Saturday, August 20, 2011

Is Rick Perry Another Establishment Con Man?

by Al Benson Jr.

Those who have been able to do some political homework have come to the conclusion that both major political parties in this country are controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission establishment. This has been the case for decades now. And those people have a view toward promoting one-world government that simply will not quit. Several years ago one of their paid lackeys told some who interviewed him that: "You will have world government whether you want it or not."

They have never deviated from that agenda. Having control of both major political parties in this country is part of their plan. It fools the American people into thinking they actually have a choice when they vote at the national level and most do not realize that, at that level, all they are ever getting are two possible variations of the same old one-world agenda--one served up with conservative rhetoric and the other dished out with liberal rhetoric, but no matter the rhetoric, the agenda does not change.

Ron Paul from Texas is running for president again. Outside of possibly Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain, he is the only honest candidate in the race. The rest seem to be party hacks who may well be running some kind of interference so that Obama can get re-elected. At this point, I believe the game plan is to put up the worst possible Republican candidate against Obama so he can pull off another "upset victory" giving us four more years of unvarnished Marxism. It wouldn't be the first time they've done that in either party. Should that scenario, for some reason, not prove doable they need a Republican hack that will beat Obama while still making sure the CFR/TC agenda gets implemented.

At all odds, they must make sure Ron Paul is almost totally ignored. They will get help there from the prostitute press, the same as in the last election. But then they will need what is perceived as some bigger-than-life figure, which they can slide into the main spot to take any possible spotlight off Ron Paul. They figure Rick Perry might be able to fill that bill for them. I have seen articles out there already that are touting him as the next Ronald Reagan. What most people fail to realize is that Reagan was no real conservative either. He was an actor. Most presidential candidates anymore are actors and they should get Oscars for their performances. Most of them are masterfully deceitful.

So, in peoples minds, Perry will be the new Ronald Reagan and they have been subtly programmed by the media to make this connection. Ive seen glowing articles of late about Perry's conservative views, and, of course, he is a Texan--but so is Ron Paul, but all the media ever says about him and comments about his "extremist views." Interestingly enough, you get the same reaction to Michele Bachmann. I looker her up on the Internet the other night and, without exception, every article on the couple pages I checked out took great pains to mention her "extremist views." After looking all these articles over I was tempted to wonder if one person hadn't written them all. The one salient point of all the stuff written about her was her "extremist views." I wonder if that is the new code term for conservatives and patriotic people. Interesting that all those folks the one-world establishment doesn't like are all extremists.

Last year, Janet Napolitano, one of Obama's left-wing extremists,tried to label all manner of ordinary folks in this country as extremists. You were an extremist and a possible terrorist if you home-schooled your kids, supported the US Constitution, went to church, were a veteran, believed in the Second Amendment, and so on and so forth. Undoubtedly the Marxist Obama regime considers anyone that would dare to oppose their collectivist agenda as a "right-wing extremist." In order to escape that title you have to be to the left of Ho Chi Minh or Fidel Castro politically--and even then you might not be far enough left for Obama. As for the Republican Party, they are little more than kinder, gentler, Marxists.

Donnie Kennedy and I in our book "Lincoln's Marxists" recently published by Pelican Publishing here in Louisiana show you the foundations of the Republican Party and, folks, they are far from small government or conservative.

So with the complicity of the lap-dog media, Ron Paul will be painted as a dangerous extremist while the establishment's paid hacks will all be tagged as "moderates". Of course, Mr. Perry will be labeled a "conservative" because he sounds conservative at this point. He attends Christian functions and sounds "evangelical" but so did Richard Nixon at one point, until we heard him cuss on the Watergate tapes, at which point the evangelicals were beside themselves with shock. Had they done any homework instead of just buying the rhetoric, they should have known, but they never do that. They're famous for siding with candidates who talk the talk but fail to walk the walk. This next election will be no different. The politicians have been fooling them for over four decades now that I am aware of, and getting away with it, so why should it change?

However, in looking into candidates' "conservative" credentials, one should look at Rick Perry's plan for the NAFTA superhighway. This was a project to consist of "a two-mile wide $184 billion transit system of toll roads, rail lines, and utilities from the Texas-Mexico border all the way up to the Minnesota-Canadian border. To make it easier to ship foreign goods from China and other countries into North America. It became so unpopular in Texas that the Texas portion of it, called the Trans-Texas Corridor, was renamed and mostly disbanded a couple years ago. Perry was the only gubernatorial candidate in 2006 of four major candidates who supported it. Even the Democratic candidate opposed it." This information from Rachel Alexander, editor of the "Intellectual Conservative." I had also read where Oklahoma had said they would not build this road through that state either.

This is probably a major part of Perry's career he would prefer to have forgotten, and if he ends up being the Republican candidate of choice, you can be sure all this info will be stuffed down the memory hole, along with any other liberal actions he ever partook of. All this to say that Mr. Perry is not what we have been led to believe he is. But he still may be foisted on a gullible, public-school-educated populace as "Mr. Conservative" in the 2012 election just as Ronald Reagan was in 1980. You should always remember in Reagan's administration who the vice-president was--George "New World Order" Bush.

If you really want to look for viable candidates in this next election, check out all those that the prostitute press labels as "extremists." They will probably be the only honest candidates in the bunch, while the rest will be nothing more than bench-warmers for the New World Order.

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