Tuesday, November 06, 2018

More Internet and Email Censorship???

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Those who follow my blogs know that my stuff on both blogs has been shadow banned recently. Neither of my blogs has been popular--I guess because I don't talk about all the warm, fuzzy stuff the Leftists want talked about--rather I talk about what frauds and sham artists they all are, and that's a no-no, especially in an election season.

As I said, recently I had problems and then, all of a sudden, they ceased and everything went back to normal. I sort of concluded that my blogs (and probably those of others like me) had been put through sort of a dry run to show the Deep State media control freaks what it was possible for them to get away with regarding us. I thought they might have concluded that we were not all that big a threat numbers-wise and so they could probably ignore us.

Foolishness on my part! They're back!

From time to time on aol, when I would reply to someone's email I would get a notice that said "there was an error sending the message" and so it would not go through. I didn't mind this once in awhile, because after all, things happen, but I guess aol has decided that it worked so well they will use it to shut down any communication I have with folks that send me email.

Now, every message I try to reply to from someone gets this same error message. That means I can't reply to anyone that sends me a message on aol and I can't forward anything I receive from others on aol because anything I try to send out gets an error message tacked onto it and won't go anywhere.

In other words, anything I try to send out from aol is automatically an "error" message and, therefore, cannot be sent. It's not that aol is banning me, you understand. They wouldn't do that to me. They are just not letting me communicate with those I receive email from because all my replies are suddenly "error messages" that can't be sent.

So I am now starting to phase my email communications via aol out and my readers will henceforth be getting my messages from another provider and just think, that will save aol the trouble of having to label my outgoing mail as "error messages." It will probably make their whole day!

It's probably time I started movin' on anyway and as I am able to do that, soon I won't even be able to say to aol "I'll see you at sundown."

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