Monday, February 16, 2009

The So-Called Stimulus Package

by Daniel Benson

To every aspiring government hack I ask one simple question. Why can't you seem to get it through your heads that I and many of the American people did not vote any of you into office--yet you say the American people did such. How many dogs, cats, and gravesites did it take in some cases to fill your ballot boxes--or voting machines?

You squabble, fight, and argue and yet manage to do nothing beneficial when you are in office except to hurt the chances for our children to grow up correctly instead of being wimps, losers, and nobodys. You accomplish nothing but the public arguing before passing out the pork to your friends) and for some dumb reason I can't understand you seem to fascinate the "news" people of this once great nation that is now on the third world doorstep of most other nations.

This stimulus package that House and Senate haven't been able to agree on with the president lies in shambles, which might be a good thing (though some sort of backroom deal will eventually be cut).

Here is my plan for government hacks. I think you should all work for minimum wage while you hold on to your supposedly elected offices and then let's see how fast you run for office again. Or better yet, while you are in office--work for free and let's see how quickly you get things accomplished that will benefit the American people, who are now just a mish-mash of other nationalities and can't even salute the American flag when it goes by.

I wonder how many of you take up politics for the fat paycheck we pay you when we are having difficulty putting food on the table. We don't need protection from other countries--we need protection from our own elected officials.

So I suggest that rather than putting more of our money in your friends' pockets you should all consider a vote for cutting our taxes and putting more money back in our pockets, not yours or your friends. And while you are at it, why not consider restoring to us those God-given rights we were guaranteed in the original Constitution? And even if you cut a deal and pass this thing (with all that pork for your friends) before I reach a ripe old age, I can guarantee I won't be voting for any of you the next time either and will hope fervently that you lose your cushy congressional jobs to someone else. Who knows, that someone else might even be someone like me.