Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Shootings Will Continue Until Public's Attitude on Gun Control/Confiscation Changes

by Al Benson Jr.

Another shooting, this time in California, and according to the World Net Daily article I read there are 14 dead and another 14 wounded. Our Marxist president has, naturally called for more gun control and says such shootings are not normal. He's right there. They are not normal--but they will continue until the American public appears to see things his way and caves in to more, and eventually complete gun control/confiscation because that's what it's all about.

The minute Congress is willing to give the president the prerogative to dismantle the Second Amendment the shootings will cease, the media will never mention them again and, supposedly, we will have happiness and "peace" in Amerika--Marxist peace" which is really nothing more than the absence of resistant to the president and his Marxist policies.

This is what it's really all about, folks--the old "pressure from above and pressure from below" game that the Marxists have been playing on us for years and they keep on doing it successfully because we never seem to get it. Maybe we'll get it once the guns are confiscated (because that's what it's really all about) and no one can defend themselves from a tyrannical government.

The president has fairly howled in recent weeks about how gun control is going to be one of his main priorities next year and you better believe  him because he means it. In this instance he is telling us the truth--if he can find some way to accomplish it he will disarm the public before he leaves office. We had all better stay on our congress critter's cases in this coming year because the president (and his handlers) will pressure them to enact some kind of gun control/confiscation measure before he leaves office and what he starts in this area then Hillary or whoever the Establishment puts into the White (Red) House will finish.

I would recommend that folks get in touch with the Gun Owners of America, the one no compromise anti-gun control group out there, and find ways to support their efforts, whether through joining up or contributing or both. Don't be naive enough to think "it can't happen here." It's happening! The question is--what are we willing to do to combat it?

Update: Guess what, now we find out that two of the shooters, (naturally both dead) were what has been termed "radicalized Muslims." That being the case I seriously doubt that they would have obeyed all those new gun restrictions that Obama wants to impose on honest citizens.It also shows that his misplaced gun control efforts are nothing but a sham to enable him to disarm the American public. Well, many of us knew that from the beginning, and so did he despite all his platitudes about not being after our guns. That's exactly what he was and is after so let's don't be gulled by his bovine fertilizer.

Next Update:  The gun grabbers have wasted no time. Already today there was a move in the Senate to try to expand background checks on those buying guns at gun shows and through intrastate internet transactions. Senate Democrats (socialists) tried to push this but there was enough Republican opposition for the present to stall any action, but I don't doubt there are lots of Republicans that would dearly love to push it along with their Democratic brethren, because, at heart, they really believe in what Obama stands for and his agenda no matter how much they deny it.

The news release I read said "The FBI is trying to determine whether a couple suspected of the shootings at a workplace in Southern California on Wednesday had links to Islamic militant groups." How much do you want to bet this will turn out to be yet another hackneyed cases of "workplace" violence? That way the media can take the heat off whatever Islamic terrorists might be involved and just try to get Congress to go along with more gun control/confiscation, because that's what this is really all about.

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal said: "Congress is complicit in these mass murders when it fails to act. That has to be the biggest pile of fertilizer since the Oklahoma City bombings back in the 90s. Some Islamic terrorists kill a batch of people and it's the Congress' fault because they failed to enact gun confiscation measures! Give me a break! However, with recent shootings in Paris, Colorado and now in California the socialists in Congress are fervently praying (to whatever god they believe in) that the public will suddenly repent of its support for the Second Amendment and turn to the instant panacea of fedeal gun control/confiscation. A recent poll also noted that 63% of those polled believed that gun violence can often be blamed on mental health problems while only 23% felt that it was due to inadequate gun control.

With those kinds of statistics it looks as if the shootings will continue...


Insectman said...

GOA is good.

Al Benson Jr. said...

GOA is the one Second Amendment group I endorse and support.

cwipaulk said...

The San Bernardino Shooting
The first thing I heard on the news this morning was liberals blaming the NRA for this. Really? I seriously doubt that these Muslim shooters were NRA members. And of course these nutjobs are calling for MORE strict gun laws. Well, the strict ones already in place didn't protect anyone, so how will more restrictions protect people? And this so-called "expert" this morning on ABC was showing how to survive a shooting situation; run and hide, or get a pair of scissors to fight back if necessary. Really? How about me pulling out MY gun and blowing the creep away, thereby saving my life and the lives of others? Of course, ovomit and the rest of the lefty loons want to disarm EVERYONE because that will make us all "safer". That is the backwards "logic" of the liberals. Just like the bumper sticker I remember as a kid in the 1960s, "If Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Guns". You can't protect the innocent by disarming the innocent. These shooters seek out "soft targets", which means areas where it is most likely that people are NOT armed, which are locations that have the strictest gun control laws. If soft targets are easy targets, then "hard targets" should be difficult or undesirable targets. So, if soft targets are people who are unarmed, what would "hard" targets be? Let me define that for the liberals; people who are armed. The idiot liberals and news media focus a lot of attention on these tragedies to gin up emotion against gun ownership. The goal is confiscation. History shows us the result of confiscation; millions of innocents dead at the hands of the government. These liberal politicians point the finger at guns when the fault lies mostly with themselves for making ridiculous, restrictive gun laws. So, you liberal politicians, when you are looking for a place to put the blame for these mass shootings, just look in the mirror.

Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK