Thursday, September 01, 2016

Insurance For Hillary To Win (even if she doesn't)

by Al Benson Jr.

To anyone with the ability to think it has to be obvious that the Ruling CFR/Trilateral Establishment is concerned over the possibility that Trump might really win this next presidential election and so they are busy putting into place all the contingencies possible to make sure that will not happen (even if he wins). If fact the federal scenario might well read "even if he wins he loses."

I noted yesterday an article from The Washington Examiner that told us that the Dept. of Homeland Security is eying a "special declaration to take charge of the elections."
Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson smirked as he said: "There's a vital interest in our election process, so I do think we need to consider whether it should be considered by my department and others critical infrastructure." Critical for who--Hillary?

I mean, let's don't kid ourselves, do we really think, in light of all the federal foolishness regarding Hillary's emails, the Clinton Foundation and all the rest, that a Dept. of Homeland Security that is stuffed full of Obama appointees is going to labor to give us an honest, unbiased election result? If we honestly think that we are beyond gullible--and probably beyond any reasonable help. The FBI couldn't find it in their hearts to indict Hillary despite all the evidence, the leaks and all the rest--and we expect an "unbiased" election return from Homeland Security??? C'mon folks, get real! I fear that all we will get from these people is an agenda to ensure that Hillary's coronation will take place officially no matter who gets how many votes. If you wonder why I take such a negative view of all this, try over 150 years of government lies to the public that I know about, and others know even more than me.

And to make sure they are able to continue to lie to us, with no competition from any truthful source, they plan to sign away control of the Internet at the end of this month. And, according to some arcane law, they have to assign it to some "governing body" which will most likely be the United Nations or some derivitive thereof. Notice all this takes place before the election so that whatever source feeds us our election returns will be under the control of some international body. Once the Internet is gone where do you go for independent and alternative news? Most likely you don't, and we will be right back where we were before the Internet, looking to the prostitute press controlled by the Establishment to get whatever news they feel is in our (and their) "best interests."

So what happens to all those web sites and blog spots that have proliferated in recent years that tell us all the stuff that the government would rather we be ignorant of? Do you need to ask? Down the "memory hole" folks, because you don't need to know this stuff. And the Establishment is going to make darned sure you don't.

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