Tuesday, September 06, 2011

More Obama BF (bovine fertilizer)

by Al Benson Jr. Obama's popularity ratings are sliding, the economy is in a shambles due to his "efforts" to supposedly improve it--and this Thursday evening he is going to take care of it all--he will give yet one more speech. You have to wonder how often he will use the words "I" or "me" in his upcoming presentation. One of his favorite expressions when he gives a speech is "It's not about me" (when in his mind it really is). No matter what he says you have to realize that it is not his own agenda he is promoting. It is the agenda of George Soros and the Council on Foreign Relations crowd. Obama is a Marxist and his job while president is to so alter our economy that we can be successfully merged with the third world countries of the world. In other words, the agenda of his masters is to destroy the US economy while appearing to try save it. You must admit that, so far, he is succeeding admirably. So, Thursday evening, September 8th, he will get up and spout whatever words have been put in his mouth. I don't believe that, outside of patting himself on the back verbally, he even really cares what he says. It's not his script anyway. As long as he continues to follow the One Worlders' script they will allow him to remain in office. Should he ever deviate from that and think he can do his own thing, his real birth certificate (or lack thereof) will hit the headlines in the prostitute press and he will be gone in a flash. Anyone remember Nixon and Watergate? For awhile Nixon forgot that he was Rockefeller's man and began to think was really the president. Watergate was the result of that foolishness and eventually Nixon was gone. Obama is no Nixon. He won't last even that long if he refuses to tow the party line. He's not his own man and never has been. He is a New World Order mouthpiece, a political shill, and nothing more. Now this fact is even becoming apparent to those on the far Left. The more he rants about being "different" and wanting "change" the more he sounds like a lefitst version of George W. Bush and the more the agenda he has been given ti implement sounds like Bush's. We were supposed to be out of Afghanistan when??? If you expect anything other than the usual line of bovine fertilizer on Thursday you will be sorely disappointed. Comments welcome as long as they are polite. If you disagree express your thoughts in a courteous manner.

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