Thursday, September 08, 2011

"Conservative" news outlets ignore Ron Paul

by Al Benson Jr.

As we head into the presidential debate season I have been watching what the so-called "Conservative" news outlets, at least many of them, seem to be doing.

They are trying to set up a situation where the "conservative" candidates running for president are limited to Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, both of which would be acceptable to the Internationalist crowd. Most of your headlines spotlight these two paid-for 'conservative" turkeys while studiously ignoring Ron Paul and what he has to say about the economy.

You can tell that the Republican Party establishment is not about to let Ron Paul anywhere near the Republican presidential nomination--anyone but him! That being the case, you have to realize that Republican pretensions to conservatism are a sham.

The Republican Party started out in the late 1850s as a radical party, leaning to the left, while the Democrats of that day were the conservatives. Lincoln was no conservative. He was a friend and supporter of the leftists, who infested his armies and the Republican Party.

If you want proof get a copy of the book Donnie Kennedy and I wrote "Lincoln's Marxists" just recently published by Pelican Publishing. Check it out on Amazon and learn the real truth about the so-called "party of small government."

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