Monday, September 19, 2016

Welcome to (almost) "Free Mississippi"

by Al Benson Jr.

Welcome to (almost, but not quite) free Mississippi, where your state flag is not welcome on college campuses and where you can be threatened with arrest if you dare to carry it on campus. The folks that run many of these colleges and universities, not only in Mississippi but in other parts of the country as well are cultural Marxists, which means, in plain language that they are often the "nice" Marxists. They won't cut your throat but they will try to steal your kids' heritage from them. And if they happen to work at a state college then you are paying them to do this with your tax money. Comforting thought isn't it?

So the state flag is no longer welcome at Ole Miss and other places in Mississippi as well. But the people that run many of these centers of "education" would be more than willing to have Communist flags on campus, or flags representing the black liberation movement or the transgender movement. This, they believe, would demonstrate their penchant for "diversity" or multi-culturalism or whatever they are calling their particular brand of prejudice nowadays. I'm sure that when folks start to catch on they will change the names again.

I remember, years ago now, a school I knew about on the East Coast (the original Left Coast) brought in an identified Communist to teach the kids committed to their charge how to do "community organizing." When a local pastor called them on that they told him "We like to expose our students to all different viewpoints." Of course having someone from the John Birch Society in to lecture the students would never, and I mean never, have occurred to them. They wanted to be diverse but not THAT diverse!

Same situation in Mississippi. The educational elders in many of these schools welcome diversity, as long as it is a diversity from the left. The right is not worth mentioning--and they don't, anymore than they are forced to except to scream about how those on the right are all "racist, sexist, homophobes, Islamaphobes, and "deplorables." Sound familiar? The erstwhile candidate that is running (maybe not as fast as she used to) on the Democratic ticket could have taken her speech about us deplorables from most any college president in the country. But it gives you a really good view of what these folks thinks of us ordinary folks, and it ain't much, but then you already knew that.

So the kids at the University of Mississippi are free to go to the football games as long as they don't take their state flag in with them or as long as they don't bring in a sign requesting that the band play Dixie. The kids could walk in with almost anything else and it wouldn't be nearly as reprehensible as these two items. You have to know that your world has really been turned upside down when your state flag is banned on campus. The Communist Hammer & Sickle would be welcomed but the Mississippi state flag is not. If you are paying attention at all this has to tell you something, and if you're not paying attention then maybe you should be.

Lots of kids showed up with Mississippi state flags for last Saturday's football game at the University of Mississippi--and had them confiscated by campus police. According to an article on "Students who had their flags taken away by police--along with signs declaring 'Let The Band Play Dixie'--said they were threatened with arrest if they did not give them up." So at the University of Mississippi you can be arrested for displaying your state flag. I tell you, folks, that's real progress, a sign of true "liberty" but for who? Certainly not for ordinary Mississippians. How long will it be before flying your state flag on your own property will be forbidden? Don't laugh--it's not as far fetched as it sounds. And if the folks in Mississippi don't stand up and resist this damn-foolishness it may well come to that.

I noted one positive event at the university's football game last week--a whole batch of students got together and unfurled a 20' by 30' Mississippi state flag in the student section. Someone sent me a photo of it on Facebook and it had to have caught someone's attention as big as it was, but it also showed that those students who held it up there for everyone to see must still have had some pride in and thankfulness for their state flag and its heritage. I don't know if the police eventually confiscated this one or if someone managed to sneak it out wrapped in their jacket or not but it was good to see the picture. It showed that, at some level, not quite all the students had bought into this cultural Marxism that is so cloyingly present on so many campuses, even in the South. With the Lord's help and guidance there may yet be hope, but the battle is far from over and far from won. And those who want to preserve their heritage, faith, and culture need to learn to "keep the skeer on" because you can bet our adversaries plan on doing that.


cwipaulk said...

Some people are of the mindset that in displaying pride in our heritage and history, and defending our history and trying to get the truth of our REAL history out there that we are trying to fight the war all over again. Well, newsflash; the war NEVER ENDED! Oh, yes, the military phase ended in 1865, but the social and economic phases have continued right on through today. People can't grasp that we are living in, and fighting against today, the very things our Confederate ancestors were trying to prevent. They saw it coming. For 150+ years now, our history has been rewritten to make Lincoln and the union the grand moral savior, and the South to be the evil, backwards-thinking neanderthals as portrayed in Hollywierd and the "media". I am very proud of those students for displaying their state flag and signs for the band to play Dixie. If people would just pull their heads out of their rectal orifices and look at the facts of our history with an open mind, they would soon see that they have been duped. This war on everything Southern and Confederate is not just about ridding the world of Southern symbols and history, the cultural terrorists mean to rid our country of ALL U.S. history and symbols, including Christianity. This is part of the scheme to roll us into the One World Government. I do hope we see more PC defiance and resistance as was demonstrated at the Ole Miss game this past Saturday. It's refreshing to see that and gives hope that we might just have a chance yet to turn this thing around.

Al Benson Jr. said...

This is what lots of folks, even in the South,do not grasp yet--the war never ended. All that ended was the shooting phase of it. The war continued on in their attack, which has never really ended, on our culture and heritage. And because our ancestors were taught their "history" by the cultural Marxists of their day they never got the straight of it, which of course, it the way it was intended to be. If we don't know our history then we don't know how to fight back--and that was the name of the game.

libraryguy said...

I saw a really new dumb movie on Netflix called something like "Bad-asses:Bayou" with two well know Black and Hispanic old guys as leads. No sooner are they in Louisiana and the come into a fight with two thieves who...wait for it.. have a giant confederate flag flying from the back off the truck and act as venal and stupid as can be. There was zero necessity for that flag to be there but freaking Hollywood really hates the South. Cultural Marxism at work.

Al Benson Jr. said...

Cultural Marxism very definitely at work and the cultural Marxists, sensing victory, are now out for blood. They seem to feel, I think, that they are close enough that one more major push will finish us off. And while they are certainly closer than I'd like them to be, I also have the feeling that they will never quite finish us off no matter now hard they try. There is a certain base core of Southern resistance that will not be denied and the cultural Marxists haven't run across them yet. They are in for a surprise.