Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Conservatives, New York's Commissar Cuomo Doesn't Like You

by Al Benson Jr.

According to http://www.theblaze.com the head commissar of New York has no use for conservatives, at least not real ones. He said, in a radio interview that if: "extreme conservatives are right-to-life, pro-assault weapon, anti-gay, then they have no place in the state of New York, because that's not who New Yorkers are."

I could have gone to The Blaze website and listened to Commissar Cuomo's collectivist diatribe, but I thought, why bother? I've heard it all before from the lips of other "progressive" socialists and Marxists, including the one presently residing in the White (Red) House, and no matter how they say it, somehow it all sounds the same--we need the federal or state government to remove all our liberties so they can "protect" us from all those nasty right-wing "extremists"--you know, those horrible home schoolers, those fanatics who support the Second Amendment to the Constitution, those bigots who dare to believe the Bible, those terrible people who are opposed to murdering unborn children--they're all extremists that the Amerikan people must be protected from, and especially the Amerikan public must be protected from their ideas, their worldview, so that the theories of Marx and other progressive socialists can be embraced.

I wonder how many of the inhabitants of New York state fit into the catagory of those that Commissar Cuomo  feels have no place in his state. Maybe he expects them to move on out or move on over into Pennsylvania or New Jersey. He sure doesn't want those extremists in HIS state.

Why if you're against murdering unborn babies and in favor of protecting your Second Amendment rights or a Christian that takes a dim view of sodomy Commissar Cuomo just doesn't want you around. He's quite plain about that.

However if you are a "moderate" conservative then he may be persuaded to tolerate you, provided you either totally agree with his agenda or just keep your mouth shut. Let's define what he means by "moderate" conservative. It's someone that is basically willing to go along with his socialist agenda just like many of the so-called Republicans in Congress are willing to go along with Comrade Obama's agenda. Oh, they have to pretend they don't want to, but if the truth were known, many of them really love what he's doing. They just can't publicly agree with him, at least not until after the next election, lest they find themselves voted out of office and no longer able to feed at the public trough.

As obnoxious as Commissar Cuomo is, at least he's honest. He has no problem with killing unborn kids or of depriving you of your Second Amendment rights or of giving full approval to a sexually-deviant  lifestyle. He believes in all these things. They are part and parcel of this personal theology. They reflect where he is at and he admits it.

Needless to say, I totally disagree with him on all these issues. True biblical theology militates against all these positions that Commissar Cuomo has taken and I am sure he realizes that fact and just doesn't give a hoot, although, again, he'd never say that in an election year. There must be enough folks in New York that go along with him or he would not have gotten elected to be head commissar (governor). Of course maybe it was a case of who counted the votes there too.

Cuomo has no problem with "moderate" Republicans that are consistently passing or promoting his agenda. If that's the kind of Republicans they have in New York, then who needs 'em?

Commissar Cuomo is the consummate Yankee/Marxist. I wouldn't live in his state if they paid me to. I grew up right next door, in Soviet Massachusetts. That was bad enough. Commissar Cuomo's "progressive paradise" in New York sounds even worse. With this Marxist mindset permeating the Northeast, you have to know why I live in Louisiana.

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