Sunday, September 30, 2007


by Al Benson Jr.

If the United States were ruled by sane and moral people instead of the One World crew in Washington, recent comments by the Mexican president Felipe Calderon would have been thoroughly repudiated. But, since sanity, reason, and morality do not exist in Sodom on the Potomac, our so-called "leaders" will say nothing in reply to Calderon's blatant hypocrisy and outright meddling in our national affairs. Our "leadership" has become as "dumb dogs" when it comes to defending our people and our country from illegal immigration. Oh, a few photo op "raids" are made to give the illusion that the federals are really doing something about the problem, but its mostly a dog and pony show. After all, our leaders wouldn't want to really do anything that might offend the illegals--they might vote to give them the vote someday, whether they are legal or not. And if our own citizens who seek justice are offended, well, hey, who really cares anyway? All they're good for is to foot the tax bill so our beneficient government can have money for illegal alien social security payments and other goodies. The only place in the country that seems to have taken any meaningful steps in regard to illegal aliens is Oklahoma.

Felipe Calderon recently gave his state of the union address in Mexico in which he said: "I have said that Mexico does not stop at its border, that wherever there is a Mexican there is Mexico." I suppose the implication there is that, wherever in the world Mexicans happen to find themselves, that place belongs to them and not to the country of their residence. If that is indeed their mindset, would they then only consider themselves bound by the laws of Mexico and not by the laws of wherever they happen to be? There just might be a few countries that would have a problem with that mindset. Obviously the federal government in this country has no problem with it, or if they do they don't dare speak up lest they offend the Mexicans! I wonder now Calderon would feel if an American politician told him that wherever a U. S. citizen is anywhere, that that place becomes the United States. He'd probably howl and scream until the hot place froze over.

Calderon has griped about the U. S. government's "increased raids on illegal employers of illegal alien employees and work site enforcement." In other words he sits down in Mexico City and has the crust to tell us what we should be doing in our own country. Imagine his reaction if we did the same thing regarding illegal U.S. citizens in Mexico!

Lou Dobbs has written: "Calderon, like his predecessors, Carlos Salinas and Vicente Fox, has failed miserably to establish policies that would create jobs for the Mexican people and to eliminate shameful unchecked corruption and incompetence in the Mexican government." After all, establishing responsible policies that might aid your own people is darn hard work. It's a lot easier to just have them enter the United States illegally for work and then scream and rant with righteous indignation if the U.S. tries to defend itself from the illegal onslaught. Just let 'em come sneaking across the border--then they become our problem and Mexico doesn't have to try to deal with them.

I remember, years ago, reading a book by Blair Coan entitled "The Red Web." It was originally written back in the 1920, and in it the author said: "Mexico is today, was yesterday, and will be tomorrow the most fertile incubator of bolshevik revolution on the American continent." From what I have seen, I can't disagree with that assessment. Coan mentioned the "...general condition of petty graft and open robbery in a place where the apostles and disciples of bolshevism and communism hold sway..." Certainly that describes Mexico to a T! The country is famous for "la mordida" (the bite) that many officials at all levels take as part of their due.

I remember the first time I went to Mexico. We crossed the border from Laredo, Texas to Nuevo Laredo. On the American side of the border, the border officials were neat and courteous. Once we hit the Mexican side it was a whole other world. The individual that sauntered out to check us in wore a uniform that looked as if it hadn't been washed since Noah's flood. He had an ivory-handled automatic pistol stuck in his belt (all the better to intimidate you with) and he was not particularly courteous for friendly. He pawed through our possesions, left the mess for us to straighten out, and then tried to charge us for the privilege of having turned all our things upside down. The fellow I was with refused to pay, sensibly, and told the Mexican "My good man, we are not about to pay you for doing something you are already getting paid to do." The Mexican border official shrugged, turned and walked away. At least he had tried to extort a little something from us. If he couldn't get it from us he'd probably try to charge the next Americans he dealt with double. That seems to be a way of life with Mexican officians--extort what you can when you can. Typical for Marxist Mexico!

It seems unlikely if, anytime, soon, we will end up with moral people in Washington. Although the majority of our citizens are fed up with this whole illegal immigration game and how our government is handling it, the politicians, unless threatened with being ousted from office, will pay no attention to us that is meaningful. Many of them really want the illegals to have the vote (illegally) so they can play to that new voting bloc and remain in office. As I said earlier, the rest of us don't matter to them. Were just here to pay for all this insanity and, dare I use the word--treason?