment by local police is a symptom of growing authoritarianism, not the cause. The cause is policies that encourage the police to see Americans as enemies to subjugate, rather than as citizens to 'protect and serve.' This attitude is on display not only in Ferguson, but in the police lockdown following the Boston Marathon bombing and in the Americans killed and injured in 'no-knock raids by militarized SWAT teams." Dr. Paul noted one case where a SWAT team member threw a flash-burn grenade into an infant's crib after he had broken into the baby's room looking for drugs.

And he stated: "Today, the war on drugs has been eclipsed by the war on terror as an all-purpose excuse for expanding the police state." That's exactly what it is--an excuse. The attitude that local police seem to have about the people in their cities and towns being their enemies is one fostered and promoted in Washington because this current regime does, in fact, see the average American citizen as its enemy, to be controlled, subdued and shut up so he can no longer protest this current rogue regime that has gone so far beyond the law it isn't even funny.  People talk about "government over-reach." That's putting it quite mildly. How about federal tyranny? The rule of law in this country is dead and the average American is now subject to whatever our current socialist dictators would love to do to us.

Dr. Paul has stated that: "Reversing the dangerous trend of the militarization of local police can start with ending all federal involvement in local law enforcement. Fortunately, all that requires is for Congress to begin following the Constitution, which forbids the federal government from controlling or funding local law enforcement. There is also no justification for federal drug laws or for using the threat of terrorism as an excuse to treat all people as potential criminals." Unfortunately, waiting for Congress to do its duty in this area is as big an exercise in futility as sitting and waiting for the moon to turn into a hunk of green cheese. This miserable Congress (and I am being charitable) will do nothing it is supposed to do unless forced to. It's lots easier for them to just feed at the public trough while our Marxist president issues his "executive orders" to run the country, which they can then complain about but never do anything to reverse the trend. That's the wonderful thing about Washington rhetoric--it sounds so resoundingly great and noble--and is so utterly meaningless, but it does fool the gullible, and that's what it's supposed to do.

Mid-term elections are coming up this November 4th. If the electorate is stupid enough and gullible enough to vote the current political hacks back into office then I guess we deserve what we are willing to permit.

And as far as local police that resemble SWAT team members and consider the public at large to be their potential adversaries, get used to it. It's the wave of the future in this once great country. The attitude from Washington that they must now declare war on their own people is finally filtering down to the local and state levels and since most of us have not bothered to do anything to prevent it then I guess we had better learn to live with it.

Our government, at all levels, has met the enemy--and he is US!

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