Thursday, May 15, 2014

Gun Violence Is Up In the US, Right? WRONG!

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently I noted an article by Kerby Anderson on Kerby Anderson's Point of View dealing with a recent study by the Pew Research Center.

The study noted that most Americans, due to the blatant propaganda by what passes for the "news" media in this country, have been brainwashed into thinking that national gun violence is out of control.

The Pew Report went on to explain that: "National rates of gun homicide and other violent gun crimes are strikingly lower now than during their peak in the mid-1990s, paralleling a general decline in violent crime." Anderson continue on, noting: "Government statistics show that the rate of non-fatal violent gun crime victimization dropped 75% in the past 20 years.  The gun homicide rate dropped 49% in that same period."

And Anderson made an insightful observation, stating: "Let's put it another way. At a time when the nation was having a debate about guns and gun control,  more than 8 out of 10 Americans  had a perspective about gun violence that was completely opposite of the true reality.  I think we all know why the public perception  is incorrect.  The news media focus out attention on crimes, especially gun crimes. This has been true for some time, but was especially true since the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. This latest survey once again is a reminder that public opinion can often be wrong, and that's why we need accurate statistics before we enact government policies."

However, needless to say, between the current regime's efforts to tear down the Second Amendment and the willing complicity of the "news" media, accurate statistics will be one of the last things we get.

This is one reason we need to learn how to do the research ourselves so we can find out what really goes on and not just sit back like spiritual couch potatoes believing all that the politicians and their paid prostitutes in the media dish out to us. If we want truth, we have to ask the Lord to show us how to find it, because from the "news" media and Washington it will hardly ever be forthcoming.


Charleston Voice said...

Nice enhancement Al!

Al Benson Jr. said...

Just a little something to remind folks of the need to do their own homework instead of believing federal lies from federal socialists with leftist agendas.