Monday, November 23, 2015

Ahh, Those Refugees--Just let them all in, right? Wrong!

by Al Benson Jr.
Supposedly, the Syrian "refugee crisis" has gotten to the point where hundreds of thousands of refugees are now fleeing the country (you wonder if there;s anyone left there) and those that can't find a comfortable home in Europe must all be admitted to the US in the name of love and humanity.  The current regime in Sodom on the Potomac says so and so the beneficent (to Muslims) dictator in the White House wants to start moving as many of them as possible into our various states. A couple state governors welcome this. Several do not. When several state governors have complained about this the "president" has blithely informed them that he can basically put aliens and foreigners where he wants them and the state governors don't have diddly to say about it. I tell you, folks, that's real "democracy" in action, and I'm not kidding. That's how democracy works--it always ends up in dictatorship of some form.

But not to worry--the officials in Sodom, er, sorry, I meant Washington, have informed us that all refugees will be thoroughly vetted and so we will only get the cream of the crop--no terrorists in this bunch--just the best shots!  You will have to pardon me if I think that all this federal assurance is BF (bovine fertilizer). This regime has lied to us so often about so much why should we believe anything they tell us. All I can say is that their "transparency" is slipping just a bit like their halos.

I recently read an article by Shawn Meyer, a small-town pastor in the Midwest. He had some comments worth considering, especially for Christians who are tempted to buy just anything the government tells them because, after all "your government wouldn't lie to you." Pastor Meyer noted that: "For most of our history, Christianity was embraced by men and women who applied wisdom to love.  They were realists who understood the world in which they lived and naturally processed events  in light of the ideologies that drove them. Christianity wasn't a philosophical refuge to spiritual utopians...'Turning the other cheek, doing unto others, and loving your enemies'  represented general principles for personal relationships. Applying a hermeneutic of common sense and with Jesus' intentions in mind, these principles were understood to have little or nothing to do with foreign policy or national security." Such understanding seems almost totally lacking today in many instances, especially in the Church.

Pastor Meyer noted that Christians want to help those who are truly in need and that we should have a place in our hearts for refugees, especially for the women and children and he stated that the question isn't  whether we should help but how.  And he asked, as he should, "How do we distinguish between real refugees and ISIS operatives posing as refugees? How do we help some without jeopardizing others? I submit the administration's current policy is highly dubious and, while apparently loving toward those claiming to be refugees, will, WILL result in the deaths of innocent American men, women, and children. A staff person for my Senator assured me this week 'the Senator supports measures to vet all refugees prior to accepting them'." Most Christians in our lack-of-discernment day would buy that and not even think to go any further. Pastor Meyer, wisely, didn't buy it.  He said: "I couldn't hide my contempt for such naivet'e. Assad isn't giving us their background files. There are millions of Mohammedans in Syria. All mention of vetting is pure stupidity. We are talking about the same people who renewed the visas  of the 9/11 hijackers months after the attacks. There is no way to vet these people." Interestingly, in a moment of candor, the person Pastor Meyer talked to on the phone, admitted that. But the regime will go through the motions anyway because that will fool and bemuse most of the public--Christians who should know better included.

Pastor Meyer made several other cogent comments but I can't cover them all here. And to conclude his comments he said: "To acquiesce to Islam and welcome their Trojan horses into our streets is not only the opposite of wisdom, it is truly the opposite of love. It is to increase their confidence in a damning theology. It is to harden them in their ways. If we set aside sentimentalism and apply wisdom to love, we can help those in genuine need while protecting our children and our homeland.  Pastor Meyer's commentary appeared on 

I have no doubt that the current regime doesn't want the public to consider any of this--just open the flood gates and let the refugees (and the terrorists) come streaming in, and if there ends up being so many of them that our culture becomes more Muslim than Christian, well, ain't that a pity?  But, then, isn't that the real name of the game?

In the Old Testament, Israel was enjoined to welcome foreigners and not to oppress them.In return those foreigners were to do something that is a dirty word today--ASSIMILATE!  They were to live, as long as they were in Israel, by Israel's laws (no Sharia law in Israel) and they were not to bring in and set up their pagan temples. If they were uncomfortable with Israel's law system they needed to move on.  Coming into someone else's country and expecting them to embrace your culture, and getting :offended" if they won't was, and is, an act of supreme ingratitude and quite frankly, in this country today, we should refuse to put up with it. I realize that the unwritten law in this country today is "everyone gets a free pass except white Christians"  and some of us white Christians are getting just a might fed up with it. Helping those truly in need is one thing. Surrendering your faith and culture so the terrorists won't be "offended" isn't part of the game.

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